This story is one I have always wanted write; the OP characters in Edo Japan or the era just after it. Just a fair warning this story will have a lot of footnotes because I'm writing everything as traditional and everything n between. So if you don't understand what I'm talking about follow the number and the footnote - it'll explain things in detail.

Just a warning; this story like all my others is slash; the pairing:

Trafalgar Law x Monkey D. Luffy

A dark angst like many know my stories for but I'm sure you guys will like the setting and the story.

Hushed silence was only the illusion of the vast room; echoing a silence that spelled of tensions, excitements and a love of life that neither dancer nor audience had ever hoped to achieve so utterly freely. Deep in the darkness of promise blossomed a flower of both a deadly poison but the sweetest of smells; a lure into sinful indulgence. For teal eyes it was a sight to observe the growth of a sensuality that shouldn't be legalized no matter the beauty that danced before him now. A lithe body that moved to its own rhythm of righteousness that was as infectious as the atmosphere that hung around the teen as the sweetest perfumed cloud. It was the personification of magnificence that couldn't be contained by a mere room...

Even several metres away from the stage and observing the events as they unfolded now; Trafalgar Law could only say that he never expected his first experience in a Geisha House to be such an interisting one. He had never seen such a nimble, flexible body before and much less on a seventeen year old boy who displayed the grace that even most women couldn't find. It was beauty in movement the way those limbs swayed to the tantalizing music of the Shamisen that was being played expertly by a woman with fiery orange hair and dressed in a pink kimono with silver butterflies. Hair the darkest of black; short but long enough to cover the boy's eyes as he bent forward gave forth a more mysterious air and grace.

Law was entranced even when the boy wasn't even the main attraction of the dance. It seemed that the teen had somehow transcended all gender; his body both lithe and nimble was definitely that of a man but those large black eyes was more expressive than the women who danced with him. Half his fringe was combed back by an intricate kanzashi (1*) of pearl sculpted water lilies, rhinestones and intricate detailed swirls of work of an experienced silversmith. The beauty was only added by the long deep red susohiki(2*) with a golden dragon that decorated the intricate pattern of red, black and white silk whilst the kimono's hem dragged along the floor behind the black haired beauty; adding another admirable feature to the performer. To say Law was speechless would be an understatement.

He was startled from his thoughts when a cup of sake was pushed into his hand; his brother who had dragged him out of his comfortable mansion just to 'experience the night life' was trying to make it up to him for angering Law. After their father had passed away a few months ago of an illness; the man had left Law with the title of Daimyo and lost in a completely foreign country. Law was of European and Japanese descent and had lived in Edo since he had returned from his studies in England five years ago. He was the youngest qualified surgeon in England ever; often being called a true and rare genius at the age of eighteen. Yet his morbid outlook on life had often earned him the title of 'Surgeon of Death'.

Just after the new ruler was established at the fall of the Tokugawa government; Law had returned from England - the country he had been born in, in order to return to his father. He soon learned that even though his father had left him with a large inheritance and a title - the people often attacked him for that title; hence the reason why he started training to use the nodachi(3*) five years ago and mastered it in the true fashion of his genius. Even when he had enough money to hire a samurai to protect his life; Law still preferred to do things himself. Now when people looked at him; he merely seemed like a wandering samurai in a travelling cloak, traditional geta, a simple black yukata and a large nodachi carried over his shoulder. The hilt of the sword consisted of a red and black weave with a strange white fur for comfort. For all intense purposes; the young surgeon looked like an ordinary citizen of Edo even when he looked of mixed descent - his hair had a strange blue tinge to it as it caught the sun's rays and his eyes were a stunning teal instead of the usual dark brown or onyx colour of those with true Japanese decent.

He was known around the shops of Edo as the Samurai that lived in the large mansion just outside the cities reaches; the large traditional home that spanned over twelve acres of land - perfectly kept garden with several Sakura trees to shield the large home from the view of the world. Many believed that he lived there under the employment of the master of the house instead of knowing that he was the one who actually owned the mansion and his father's title.

"You know, Law. If you keep glaring at me like that I might die." His friend said and Law sighed; turning his attention to his cup of sake as he sipped at the potent alcohol. He wasn't a big fan of drinking but it was rude to decline his brother's kindness in trying to ease his sorrow of losing his father a few months ago. It was an illness even he couldn't cure...

"AHOU (4*)! You're not supposed to drink it one gulp! It's expensive stuff."

