More Than Just A Kiss Goodnight?

KenziXStiles Lovestory

Lost GirlxTeen Wolf crossover

5 reasons why Stiles and Kenzi are Perfect for eacthother:

1)They both have strange quirks

2)They`ve both Taken more than a few drinks

3)Somebody hates them

4)They both have whack quotes

5)They both have best friends who much better behaved then they are

"Bo ,why this town?" I asked ."Cause it`s a cover for now. We won`t be here forever"
-The Foster Society-
"Just kill me" I said to the girl beside me. She looked scared. I smiled to myself. "Kenzi?" I heard. I stood up. A dark haired woman smiled at me. "Hi hon. I`m Melissa. Melissa McCall." I nodded.