Set your phasers to fluff...

The sun streams through a crack between the curtains, and the world around me slowly drifts into focus. Robbie's chest rises and falls lightly as he continues to doze, giving me a chance to let last night's event sink in. I blink with a start as I feel the bare flesh of his leg against my core. I remember everything from last night, but that's definitely going to take some getting used to. I'm not a virgin anymore. I allow the sentence to linger at the forefront of my thoughts over and over. By the time Robbie begins to stir, it doesn't feel any less alien.

"Morning loverboy." I tease, leaning over him and dropping a brief kiss on his lips. Robbie's eyes are bleary and unfocused, but he smiles at the sound of my lips. My heart jumps happily in my chest, like somehow that one act is a confirmation of the love between us.

"What time is it?" He asks after a few moments. As a yawn rattles through Robbie's lips, I feel my heart swell and a smile flitter onto my face. I reach over to the table on the other side of Robbie, causing my skin briefly brush against his. As my fingers encircle my PearPhone, dirty thoughts invade my mind and I'm contemplating delaying breakfast.


"Oh god." I squeak, as all of those lustful thoughts evaporate. Robbie's eyes drift to the screen of my phone and panic carves its way into his features. Maybe if we act like we left for a walk, our friends won't say anything about us coming downstairs this late. I dip out of bed and dive towards an abandoned robe on my luggage. Wrapping the dark material around me, I catch Robbie's loping movements from the corner of my eye. He's stumbling between his two suitcases and gathering items of clothing like a squirrel would gather nuts.

"Hey Rob, it's sunny. You probably don't need two pairs of pants, a scarf and a jacket." I manage to suppress my giggles until after I've spoken, but they break free as Robbie freezes in his tracks. Robbie's jaw hangs slack, and his eyes are darting between the clothes cradled against his midsection and myself. It's as though my words are fighting to drag Robbie out of some sort of morning after trance.

"Good point." He mumbles, dropping all of the clothes and collecting a pair of underwear from their scattered remains. Shaking my head slightly, I resist the urge to sneak another lingering glance and dive into my luggage for an outfit. Brushing a lock of hair out of my eyes and tucking my bottom lip beneath my teeth, I wonder what exactly does one wear the day after losing their virginity.

Each of our steps seem to rattle through the air with the cacophony of a gun going off. We clatter our way through stepping down the stairs, before I falter at the bottom. Robbie's eyes dart towards me, and he entwines our fingers. Without another word, we step forward and into the glare of the knowing smiles on the lips of our friends.

"Hard day's night?" Beck asks, amusement written in the way he speaks. I screw my eyes shut as laughter skitters through the air and brings a flush to my cheeks. When my eyelids slip open again, I notice a matching inflammation on Robbie's cheeks. At least we're matching I suppose.

"Silly, Beck. The night can't be day. Well unless..." For once Cat's flittering thoughts are a blessing. As she segues haphazardly into a tale about her brother, Robbie and I quietly slip into our seats at the table. Somebody's eyes will flicker towards us every so often. There will be a glimmer in their eyes and their lips will curve, but for the most part last night is resigned to the past.

"So Beck, what's there to do around here?" I ask, hurling the conversation into another direction once again. Beck peers up from the film journal lying in front of him for a moment, and his eyebrows draw together in concentration. I'm fairly certain Beck's been here before with Jade, so the amount of concentration he's putting into this simple task is pretty amusing. I guess there isn't a whole lot of motivation to leave the bedrooms when you're not entertaining company though. I'm almost certain that Robbie and I wouldn't if we were here alone.

"Uh…" Beck's jaw hangs dumbly somewhere just above the ground. Jade's head whips in his direction and she rolls her eyes. Even amid the darkened ringlets of hair I can tell there's something different between them. Jade's irritation is mostly feigned today. It lacks the genuine malice that had infected it over the past few months.