Law chuckled; trust Zoro his tenant, sparring partner, friend and half brother to say the silliest of things when the time was right. Now as the greenette looked back to the stage Law followed his gaze; it seemed that his brother had found an interest in both the music and the main dancer - a blue haired woman who was strangely dressed in a different style of clothes than the traditional kimono of those who danced around her. If Law could guess then her origins most likely reigned from the desert towards India even though her skin was pale and looked more like she had never seen the sun despite living in a desert.

Law had to admit that when his brother had dragged him out of the house to find some entertainment at the Geisha House: Ao Azami (5*) that night; he never expected to actually start to enjoy himself. Only he and Zoro had entered the geisha house that night as the other customers seemed to shy away when they saw the legendary Roronoa Zoro with his three katana resting on his hip walk in with a dark haired companion also with a large nodachi carried over his shoulder. He found it funny that his brother was more feared than him even when he was known as the 'Surgeon of Death'; admittedly his brother was a user of the Santoryu style and a damn good fighter whenever he was cornered by thieves, bandits and people believing that crossing the youngest brother would be a good idea.

"Excuse me; Trafalgar-sama. Master Luffy has requested that you join him for the evening." Law frowned; realization finally dawning on him when he turned his attention back to the servant girl who had gained his attention. The music had stopped and the geisha were respectively moving off to their private rooms. Usually it was the customers who requested the presence of the dancers as Zoro was doing right now with the blue haired woman but this was the first time he had ever heard of someone requesting his presence. With a nod to the frightened looking girl; Law stood up with his sword in his hand; nodded to his brother and headed off to the private room that the girl was leading him off to.


"Trafalgar-sama. Welcome." A sinuous voice called softly and Law turned his attention to the black haired beauty that had called out to him; there was the beautiful teen that he had watched the whole night. Still dressed in that deep red susohiki kimono that trailed behind him as he walked towards the older male and the kanzashi clinking softly with every movement he made sounded like a silver bell. To Law's surprise the teen was barefoot and his obi was thinner than the women's; making the kimono more flowing and open at the top but it did not subtract any beauty as it hung of that beautifully sculpted body flowingly. Almost like a waterfall of the deepest and softest red silk.

"And you are?" Law asked confused; it seemed as if this boy knew him from somewhere.

"I apologize I never introduced myself; I'm Monkey D. Luffy - the son of the owner Monkey D. Dragon. It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance." Law frowned as he seated himself on the floor; motioning for Luffy to join him. The teen sat next to him gracefully; those dark expressive eyes shimmering in a quiet happiness and satisfaction that Law was surprised to see on someone in this line of work.

"Luffy-Ya (6*); why are you dancing with the performers when you likely are the person to inherit the shop?" Law asked with a frown; the information the teen had just given told him two things. The first thing was the Luffy was clearly not employed here and most likely ran the establishment and secondly; Law knew of his father. Monkey D. Dragon was a well known name all over Japan as the man behind the revolution that overthrew the Tokugawa government and is now at the Emperor's side as a great advisor. Luffy merely seemed unfazed as Law was gifted with a genuine happy smile.

"I like dancing; it makes me feel free. Actually, my Aniki Ace will inherit the shop. I'm just helping out with customers and getting everything ready for when he returns."

"And you're not bothered with this?" Law asked with surprise; he had never expected the teen to have such an infectious personality as captivating as his dancing was. Those deep onyx eyes shimmered in a happiness and acceptance that Law found endearing in a way as the teen's personality seemed a bit childish for his age. A childish innocence shone in dark eyes; a naivety that the kid had no idea just how much attention he attracted by lust filled eyes. That naivety Law wanted to protect at all costs; such innocent eyes didn't deserve to see the cruelty of the world.

"Iie (7*); my presence is hardly requested. I'm just a background dancer and a protector for the girls when the customers can't control themselves." Luffy said. They were interrupted with the shoji doors sliding open and a servant girl bowed to them; Luffy merely smiled widely before waving the girl inside. She carried with her an ashtray along with kiseru (8*) and the finely shredded kizami (9*). Two extremely long kiseru lay side by side; one Luffy picked up for himself and the other he offered to his client. Law merely declined; he wasn't a fan of smoking but he certainly enjoyed watching those graceful fingers moving with practiced ease as Luffy prepared his tobacco pipe before lighting it. The smoke that rose in the air in a twirl of silver was mesmerizing with the image that Luffy made; the perfect elements of elegance and traditionalism.

