As you can probably tell, this was inspired by the song 'If die young'. I'm not sure about how long this is going to be, but it has a definite ending, and not a lot of plot. It's more about characters and relationship than anything. I hope you guys enjoy, I know I will.


Terra. Erde. Jorden. Земля. She was them all. She was the ultimate being, the one who controlled the nations of the world. She loved them all, and knew what was best for them.

She was Mother Earth.

She loved her children desperately. She knew they loved their humans, their land, each other, but she loved them more, more than they would ever know. She wanted them home. She wanted her babies back. They deserved love, only the love she could give them. She would do anything to make them happy, even if it meant taking them back by force.

She had already let one stay on Earth. The Kingdom of Prussia, who should have died, was left to stay. She knew that he was loved by others. Germany, Hungary, Austria…he wasn't alone. She even gave him new life as the Free State of Prussia, a micro nation in Germany. She loved him so much, but she let him stay, because he was happy on Earth.

But now, she wasn't happy. She was their mother, didn't she deserve a bit of happiness? Yes, she had some of her children back. She loved Rome, Germania, and her daughters, Egypt, Greece, and Native America, but it wasn't enough, not yet. They needed their children too, after all. Rome had already proven that when he went to visit Italy. She would make them, and herself, happy. All she needed to do was chose the child she would take back. She shut her eyes, and envisioned her children.

China? He lived a long, tired life. Maybe he was ready to come back to her, and let her take care of him. No…not China. Russia loved him, and so did his bothers. She didn't want to make her other children unhappy…she couldn't take China home.

Canada? A better choice…after all, he was invisible. But…no…not him either. Canada was loved by France and England, and Ukraine loved him as well. He even had Cuba. Canada couldn't be brought home.

She repeated the process again and again, seeing the different advantages and disadvantages of each nation. After a long time, she was ready to give up, when she thought of the perfect one.

America? Well…he was very young, which was a disadvantage, she didn't want to take them too soon, but…he was perfect. She thought of all the nations who hated him, how his only friends were a whale and an alien. He was hated by the world…and they always wanted him gone. Wouldn't taking him home make them happy? Wouldn't it make him happy as well, too be with her, where she could take care of him and love him, like no one else wanted to?

Yes…he was perfect.

All she had to do was tell him, and give him a while to get his human affairs in order. Then she would take him home, where he belonged. That was easy; all she had to do was make him die.


America was dreaming. He was walking through a field, just like the one England had found him in when he was a child. He was a child again. He could feel the nightgown billowing around his legs, and he could see the trees towering above him, just like how England used to be. He smiled, and let the sun spill on him, basking in its golden light. This was heaven, worry-free, just like how he wanted his life to be.

A figure approached him. He looked up. She was dark-skinned, her skin a rich, beautiful mahogany. Her hair was midnight, framing her dark face perfectly. Her eyes were two pieces of coal, set against her beautiful face. Something about her was so familiar, like he had seen her a very, very long time ago, but he couldn't remember. He stared, and she smiled.

Then it clicked.

"M-mother…Gaho…" he whispered. Mother Native America, his birth mother, who he had barely known. He ran forward, and she laughed, gathering him in her arms. He wrapped his arms around her, and buried his face in her hair. She gently held him against her, rubbing soothing circles on his back.

"My baby…I'm so glad to see you again." She murmured. "But I'm so sorry that it couldn't have been for better reasons…I have something terrible to tell you."

"What do you mean?" he asked. Her hands tightened around him, but still remained gentle. For a moment, she didn't speak, and then she started again, her voiced strained.

"Mother Earth…the origin of us all…she had decided to bring you home, with her. You have one year, and then you will join us." She finally said.

"Join…you? What do you mean? Where will I go" he asked. He was terrified now, he could barely speak. Gaho tightened her jaw, and narrowed her eyes.

"I mean…you will…pass on. You will go to the afterlife with me and the others… like Rome and Egypt…"

"I'm going to d-die?" he asked. His face drained of color, and his eyes widened in horror. Gaho didn't speak. He squirmed out of her grasp, and fell to the ground. He stood up again. He was now an adult. He began to back away. Gaho didn't move, she just watched him, an expression of pity on her face

"I'm dreaming! This isn't real! I can't die! The states are going through a recession, but I'm not going to collapse!" he cried out. She looked away, and spoke again.

"I'm sorry. You're right, you are dreaming, and your nation is fine, but you are going to pass on in a year." She finally said. Slowly, she approached him. He stood frozen. She pressed a pocket watch into his hands.

"This will tell you the time you have left on Earth. When the minute hand makes a full rotation around the face of the clock, you will die. You have one year." She spoke slowly and softly. The field began to fade, and she embraced him.

"I'm sorry. I tried to stop this, but I couldn't convince her. Please forgive me." She whispered. The world faded to black.

America opened his eyes. He shot out of bed, and pressed his head into his hands.

It was just a dream. He was fine. He grabbed his glasses, and smiled. Just a dream.

In his hands was a glittering, silver pocket watch, and the minute hand was resting, frozen on the twelve.


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