Drug Ballad

After sending little Hailie up to her room, despite all of her protests, Marshall turned around to look at the 7, relatively young looking teens. The father speculated what their ulterior motives were; no one just befriends a child at a store and then walks her home to make sure they made it there okay. People just aren't that kind in life.

Did they just want to meet me?

Were these kids planning on robbing the place?

Did they plan on kidnapping Hailie?

The rapper couldn't help but shudder at the last thought, but it was too late to stop now. As a celebrity it's almost a necessity to have paranoia; especially when you're dealing with psychopathic fanatics, stalking groupies, ambulance chasing lawyers, narcissistic journalists, and your egotistical peers. There are very few people who you can really rely upon.

"I'm just gonna ask; why are you all here," Marshall asked with a slight demanding tone.

"Well it happened like Hailie said," Tsubaki nervously elaborated, "We met her at the corner store by herself, and after we walked her home she invited us in."

"Uh-huh, sure…"

Kid then added, "Sir, we're not lying."

"Look, I hope you guys can understand that a group of teens just hanging out with my ten year-old daughter in my house, in my kitchen looks suspicious at best."

"Sir, we just didn't want her to walk home by herself," Maka salvaged.

The rapper began rubbing his eyes with his thumb and index finger before concluding, "I think you all should leave now…"

With no one wanting to protest, they all march out of the door without even saying "goodbye" to Hailie. They finally found the rapper, but he was as hostile as ever.

Deciding to call it a day, they sprung for a hotel room. Before any of them rested Maka spoke up,

"Look guys, we're going to need a game plan or something if we want to get those souls out of him."

Soul glanced over to Maka and questioned, "Any suggestions?"

Maka just glued her eyes to the floor thinking, `If this were a Kissin Egg on Shinigami-sama's list there wouldn't be a problem, we could just take the soul. But since we're trying to extract them without hurting the guy we can't just be careless.'

Before Maka could say anything, Patty interrupted her,

"Hey Kid, wutcha doin?"

"I'm calling father, to ask about alternate solutions to our situation," Kid answered as he wrote 42 – 42 – 564 on the mirror in the bathroom.

As soon as the last digit was written the mirror began to ripple like water in the sea, and then it quickly clears up; no longer showing the reflection of the onlooker but it portrayed the Death Room as soon as the call was answered.

"Hello kiddies, how's everybody doing," the Shinigami ecstatically answered.

"Not too good Shinigami-sama," Soul answered.

"Oh and why's that?"

"It seems Eminem is completely hostile towards people he's unfamiliar with," Kid interjected.

Maka added, "Is it absolutely necessary for us to get the souls out of him without us being forceful?"

Shinigami rubbed his chin and answered, "Yes it is actually, because if it were done without his complete cooperation then we run the risk of taking his soul as well and Marshall Mathers isn't on my list."


"You guys said it yourselves," Shinigami stated, "He won't trust people he's unfamiliar with. So stay for a while and get into his circle of friends to earn his complete trust."

Liz pointed out, "This might take us a while, you know that right?"

"Yes but since there's nothing too crazy going on, I think that's where you all need to be."

"Thank you father, you were a lot of help," Kid ended.

"Oh, no problem! Just call if anything else comes up! Bye!"

And just like that Shinigami-sama was no longer in the mirror, and with the kind of day they had everyone decided to come up with a plan tomorrow so they could sleep.

While the DWMA students were sleeping, Marshall Mathers sat alone at his kitchen table, unscrewing a candle-holster revealing a small bag of pills. Taking three and washing them down with 80 proof vodka as he reminisced of better times when he didn't feel like a has-been.

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