"Beautiful." Law found the word slipped passed his lips without him knowing about it and by the time he heard it; he saw Luffy looking at him with a frown and deep confusion.

"Did you say something?" The young master asked.

"No." Law returned; hoping that Luffy didn't notice the light blush that tainted his cheeks. Luffy merely shrugged; a comfortable silence stretched between the two. For some reason Luffy was enjoying the company of the man; when he had seen the man sitting next to his best friend, Zoro, he wanted to meet the person who looked so much like Zoro but was also completely different. Now as he stared at the samurai Trafalgar Law; Luffy couldn't help but smile. Even if the man's blood was considered impure because of his mixed decent he wanted to know everything about him. The way he carried himself was with more grace and pride than even the highest ranking samurai; his hair - kept short - looked a deep indigo in the shimmer of the oil lamps and it was something Luffy wanted to make sure for himself. Even the neatly trimmed beard was fascinating to the teen; it was the same colour as the man's hair and looked just as soft.

"Will that be all Luffy-sama?" The shy girl asked; dragging Luffy from his thoughts as he turned back to her with a large grin. He had forgotten that she was still in the room.

"Some of Sanji's snacks and sweet tea please." Luffy said; eyes lazily hooding as he observed Law through the curl of smoke that drifted from his kiseru. Those eyes were definitely a graceful teal that was as sharp as a well made katana and observant to the extent that Luffy was sure Law could see into the deepest depths of his soul. Even as Luffy noticed the shadows dancing across Law's features; it told the dancer that that deadly grace and nodachi wasn't just for show. The air that hung around Law was one of graceful danger and swift movements that most opponents wouldn't be able to keep up with. Those teal eyes also shielded a deadly knowledge that fascinated Luffy; he had always been attracted to danger and this man before him now was the true form of danger and death...


"Call me Law please." Law answered quickly; he didn't like all the formalities it made this meeting a little too much for his tastes. It wasn't that he didn't like the idea of Luffy calling him Trafalgar-sama but rather the impure thoughts that sprang up in his mind; there were so many blush inducing moments that he could think of when Luffy called him 'Trafalgar-sama' or even 'Master Trafalgar'. Shaking his head to get rid of the images Law turned his attention back to Luffy.

"Law-kun then;" Luffy gave a cheeky smiled when he noticed how the man's eyebrow rose at the nickname. "I saw you with my friend tonight; may I ask how you know Zoro?" Luffy hummed curiously; eyes hooding as he tapped the ash into the ash tray and set about the motions of lighting his pipe again. He didn't usually smoke but it was just something in the way the older man watched his actions so intently that made something curl in Luffy's stomach. He wanted to please him as he submitted to those teal eyes. A shudder worked its way down his spine as Luffy realized what it was he was thinking.

Law was patient as he waited for Luffy to finish his task. Teal eyes taking in every detail with care and storing way the information for another time. He couldn't help it he was absolutely mesmerized.

"Law-kun?" Law was so wrapped in his thoughts that he didn't notice that Luffy was finished and talking to him again. Those dark eyes were looking at him with fascinated curiosity before Luffy blinked and looked in a different direction; a heated blush crept over his cheeks. Those teal eyes were going to see everything; even the sudden attraction that he felt creeping up his spine and made itself known in the way his heart was beating so fast. He couldn't control the blush that deepened across his cheeks nor could he help but shift uncomfortably under Law's gaze.

"Zoro is my younger brother by three years. We have two different mothers; each of us taking out mother's maiden names as our own. I've lived in England for the majority of my life until I returned five years ago to meet my father for the first time..." Law trailed off; a sting in his chest alerted him to the fact that he had recently lost the father who he had just begun to understand and admire...

"My deepest condolences for you loss Law-kun. I never knew that Zoro even had a brother; I didn't see you at the funeral either. I only knew your name because I heard one of the ladies address you as such..." Luffy's eyes were downcast; he could still remember how his best friend was affected by his father's death. He had no idea how Law had taken it but even he could see the light of sorrow shine deep in those beautiful eyes. Unconsciously Luffy stood up and shuffled closer to the nodachi wielder before sitting down right next to him. In an uncharacteristic show of comfort Luffy laid his head on the older man's shoulder. Hoping to ease the pain of bringing up the man's dead father.