"What Beckett is trying to say, is that we could take the boat out onto the lake." Jade's lips twitch at the edges, and her fingers brush over Beck's shoulders for a brief moment. It feels so foreign to be sitting at this table in a situation that's free of tension. From the corner of my eye, I catch Robbie analyzing our friends in much the same way that I am. It's kind of strange to note, but the longer we're together, the more I'm noticing our shared habits.

"That sounds awesome! I've never been on a boat before." Andre states with a grin. He's leaning forward slightly, and as Cat giggles in the background there's a sense of barely contained energy at the table. Beck's confusion dissipates, and he pushes his chair away from the table. Before I ask what he's doing, I follow his line of vision to a large set of keys hanging on the wall. They catch in the light and as Beck picks them up, I find myself beaming. I can't wait to get out on the water.

It doesn't take long for us to all disperse from the living room to change. Robbie and I are the last to leave. We meander around the table as Beck and Jade hurtle past us. I grab Robbie's wrist and pull him towards the stairs, anxious to gather our belongings. I rifle through my luggage and produce a bikini in record time; I'm feeling incredibly proud of myself until I notice Robbie's already changed. Disappointment floods me as I realize that I've missed a golden opportunity to steal a glimpse of him once again. Shaking off the combined blows of my missed opportunities and less than impressive unpacking speed, I tear my shirt over my head so that I can begin to change.

"Uh, T-Tori?" Robbie's stuttering words break my train of thought and I tumble back into reality with a start. Blinking rapidly, I realize what I'm doing and quickly flee the room. As I change in the bathroom, my cheeks continue to burn with the realization that I'm probably the perverted one within our relationship. Slipping my panties over my hips, I pull on my bikini bottoms with a shake of my head. It's kind of ridiculous how much one physical activity has set off a hurricane within my head and discombobulated my thoughts so badly.

"You know, you could have kept changing in our room." As we're walking down the stairs, Robbie leans over and breathes the words into my ear. A shiver runs up my spine, and suddenly the idea of ditching this boating trip to go back upstairs flitters to the front of my mind. Before I can act on those impulses, we're already standing right in front of Andre and Cat. She's in a middle of a series of words that linger just at the edge of being comprehensible. Andre's nodding attentively, and I wonder whether he's actually making sense of Cat's story, or if he's just improved at acting.

Seconds stretch into minutes as we wait at the foot of the stairs for Beck and Jade. They'd been in such a rush earlier, and now they're holding us all up. My eyebrows cut into my nose as impatience crosses my features. Robbie drifts before my eyes and before I can say a word, his lips press against mine. They only linger on mine for a moment, but that time is enough to chase away my bad mood. Somewhere in the background I hear Cat squeak in approval, but I've sunk too deep into Robbie's eyes to really pay any attention to her.

"Geez, get a room you two." Jade's words are sharp enough to make an impression, and wrestle my gaze away from Robbie. I twist towards the sound of Jade's voice, my features already configuring themselves into something menacing as I turn. I'm aiming for menacing, but when I catch sight of Jade's disheveled hair, laughter kills any chance I had at intimidating her. Jade's breathing heavily, and her cheeks are tinged pink. Beside her, Beck looks just as worn out. My lips quirk as the mystery of their lateness unfolds before my eyes.

"Looks like you already did." I retort, stifling my amusement for just long enough to finally stump Jade. As laughter bursts into the air, Jade's lips flutter uselessly. It's taken me years, but I think I've finally managed to silence the Wicked Witch of the West. This truly has been a weekend of firsts.

"I jus-Shut up Vega." Jade counters lamely, tossing her words at the rapidly shrinking window of time for a comeback. Somewhere behind Jade, Beck brushes off our little exchange and commanders Robbie and Andre. With a few short words passing between them, the boys stride out of the front door to help Beck with attaching the boat's trailer to the massive vehicle we arrived in.

Surprisingly, the boat is successfully unloaded into the lake. Cat stands between Jade and I, acting as a barrier while we watch the boys work. A few moments later, I'm rushing towards the boat with bags containing our snacks clasped in each hand. Cat and I halt at the edge of the water, while Jade rushes straight towards the boat without a second thought. The water doesn't instantly give me frostbite as I had been expecting, which is a welcome relief. After a brief shared glance, Cat and I trail in Jade's wake towards the boat.

