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"Don't even THINK of pinning this on me, Drake! You're the cheater!" Jubilee yelled.

"You don't have any RIGHT to get angry at me!" Bobby yelled back, finally losing his temper. "For YEARS I've loved you, and supported you, while you drooled over every guy in the mansion! You don't care about MY feelings, so why should I care about YOURS!"

"That's not true! I care about your feelings, I always have!" Jubilee argued back, her face streaked with tears.

Meanwhile, Lance had lost all control and was flinging the remnants of his dinner at Rogue. "This is for making me go out with Jubilee! And that's for fooling around with Drake!"

"For the hundredth TIME, Bobby made that up!" Rogue yelled back, dodging pie.

"Why should I believe you, you've LIED about everything else!" Lance retorted, his voice full of hurt.

"If you two would shut UP, we're trying to resolve our problems!" Bobby yelled at them.

Rogue took a piece of pie from Lance and shoved it in Bobby's face angrily. "That's for making up that STUPID lie and for dragging me here to SPY on them!"

"You were spying on me?!" Jubilee said incredulously. "So what if I was?" Bobby said defensively.

"Wait a second, so you WEREN"T fooling around with Drake?" Lance asked slowly.

"No! Right now, I want to kill him! The only reason I came down here was because I knew I'd made a horrible mistake by breaking things off with you. I-I was being stupid and insecure about our relationship," Rogue said faltering. Lance's expression softened.

"All he could talk about was Rogue, all through dinner anyways..and all I could think about," Jubilee whispered, her voice dropping. Bobby's face illuminated with a smile.

"Does this don't like Alvers anymore?" Bobby asked hopefully

"Could I like anyone who doesn't appreciate Jim Carrey?" Jubilee asked in disbelief. "Come here, you big oaf," Jubilee said sweetly, and kissed an astonished Bobby.

The crowd broke into clapping and cheers.

Rogue pulled away from her hug from Lance momentarily, and gasped. "Oh my god, there's police! They're coming our way!"

"The police don't scare me," Bobby said confidently, throwing a glance at the police men side-stepping the dessert-drenched floor to get to them. Then he saw that the police were being followed what looked suspiciously liked Dr. Grey, Mr. Summers, and ..Logan. "AAAAH! It's Logan! Get out of the way!" Bobby screamed, jumping out of Jubilee's arms.

"Don't be such a wimp, Drake. Frankly I'm more worried what the restaurant owners are going to do to us after they see this mess," Lance said grimly.

"Okay, what the hell is going on here?" Mr. Summers demanded. "We received a call from the restaurant, saying that you kids were destroying the place!"

"You better have a great explanation for this one," Logan added grimly, crossing his arms.

"Crimes of passion?" Bobby suggested weakly. His response was met by groans.

"I am very upset about all of this," Dr. Grey said sternly.

"Well, you're about to get even more upset," Jubilee said, pointing to the far corner of the restaurant. All 3 adults turned to see Kitty and Pietro involved in a passionate kiss, oblivious to the incredulous stares they were receiving.

"Whoah, stand back, he looks like he's going to blow," Bobby warned, gesturing to Logan's red face.

"Bobby!" Mr. Summers threatened.

"Uh hehe, I'll, uh, just be in the kitchen," Bobby said sheepishly, and ran off.

Rogue sighed, once again they had all managed to get into trouble. The circle repeats itself, Rogue thought looking around. Everything was going to be all right after all.

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