Law said a small 'thank you' as he lifted his hand and ran it through soft black locks; careful not to disturb the kanzashi with his fingers. It must have taken hours to set in place and keep it steady in short hair. Those locks was just like he imagined them; softer than silk and it gave off a scent of the sweetest flowers. The scent that clung to Luffy was one that could only be described as belonging only to him; it spoke volumes of his free spirited nature and strange allure. Now that the young teen was reclined against his shoulder - smoke lazily curling from kiseru that rested in elegant hands - Law wanted nothing more than to take Luffy home with him and never let him go.

"Ne, ne Law! Tell me about England!" Luffy asked with a wide smile; anything to dispel the dark atmosphere that had settled over the both of them. It wasn't long until conversation easily drifted between them; all thoughts of death and sorrow replaced by laughter and enjoyment.

"Do you really have to go?" Luffy whined loudly; clinging to Law's arm as he older man walked towards the entrance of the shop. It was way past midnight and Law was tired; his skills were required at the hospital in Edo the next morning for an operation only he could do. He patted Luffy's head in hopes of giving the affection seeking teen some solace. It wasn't as if he really wanted to leave in the first place.

"Luffy-Ya; you can come visit me tomorrow. I'm sure Bepo would love to meet you." Law said reassuringly; trying desperately to ignore the amused stares from the orange haired girl that had played the Shamisen earlier. It seemed that when he had emerged from Luffy's room with the kid hanging from his arm and begging him not to go so soon those who weren't entertaining customers had come to see what the commotion was about. Law hated being the centre of attention but he was sure it was given with Luffy by his side.

"Bepo?" Luffy pouted in confusion; Law pressed his fore finger against Luffy's furrowed brows.

"Don't frown so much, Luffy-Ya! You're going to get wrinkles. Bepo is my furry companion; he's a white sleeve pickagnese (10*) that I brought with me from England. I bought him in the port town before setting sail for Japan; he's never left my side since then." Law explained; smiling indulgently as Luffy's eyes lit up at the mention of the small, fluffy dog. Law was sure he had appeased the teen only to feel slightly distressed when he noticed Luffy's happy smile fall into an adorable pout.

"What is it?" He asked concerned. Had he upset the little ball of sunshine?

"I don't know where you live." Luffy whined and Law just chuckled; that was all it was? Shaking his head before explaining to the teen how to get to his house Law said his final goodbyes and took off into the night. The streets were understandably quiet and the few sounds that did escape was either the whisper of the wind or shady activities in hidden alley ways. That however did not mean that Law could let his guard down; fingers curling comfortably around the hilt of his nodachi Law began the quiet walk home with his senses stretched for any dangerous auras in the immediate vicinity.

He had stayed longer than he thought he would and they had just talked; Law had learned that Luffy was a very adventurous boy who just loved listening to all the stories Law could tell him about the dreary, wet but interisting England. The boarding school he had attended and the mischief he and his friend Eusstass Kidd had gotten into whilst still at school; how their antics drove their school masters up the wall. Riding on a steam train and also exploring the streets from east London to West and all the different cultures each corner of England seemed to possess. The influx of Indian people he had gotten to know; even a Prince and a King who had been in search for his lost daughter.

The more Law had told Luffy about the world the more Luffy's excitement had grown and that excitement was infectious just as Luffy's every emotion affected him in some way. The more he talked the more Luffy became animated; showing his personality as openly as he could and that was what attracted Law to him in the first place. He would have liked to stay the night like he knew Zoro was doing but Law had promised the servants that he would be back that night to look after Bepo; so the young surgeon really had to go home. The little dog got very depressed when it's owner did not return home and was left him by himself and truth be told; Law loved the little ball of fluff more than anything except maybe Luffy at that moment in time. It had after all been his best friend and only companion since he had bought him.

Law's happy thoughts quickly pushed into the back of his mind as he steeled himself; a malicious aura was approaching him from behind. Geta kicking up some dust as he slid into position; his hand already resting on his katana's hilt. Law could feel it more clearly now; it seemed that the person was either drunk to approach with an aura like that or didn't think that he was skilled enough with the long sword to be much of a threat. A smirk danced across his lips; he had been waiting for something like this for a while now. It was time to build his own reputation as well as vent his frustrations now.

