Hi everyone! This takes place between the first and second chapters of Dark Angel


Rex, Fives and Jesse stood in the entrance room to the barracks the housed the 501st. They hated these days of inaction when there was nothing to do but sit around and wait for the Emperor to decide when Lord Vader was ready for combat again.

Suddenly the door opened. The three men stood to attention, hoping that the waiting was over at last. But it was only a tall human male with longer than normal black hair carrying a crate with holes in the sides, the sort used for transporting small animals and some kinds of fruit. Rex narrowed his eyes, wondering what was in the crate.

The man set the crate on the floor and looked at them. "This is for Lord Vader. It's time sensitive so make sure that he gets it quickly." With that the man turned and left.

The three men blinked several times before Rex and Jesse raced after the man. Once they were outside they saw a tall figure walking across the plaza. Quickly they raced after it; only for the figure to disappear into the busy walkways of Coruscant.

Rex felt his heart pound in his chest. Did the crate contain a bomb? "Jesse, you and Rex better get back here." Fives voice said over Jesse's commlink. "I just found out why what's in the crate is time sensitive."

Rex looked at Jesse before the two hurried back to their barracks. "Fives?" he called as they reached the entrance. Rex's mouth fell open at the sight of Fives holding a child carrier in one hand and a data pad in the other. At that moment the child carrier made a whimpering noise.

"It's a baby." Fives said. "It started crying so I opened the crate and there it was with the data pad on it."

Jesse hurried over and took the child carrier from Fives and started to tend to the baby. "Contact Lord Vader and let him know that he needs to come here at once!" Jesse said into his commlink.

"Yes sir!" The man on the other end said.

"How old do you think it is?" Fives asked Jesse.

"I would say that it is about a week old, maybe two weeks." Jesse replied, jiggling the infant in the hopes that the movement would calm it. The child's whimpers turned into wails.

Rex peered into the crate and retrieved a bag that was in it. It was full of infant supplies and clothes. "What do you suppose it wants or needs?" Rex asked as he dumped the bag onto the floor. He sorted through packets of formula and bottles, diapers and cleaning supplies, clothes and some toys, hoping to find an infant instruction manual.

"What is going on here?" Lord Vader's voice asked. The three men jerked slightly. They hadn't heard him enter and his voice had a slight artificial quality to it now.

"Sir, some man left this baby here. He said that it was for you." Rex explained.

Lord Vader stared at him for a few moments before turning to Fives and Jesse. Fives handed him the data pad which Lord Vader read. Suddenly he stood straighter and stuffed the pad into a pocket in his black cloak. Then ever so gently he took the baby from Jesse and rocked it back and forth. He then started singing a soft song that was in a language that none of the soldiers recognized. The child quieted and stared up at the veiled face of Lord Vader.

"My little Angel." Lord Vader whispered to the child as he held it closely. "I swear that I will do everything in my power to protect you from harm."


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