Location: Unknown
Date: 2525 UNSC ST


Sargent J. Forge yelled as he heard the man collapse behind him. The three Spartans turned to face the new threat. What they saw was the pure definition of intimidating.

The Elite in front of them stood just over eight feet and looked like he was made of solid muscle. His armor was extravagant, shining silver in the artificial sunlight, runes of unknown meaning inlaid on the surface. His jaw hung open to reveal sharp, feral teeth his upper lip curled up in rage.

Forge turned to the Spartans as he heard a commotion. What he saw made caused a shiver to pass down his spine, a horde of elite honor guard charged down the walk way. Looking between the two groups of foes he made a split second choice.

He yelled to the spartans "Go I'll take care of him!" The Spartan nodded and charged the aliens, but Forge didn't see their battle for he had entered one of his own. He climbed up to the FTL(1) Reactor and hit the emergency release switch on the trailer. The reactor quickly sled toward the arbiter attempting to crush him.

Forge could hear the Spartans engaging the elites as he ran to the opposite side of the reactor. He raised his MA5B as he rounded the corner. In the small space between the door there was nothing the Xeno had disappeared. John started to lower his assault rifle when he heard a sound behind him. He moved faster than he had ever achieved before, throwing him self to the side Forge saw the Arbiter had stabbed were he had been half a second ago.

He quickly leapt up and started to spray the elite with 7.62x51mm AP FMJ round, but to Forges dismay they harmlessly pinger of of his opponents shields. The Arbiter marched up to him and swung his energy sword at the human but the blow was dodged before Forge could bring up his gun to fire again the elite back handed it away.

Without thinking Forge wrapped his arms around the elites waist and tackled him to the ground. He landed on top, on instinct he pulled his pistol and unloaded the clip into the aliens hand causing him to drop the energy sword. This enraged the arbiter as he rolled over and deliver a bone breaking punch to the humans chest. Forge gasped as he felt his ribs break in his body.

The arbiter got and grabbed the human by the head. "Like the rest of your race, you are weak and undisciplined." he then tossed him into the FTL reactor trailer. Forge grunted as he felt his already broken bones shift. The Massive Elite threw him again this time toward the edge, stopping just feet away from death.

"There will be no female to save you this time." As the Arbiter said this he swiftly picked up his fallen energy sword and ignited it in one fluid motion.

Forge struggled to get up as he felt his ribs moving in his chest "Look me in the eye and say that."

"As you wish." the arbiter grabbed the back of the humans head just as he had gotten to his knees, and brought him to eye level. "My face will be the last thing your pathetic eyes will ever see." He drew back his sword to make the final stab.

Before the blow landed, Forge put all his remaining speed and strength into one desperate last move. He raised hand and drew the knife the was sheathed on his chest, pulled it back and forced it into the Elites neck.

The elite stumbled back a few feet it's hand raised to his neck trying to stem the tide of indigo blood pouring out of his jugular. Seizing the opportunity Forge pick up the energy sword, which was huge the handle being the length of his forearm, and drove it into the aliens chest, blue wraith like contrail followed the blade.

The arbiter stumbled back his eyes wide, mind refusing to believe his situation. He then dropped blood covering the entirety of his left side. "And just for the record, I would have kicked your ass the first time if the lady hadn't stopped me."

The spartans jogged to the Sargent. "Sir, are you alright?" One of them asked, Alice. Forge bent over the elites body and pulled out his knife and grabbed a small metal cylinder. He looked down as he got up and saw he was covered in both his own and his foes blood.

"Ya, let's just set the thing."

"Douglas and Jerome are already unpacking." John looked over and saw she was right. The other two Spartans of red team had moved the lieutenant out of the way and had pushed the reactor into the building. He walked over to Jerome who was at the reactors terminal.

"Sir, it's already over heating. I'll have to separate the cores and align them manually when they need to blow." Jerome said turning to face Forge.

Forge grabbed the Spartans shoulder pad "Son, I have a feeling before this is over we'll need every last Spartan in the fight. I can do this. Report back to the ship."

He removed his hand as the massive Spartan turned to face him. Jerome nodded his head "Good luck sir. It's been an honor."

The Spartan started to walk away but stopped as he heard something get up, fearing one of the elites survived he swung around and aimed his MA5B, but quickly dropped it in shock. "Lieutenant?" was all he could mutter. The man that he saw get imposed by an energy sword was getting to his feet.

"Fuck..." the lieutenant gasped, he was in extreme pain and close to death. "Sergeant, I'll handle it... I'm dead anyway... Just go."

Forges jaw was hanging wide in shock. But he quickly came back to reality. "No, the Spartans will evac you. You'll live."

"Don't... Bullshit me... I know I'm dead... Nothings gunna change that fact... This is my last wish... Don't make me order you to go." the lieutenant said in-between grunts of pain as he worked his way to the reactor. "Go! Before I change my mind!"

Forge, Jerome, Alice and Douglas all simultaneously snapped a perfect salute as the Forunner doors closed the man from sight.