"Oi! Nii-chan! How about you give me your money and I won't be forced to hurt you." Law merely chuckled lowly; this man wasn't even worth drawing his sword for. With one swift move Law moved behind the clearly drunken man and swung his word in an arc; the sheath made a satisfying thud to the man's head before he was knocked to the ground and unconscious to the world around him before he had known what had happened. Law hummed to himself as he headed down the gravel road; his nodachi resting in his right hand as he continued towards his home. The breeze that tickled his skin was cool and welcoming; the summer breeze the perfect way to restore his previous good mood.

"Tadiama (11*)," Law said softly as he entered his home; the sweet scent of the summer flowers still hanging in the air around his traditional mansion. The soft click of the shoji door sliding open alerted the sleeping dog that it's master had returned and in a flurry of white fluff and happy yipping; Law was attacked by his companion. His free hand scooping up the excitable ball of fluff as he was attacked by a pink tongue that welcomed him home. Law smiled as he continued into his home; Bepo now running circles around his feet as he closed the doors and headed for the kitchen to get a glass of water. Killing the oil lamps and candles as he went.

"Now, now Bepo. It's time for bed. We have a long day tomorrow." Law said to his companion before he headed for his room at the back of the house. His furry companion now subdued by its master's voice as it followed behind him obediently. Law couldn't help it; his mind kept returning to Luffy. Even when he had splashed his face with the cool water from his pitcher; it still wasn't helping. Why did he get the idea that he had suddenly fallen in love? The legendary Surgeon of Death was never supposed to even experience emotions such as attraction; never mind think of falling in love and yet whenever he thought about Luffy and his happy smile - Law couldn't help but feel his stoic heart's ice wall start to chip away at Luffy's touch. Violently shaking his head and forcing those thoughts from his mind; Law brushed his fingers through his short hair before heading for his laid out futon. One of his soft feathered pillows already claimed by Bepo.


"Luffy? I know you enjoyed yourself tonight but you know that Ace finds out he's going to angry at you." Luffy started at Nami's voice as the musician walked into his room; he knew that he had enjoyed himself tonight but it was true what she said. Ace had confined him to only serving drinks and confronting the occasional non-paying customer or other violators but Luffy had been feeling stressed ever since Ace had chased after Marshall D. Teach three weeks ago. The man had not only caused trouble but had attacked Luffy as well as some of the girls and when Ace had heard of it the next day from Uncle Newgate(12*) he had taken off after the man who still seemed to elude Ace even after three weeks.

"I know but I needed this." Luffy said; sitting at the vanity in his private room and began wiping away at the subtle lines of coal around his eyes and rouge on his lips. He sighed when Nami took the hair brush from his fingers before undoing all the clips that kept his Kanzashi in place; knowing to be careful with it as it was Luffy's treasure. One of the customers had given it to Luffy when he had been seven; a traveller by the name of Shanks and Luffy always wore it despite that it made him look like a girl. The man did after all sacrifice his left arm for Luffy's safety when someone had found out that Luffy was the youngest son of Monkey D. Dragon. After that event; there wasn't a single day that wasn't seen with the kanzashi in his hair.

"Luffy Trafalgar Law is a dangerous man..." Nami was interrupted by those sharp eyes staring her down in anger.

"He's not; he's Zoro's Aniki! He's a good person." Luffy protested; moving out of her reach as his fingers reached up to his hair and pulled out the floral hair piece delicately before laying it on his dresser table out of Nami's reach. That act alone showed the orangette that Luffy was angry with her. She was the only person who he allowed to touch his treasure but now even he had taken it out of her reach. She sighed and handed the teen the brush that was in her hand.

"Luffy," She said pleadingly after a while of tense silence. Watching as Luffy ran the brush through his short black locks before he disappeared behind the privacy screen and began to get dressed for bed. Nami turned her back on her changing companion as she sat on one of the floor cushions and nibbled at the left over cucumber maki(13*) that Luffy hadn't eaten from Sanji's plate of snacks.

"I know you miss Ace but it isn't the right thing to take on customers just so that you can forget that he isn't here for you. What if they want sex and you can't stop them Luffy? You may not realize it Luffy but you're more beautiful than even Robin when you are dressed like that." Nami said sadly; motioning to the susohiki kimono that Luffy's father had tailored for him not long ago. She really didn't want Luffy to get hurt and Ace had after all entrusted her to look after the youngest of their family and make sure he didn't do something stupid. Luffy was still very innocent and clearly not suited as a prostitute; he wasn't hard enough to endure it...