"Vega, if you start singing that Lonely Island song, I will end you." Jade hisses from aboard the boat as Robbie extends an arm and helps me climb aboard. It's not gargantuan, but I'm almost certain we're on a boat that costs more that my family's home right now. Jade's shoulders jump into the air with each breath as she awaiting my response. I turn my eyes to Robbie, a silent question flitters between us as Beck engages the motor and we begin to slowly drift through the water.

"Seriously Vega, don't even think about it." Jade states through clenched teeth. Honestly, I know this isn't going to end well. I'm not sure why, but I can't resist the urge to push Jade's buttons today. I guess after one small victory over her, and I'm getting cocky or something.

"I'm on a Boat Mo-" I inflate my lungs and begin to belt out the familiar lyrics when two pale hands collide with my shoulders. I spiral over the side of the boat and tumble beneath the depths of the lake for a brief moment. As I hurtle back toward the surface, I'm finding myself thanking Beck for his almost obsessive demands that we all don life jackets.

"Not anymore." As I push my head above water, I hear Jade's voice flitter through the air. The curve in her lips suggests malice, but something else seems to be cowering behind it. I could swear there's a flicker of friendship between us. It's strange to say, but it almost seems like pushing me out of a boat was Jade's way of demonstrating friendship. In the past she'd have just said something incredibly spiteful. Being pushed out of a boat seems almost mild in comparison.

"Jade!" Robbie's shriek wrenches me back into the real world. He's leaning over the side of the boat and frantically trying to take hold of me. His eyebrows meet above his nose and carve concern in his forehead. I lift my lips into a smile and motion for Robbie to meet me at the back of the boat when Beck kills the engine.

"She asked for it." Jade's voice flies over my head, before seemingly coiling around me as I paddle towards the platform and the back of the boat. Pausing for a moment, and treading water, mutinous words begin to take form on my lips.

"Did I specifically ask to be hurled into the water? I'm all wet now." I ask, hurling my hands above water and splash water in Jade's direction. Her lips curl upwards in a gesture that would have sent panic rushing through my body before now. Things have changed though; I guess Jade knows she owes a debt to Robbie and I from last night. I can already sense her sharpened edges beginning to dull.

"Oh no! What ever shall I do? I've gone and gotten my bathing suit wet. How will I get the boys to buy me soda pop now? Curses!" Jade's southern twang cuts through the air once again. Screwing my eyes shut out of frustration, I shake her barbs loose and resume swimming to where Robbie is now standing. I'm about to speak again, when something causes the words to die on my lips.

"She doesn't talk like that." The chorus of voices meanders lifelessly through the air before I can retort. In spite of my annoyance, laughter spills from my lips as Robbie extends an arm and pulls me onto the boat. Andre, Cat and Beck are still tossing their hair in much the same way that I supposedly do, when I turn to them. Standing next to Robbie, water continues to drip off my shoulders, and an evil thought strikes me as a wisp of soaked hair tumbles before my eyes.

"Give Tori a squeeze?" I ask, thrusting my bottom lip into a pout as Robbie's eye dart around. Without giving him a chance to refuse, I step into his arms and wrap my arms around his waist. He stiffens for a moment, before I feel his arms envelop me. Jade's pantomimed barfing almost breaks me from the spell Robbie's caress has cast over me, but Beck silences her before anger can flood my veins again.

The sun hangs right above our heads, and I think to myself things can't get better than they are right now. We're towing Andre in a sea biscuit and he's flying around behind us having the time of his life. My muscles ache from maintaining my grin, but it's the best possible kind of pain. Cat's laughing and Beck's arm hangs over Jade's shoulder as he steers the boat. Casual conversation drifts between us all, and even Jade's harsh front has taken a vacation. She's actually grinning as Beck recalls a story from the last time they were here. Ignoring the fact that a smile on Jade's lips usually marks her evil intentions, everything's as it should be.

Better even.

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