Own Nothing.


Hermione and Becker were trapped in a locked room, the hands bound and feet tied together. She and him were trying to find the anomaly when they got locked on a room; well they actually found the anomaly. But than someone came and knocked them unconscious, now woken up, they found themselves tied and locked in with no way of getting out.

"Can't believe they took every thing off of you." Hermione whispered, she could see her breath, the room was getting colder. "Don't you hide things in secret places?"

He looked at her with a raised eyebrow. "Yes, I keep a Swiss army knife I a secret place where you have to undress me to find."

Hermione blushed, and she hoped he didn't realize it. She looked to her side to see her purse; it was protected by a invisible charm. "My purse." She stated, looking up at him. "It's invisible unless I point it out, half the time I don't realize that I have it with me."

He looked down and saw the purse for the first time. "You happen to have a Swiss Army knife in there?"

"I have a lot of things in my purse. I always come prepared." She smirked at him. "I have a way to contact Conner."

"Good." He nodded.

"It's not in my purse though." She stated, blushing again.

He raised an eyebrow at her and tilted his head. "Where is it then?"

"My back pocket." Her blushed grew redder. "It's a coin."

"A coin?" He snorted.

"Yes a coin, can you get it?" She sat up so he could see her butt, he could see the roundness of the coin in her back pocket. He reached over and grabbed the coin, but Hermione could feel him linger a few seconds longer than he needed before he pulled his hand out of her pocket, letting her sit back down. He handed her the coin and watched her play with it. "See it'll give him the time and date and there's a spell on it that says where the other coin is. I created this when I was about sixteen to hide a group of students that wanted to learn spells to defend ourselves." She looked at him, seeing him watching her. "What?"

"You get this look in your eyes, when you talk about being a kid." Becker stated with a shrug. "So how long do you think it would take Conner and them to get here?"

Hermione snorted and reached into her purse and pulled out the knife and handed it to him. "We're going to save ourselves." She let him cut her ropes on her wrist and cut his for him before standing up. She pulled out her wand from her purse and sized up the door. "What do you think? I can't tell if there's guards on the other side."

Becker simple knocked on the door and listened, there was no reply knock and he shook his head. "No guards."

"Good." She flicked her wand with a spell and the door flew off its hinges. "Didn't want to scare them." She smiled at him as He looked out to see if anyone was there. "Clear?"

"Clear." He replied, reaching for her hand, pulling her out of the room , hand in hand they ran down the hall to the exit door. The pushed pass the door and turned left down the corridor, they could hear the ARC team, Matt, Abby, and Conner as they neared them. "We're here." Becker called out as they rounded the corner.

"Did the two of you have fun then?" Conner smirked, seeing that they were still holding hands.

Becker and Hermione dropped their hands and glared at him. "Took you long enough Conner." Hermione stated as she walked over to Matt to get an EDM for her and Becker. She tossed one over to him and readied hers'. "Now there's an anomaly here with a whole army to protect it. Let's see why."

"And here I thought this was my team." Matt stated, smirking at her.

"Maybe when you get some experience it'll be yours." She replied with a smirk, in the corner of her eyes she could see Becker smirking to.

"Becker you should control your woman." Matt replied as he walked pass them.

"I'll keep that in mind." Becker smiled, shaking his head at her.