EDIT: by request of reviewers, I will start a short sequel featuring POVs of characters after America died. It will also feature fluffy chapters as flashbacks. Who knows, it might even have a plot.


you know, Rebirth of a Soul can be an AU sequel. (Hint hint)

Fic continuing the last chapter is called To Live Again by Unfading Promise.


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This is a quick little aside I've had in mind. I was originally going to put it in the actual story, but I decided not to.

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After America...left...so did Toni. From the morning of July Fifth, Toni was gone, with no explanation whatsoever. Vita also left, heading back to the Ever After, a place where all magical beings dwelled, and the Whale went back to Japan, though no one knew where exactly in Japan it was.

Kiku theorized that it was either now a member of a pacific pod, but considering that it has been alive since the nineteenth century, and whales have a life span similar to a human's, without an immortal caretaker, it might...well, Japan didn't want to think about it.

Several years passed, before a familiar light in the sky appeared above the United States. Japan, having observed it, decided to go to its approximate coordinates.

Roswell, New Mexico.

Japan couldn't help but almost laugh at the sight before him. Toni was there, in a classic flying saucer, staring back up at him. It was funny, really. As soon as he almost forgot, something like this would happen again. Every single time he allowed himself to not think about it, every time he would be at peace with the past, something like this would happen and he would be drowned in guilt all over again.

The little alien didn't say a word as it walked over; large, empty grey eyes focused on him. Reaching up and handing him a letter, the alien almost gave off the impression of not being capable of speech, though Japan knew otherwise. Without a word, the tiny alien walked back to his ship, before turning around and giving Japan a glare.

"Fuck you."

Somehow, even though Japan KNEW that was the only way the alien communicated, it felt like the phrase was exactly what the alien meant.

When the ship had ascended back into the sky, Japan watching with impassive eyes, the Asian man had sat down, right in the middle of the desert, not caring about the weather, or when the media would arrive to try and see what the strange lights were about.

Japan almost dropped it when he got a good look at it. The letter had Alfred's name written on it, where it should have the address. Japan's hand shook as he looked at it, and he bit his lip, trying to stay calm. This was okay, right? It wasn't going to bring the bad memories back, right?

He opened it.

By the end of it, the empty, impassive, emotionless Japanese man was crying.

Dear Whoever Gets this First,

I have no idea who the hell will get this, honestly. For all I know, it could be someone I haven't even meet yet (though that would be kind of awkward, huh?) but anyway, whoever it is, I hope you won't get bored of me rambling on for all of eternity like Iggy (that's England, btw, in case you are that mysterious person I don't know) so I hope you keep reading 'cause I got a lot to say.

Whoever you are, I want you to know that people love you. I mean, I do too. I don't care what you've done, who you are, or what you look like. I care about you, and so do other people. I mean, think about the things that we've all done. England, he doesn't know I know, but he killed my mother, and I still love him. Japan did horrible things to China, and China still loves him. Ukraine is still protective of Russia, even with what he did.

And just look at me.

I'm a horrible person, really. I dropped two atomic bombs on my best friend. I enslaved an entire race of people. I killed the people that MADE me. But...but still, somehow, someway, they forgave me. I'm stupid, I'm annoying, and pretty much everyone hates me, but...

...but they don't. I..I know they don't. I mean...I mean, England still talks to me, and France still calls me "mon petite" even though I'm almost 300. Canada, even if we fight all the friggin' time, we still see each other almost every single day. And I have so many friends, so many amazing friends, and...I'm happy. Japan, Denmark, Prussia, Canada, England, France, Italy, Germany, and even Russia every once in a while.

They like me.

They think of me as their friend.

And I can't be happier when I think about that.

And you, whoever you are, I know that you have to look at yourself and see the same thing. Whoever you are, I care about you, even if I don't know you. You're my friend. That's what my land was made for. For everyone who's ever felt alone, for anyone who needs a new start, for anyone who is tired or weary or unhappy, I'm always here for you. I always want to help, I always want to save the world. I always want to give everyone a chance to start again, and let them find a good life.

We, not as countries, but as people, are good. I believe that. In every single person, there is goodness. We tend to forget that, don't we? We focus on the evil, the badness, things that we should be able to look past. We should be able to see what we are as a race, as humanity. We're flawed, we're stupid sometimes, and we're judgmental, but we also are good people. We take care of each other. We built a better world for ourselves, and everyone around us. We're a race built on hopes and dreams, of ideals, compassion, and love, most of all.

So...whoever you are, just try to remember this, okay?

God, I sound so much like England. But better. Because I'm awesome.

-Alfred Freedom Jones

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