She isn't usually so observant of her mundane surroundings, but he's different. The more she watches him the more he tells. She sees the desire in his eyes to be more than just the sidekick, but the hero. 'Oh Robin', she thinks she sees him struggling with yet another problem that had occurred for the Titans, 'Can't you see that you are a least to me.' She watched the ebony haired boy as he endeavors with a quarreling team.

He seemed to have difficulty taking charge during even the tiniest problems, like now. She watched his his hands ball into fists under the green colored spandex and his eyes grow hard beneath the mask. She acted hastily, placing a hand to the boy wonder's shoulder only to have it jerked away with a moment of thought as he turned to look at her.

She hesitates before offering a weak smile, trying to give their leader some sort of comfort in his team and in his role. He stares for a moment and his eyes soften, fists coming undone before he turns, leaving the room. She stares with the other team at the door and perhaps even through it as if he was still there.

The more she watches, the more he tells.