"Let's go." Douglas said quietly.

A female voice came over the radio in the pelican "Captain, the exit tunnel has been sealed, our escaped is blocked."

A male voice responded "Ground teams, find a way to open that portal or we are all dead."

Forge walked up to the radio and joined the conversation "Sir, from what I can see the structure is weakest at the centre if you place a MAC round there it should destroy the seal."

"What if it doesn't break?" the female voice came on again.

"Well Serrina, we're all FUBAR'd."

The male voice sounded again after a moment "Alright Forge get back on the ship, Alpha and Beta platoons are disengaging now and will arrive in ten minutes."

A rasping cough came over the radio. "ughh... Cutter I hate to do this but the core is going to melt down in exactly 12 minutes I'll have to detonate it before than or it won't go off." the Lieutenant said.

The bridge door opened and the three Spartans walked in followed by Forge. "Well is everyone on board." Forge asked resting his hands on the holographic display board and noticed the last pelican disappear into the Spirit.

"Now everyone is but... Holy shit what happened to you?" a young woman in a lab coat said as she turned around.

"Nothing major."

"But you..." she started to retort but was cut of by a man in a green uniform, he looked to be in his late 40 maybe early 50s, his hair was entirely gray but most of it was hidden by his army cap.

"Enough Anderson! Serina get out of here!"

"I can't. The sun is going super nova and it's gravity well is expanding." a blue tinted woman replied she was about two feet tall and lines of code ran vertically up her body.

"Well let's use that to our advantage. Plot a course that will take us through the sun and sling shot us out."

"Threading a needle while accelerating past an exploding star inside a planet that's falling apart. Sure, why not." the AI replied sarcastically.

"Serina! Can you do it." the captian Barked.

"It's done. You might want to hold onto something." Cutter walked to his chair and strapped himself in while the Spartans, the doctor, forge and the bridge crew all strapped into extra chairs.

"Closing your eyes might help too." Serina joked.

Everyone on the bridge took her seriously and shut there eyes as they skimmed the surface of the small sun and started accelerating to impossible speeds when they looped around cutter opened his eyes and yelled.

"Fire main MAC now!"

"Firing." the AI responded.

The 600 ton tungsten sabot punctured through the structure blocking there way, the shields failed a half second later, three seconds later the Spirit of Fire raced through the hole in the ground at blinding speed.

They erupted from the surface of the planet scraping a collapsing mountain on the way out.

"Serina status report!" Cutter sighed.

"Hull breaches on decks one through six, fires are reported on decks 7 and 8, we've lost deck guns 8-19 and MAC four is offline."

"Seal all sections with hull breaches, and dispatch fire control teams. Then focus on bringing the MAC online."

"Aye aye sir." the AI vanished. The captain got up from his chair and looked to the bridge crew. Only half of the men he set out with were still here, it hurt more than anything else.

With a deep sigh he turned to the Spartans, Forge and Anders "You are all dismissed. Our fight is over and we have a long trip ahead of us."

They all left without a sound. He made his way to the scanners post, left unattended after the operator was infected by that- that thing. He didn't have to have anyone there for Serina could operate the machine better than any human but he needed time to think. His thoughts were not kind.

What an I going to do?

If these people die it'll be on my hands.

Did we have to use our slip core?

Was I worth it?

He got up and walked to his command chair and basically fell into it and let the last few days events wash over him. He took off his cap and ran his hand through his hair. Cutter sat there for long minutes as the Spirit drifted silently through space.

He finally made up his mind and did the only logical thing possible. He reached down and toggles the ship wide announcement systems.

"Attention all UNSC Personnel, this is Captain Cutter speaking. I know we've had a long and hard journey to get to this point but the road ahead is longer still. But you have all gone above and beyond the call of duty, you fought off the Covenant, fought off the-the infection but most of all you've saved humanity from annihilation. For that you should be proud. But since we lack an FTL Reactor I'm issuing Protocol Omega. All uninjured crew members not involved with repairs or running of the ship are to head to their designated Cryo-Bays. You've done well you deserve a rest."

"Captain, I would much rather stay awake and monitor this area." Anders protested she was trying to get out of Protocol Omega by searching for Covenant activity. But the Captain had finally taken her to the Cryo bay.

"Professor, there has been no sign of the Covenant for two weeks. There's nothing to do." Cutter sighed as he he led her to one of the coffin shaped pods.

She started to protest "But captain..."

"But nothing professor, you got us all out of there alive. Get some rest." he said while gently guided her into the pod.

"Not all of us captain. Not all of us." She said as the hatch started to close over her. It's hissed as it compressed and ice started to form on the doctor face and the view port.

He walked to the next pod to the right of he own and closed it. It lay empty the owner giving himself up to save them all. The captain stared at the name for over an hour before finally heading to his own pod. "Wake me when something happens, Serina."

The name of the young lieutenant was the last thing his conscious mind perceived.

Lieutenant Micheal J. Keyes

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