"Nami; stop worrying so much! I can look after myself you know. Ace isn't the only strong one in the family." Luffy said with a lopsided grin; his simple light blue sleeping yukata wrapped haphazardly by the black obi. She knew it was true but it didn't stop her from being worried. If Newgate-sama hadn't shown up when he did then it would have been Luffy who Teach had violated; she still didn't know how Luffy could still act so happily after the incident three weeks ago. No wonder Ace had gone on a rampage; Luffy was too naive and innocent for his own good.

"I worry about you." Nami said with a smile as her self proclaimed little brother sat on the floor next to her; fingers snatching away the last of the onigiri and maki before she could get any more. Slapping Luffy upside the head for stealing the last of the snacks; Nami sighed and rubbed her temples at the oncoming headache. It would seem that whatever she said after this wouldn't sink into the black haired boy's mind at all. He was already long gone.

"Baka! Don't eat so much at once! It's already midnight; you'll spoil your breakfast." Luffy blinked at the orangette before whining as the last of his snacks were taken away from him. He was hungry damn it! Just as he was about to reach for the square plate again his hands were beaten away and last morsel of cucumber maki was swiped by elegant fingers and popped into the orangette mouth.

"Ah! My maki!" Luffy whined. A wave of depression crawling over him as he climbed into his bed; whining all the while.

"Hush and go to sleep; if you go to Trafalgar-sama's home tomorrow at least take Zoro with you. He's going to have a hangover tomorrow but knowing you; you can make him do anything for you by a simple pout." Nami said with a small giggle as he watched Luffy now snuggled up in his futon. Soft snores already drifting from the seventeen year old. It didn't help she talked anymore; so putting out the last flickering oil lamp she said a quiet good night and disappeared back into the kitchen to put the plate away and our herself some sake to get rid of her head ache.

Author's Footnotes:

1* - Kanzashi - It's a floral hair comb that you often see in a geisha's hair. Imagine Luffy with half his fringe pinned back by a silver comb that is had water lilies sculpted from pearl, rhinestones and silver. It has several pieces of long straight silver that hangs from the bottom the piece that makes soft sounds every time Luffy moves.

2* - Susohiki - It's a special type of kimono that geisha and performers often wear; it literally mean to 'drag on the floor' and it's what it does. It has a train that drags behind the wearer. Showing both elegance and beauty. It's only worn by woman but I'll let Luffy wear one that was made for him in red silk and a golden dragon pattern.

3* - Nodachi - If you haven't figured it out yet it's the katana that Law always carries with him. It's a two handed sword that very little people actually master but Law did and only uses one hand - yum. Looks sexy with that long sword. It's blade can reach up to 150 cm if the wielder can handle it.

4* - Ahou - A very rude way to say 'you' in Japanese can often also be taken as idiot or moron.

5* - Ao Azami - The name of the geisha house 'Blue Thistle'.

6* - Luffy-Ya - In the anime Law only refers to Luffy as Mugiwara-Ya and I thought that it would be cute if he kept that little adage at the end as a term of acceptance and friendship.

7* - Iie - Means 'No'.

8* - Kiseru - Is a special traditional Japanese pipe; it can range from the short to extremely long. If you're having trouble envisioning one - if you guys have ever watched or read Naruto then you would know it as the pipe Gamabunta smokes or I've seen Jiraiya smoke it once as well.

9* - Kizami - Is just a term for the finely shredded tobacco that is smoked in those pipes.

10* - Sleeve Pickagnese - Is the cutest dog you'll ever see. It's a toy breed that is often small and the reason why it was called a sleeve pickagnese is because the Chinese Emperors used to place them in their sleeves to keep them warm during the winter times. If you want to know what they look like; Google them and I promise you'll fall in love. I used to have one and loved it to bits; I just couldn't leave Law without Bepo at his side so Bepo is now a cute fluffy toy dog.

11* - Tadiama - A nice way of saying 'I'm home.' It's tradition to say it and alert the people in the house that you are home.

12* - Edward Newgate - As may will know he's Whitebeard. In this story he's the lord of the Edo's underworld.

13* - Maki - Is a type of sushi that has rice and a filling in the middle but is covered by seaweed. It's really delicious.

Wow; that's a lot of notes. I hope that explained things a bit better for you guys and if you have any more question then please let me know. If you enjoyed the story so far then please leave me a review I would really appreciate that.

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