The Way I Am

As the DWMA students took notes in their class as Dr. Stein was teaching them about Sex Ed, Azusa entered the classroom. Stein eyed the DeathSythe and asked,

"Why exactly are you interrupting my class? It's not as if I come where you work and bother you," he sarcastically added.

"Yes and I'm very thankful for that, but at the risk of interrupting your important lectures-" Azusa was then interrupted.

"Oh, I'm sorry would YOU like to teach these children about Sexual Education? I'm sure we're all curious as to what YOU know about the subject," Stein mocked.

A now-nervous Azusa gasped, "Uh, n-no that's okay. Shinigami just wanted me to retrieve a couple of your students for an important mission."

Realizing that Shinigami was involved, Dr. Stein decided to end his fun little game short. Azusa then called for Maka, Soul, Death the Kid, The Thompson Sisters, Blackstar, and Tsubaki to follow her to the Death Room for the debriefing.

"Yo! What's up everybody," Shinigami exclaimed as everyone was entering.

"Hello Shingami-sama," everyone responded in unison.

"Thank you Azusa, you may return to your work now."

"Y-Yes sir," Azusa stuttered still feeling nervous from Stein.

Cutting straight to the chase Death the Kid asked, "Father, what kind of mission are you sending us on if you went as far as to pull us from our classes?"

"Observing as always, I'm SO proud of you kiddo," Shinigami complimented to which was responded with a lowly-audible grumbling sound from Kid.

Deciding to finally get serious Shinigami asked, "Pop quiz! How many souls can inhabit a body?"

Maka immediately answered, "Only one. One soul for one body."

Everyone nodded their head in agreement to the bookworm's answer, with only Blackstar still trying to understand the question that was asked.

A solemn Shinigami responded, "Well that's how it's supposed to be but there's a poor creature out there with not only two souls but three whom inhabit his body."

Granted everyone was in shock by the Shinigami's statement; though it was Kid who was truly mortified by the thought of multiple souls inhabiting a single body.

"So father," Kid began as his voice trembled with anger, "How is it that we didn't know about this sooner?"

"Well you see at first glance it seemed like it was one of two things: It was just part of his act so he could entertain fans, or the man suffered from multiple personalities. While the prior would have been sad indeed, I would have hoped on that than multiple souls."

After a little think Liz spoke up, "Wait, to entertain his fans? Who are talking about exactly?"

"Well you see, the person in question is Marshall Mathers."

"EMINEM," Soul exclaimed, "Eminem's the one who has three souls!"

"Tsk, I'd be more than glad to take his soul," Liz sneered, "He's just a-"

Liz stopped herself midsentence after seeing the murderous glare Soul was giving her.

"S-So you're a fan of him Soul," Tsubaki questioned.

"Yeah, I have his entire catalog. Even those "pain-in-the-ass to find" mix tapes with the exclusive tracks!"

Soul then looked around and saw that everyone was looking at him funny.

"Shut up! I listen to other things besides classical you know!"


"Um, thanks for the support man," Soul said as he shifted uncomfortably.


"No problem dude, I'll lend it to you after the mission's over" Soul answered as he high-fived Blackstar.

"As much as I love these two's homosexual tendencies, I think we should get back on track," Maka mockingly stated.

Soul then gave Maka a "not-so-subtle" hand gesture which earned him a one-way ticket to a MAKA CHOP.

"Okay," Kid continued, "How did he get three different souls inside of him? Was he born with them?"

"Well you see Kid, during that time period, while Marshall Mathers was still getting started; Hip-Hop artists were being murdered left and right. Some died the way they were supposed to, and but most of them weren't on my list and were left wandering the world with nowhere to go. Now these poor souls were still semi-conscious of what was going on around them and were left with bitter feelings of being denied the lives they rightfully deserved."

Everyone in the room, even Black and Patty, were listening to Shinigami intently and didn't dare interrupt.

"While the DWMA had a difficult time rounding up the souls, we still managed to do it. At least I thought we did, because as you know we missed a couple. Today's climate in the genre is a lot more calm and relaxed than it used to be though, so I don't think we have to worry about this sort of thing happening again anytime soon."

There was now an uncomfortable dead silence in the room; until Patty asked,

"So whose souls are in him?"

Everyone looked at Patty questioningly.

"You were saying two souls went into Marshy, whose souls are they?"

"Ahh, while I am aware of one, the other continues to elude me," the Shinigami answered.

"Okay, so who's the soul that we ARE aware of," Kid added.

"It was none other than Christopher Wallace, or Biggie Smalls as you kids called him."

Even after hearing bomb-shell after bomb-shell, it's quite a surprise that the student were still able to be surprised.

"Oh," the Shinigami remembered, "Your objective isn't to take the rapper's soul, but to extract the two other souls that inhabit him."

"Yes sir," everyone yelled in unison.

"I wonder if I'd be able to get the guy's autograph," Blackstar wondered aloud.

Funny thing is, I only planned this to be a one-shot but now it's starting to feel like a legitimate story. I'm sure I'll be able to follow this up. If you enjoyed this then please read some of my other work like "Soul and Chrona: Too Much Adventure!" or "Soul Eater Vs. The World." Please favorite and/or review my work, I'm seriously trying to get better as a writer. Thank you for taking your time to read! Hope you enjoyed! ~Traffic9991