"What was that about, Timmy?", Abby asked McGee as he returned to her lab.
"What was what about?", he asked her back, trying and failing to sound innocent.

"You know exactly what I mean.", she said slowly. "You just ran out of my lab like you were chased by the devil or something! And, you know, Tony said it was because you're jealous. But jealous abou what exactly?", she finished, looking up at him.

For a moment, McGee just stood there in silence, not knowing what to say, just staring at her.

After what seemed like several hours, he gathered all his bravery and started speaking softly

"I know I shouldn't have run away like that earlier. It was just, that it looked like more than friendship to me, what was between Tony and you. I know now, that there's nothing more about you two, but at that moment it really hurt. Because" his voice was growing fiercer now with every word "Bacause, yeah, I was jealous. So what!

I have all rights to be! Because I've loved you ever since we first met. Abby Sciuto, you're th most beautiful and interesting, exciting and smart woman I've ever known"
He considered saying it for a few secounds but with the thought that he had nothing left to lose he decided to just say it "And the most sexy", he said in a smaller voice, which made Abby grin.

But with all the bravery gone, he then simply stood at the spot, staring down at his feet, waiting for her to respond anything.

But instead of any words, she just ran towards him and hugged him.
Encouraged by her move, he held on to the hug a bit, but then pulled away slowly to look at her and he softly placed a hand on her cheek and turnedher face towards his. "I love you", he whispered, before their lips met gently.

After what seemed to must have been half an eternity, they broke apart, both smiling widely.

"You know, I wnated to do this for a long time now.", McGee admitted.

"And I always waited for you to do this.", Abby replied.

And after that (and the uncreativeness of the author) they shared another kiss.

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