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Naboo, Naberrie Residence . . .

Jobal gently bounced her nearly eighteen old granddaughter Leia up and down, hoping to get her mind off not being curled up next to her father.

When Anakin had arrived for their scheduled visit an hour ago, he looked emotionally like someone had hit him with a speeder and then was dragged by something through the mud before being brought into the house by a loyal pet.

She had insisted that he get some sleep before he collapsed on the floor and that she could watch Leia until he got some sleep.

Leia was different from her daughters and older granddaughters in the fact that she was very curious and would attempt to climb on anything nearby.

Finally, Leia's squirming became too much and Jobal took her to the sitting room and set her on the floor with some toys while she quickly set up the gate to prevent Leia from escaping and trying to climb the stairs to find and bother her father.

At first Leia was understandably unhappy but after a while she started to play with the toys.

Knowing how quickly children grew Jobal got up and retrieved a recording device and recorded Leia quietly playing; stopping every so often to stare at the ceiling.

Then, like clouds moving from in front of the sun after a storm, Leia's face brightened with excitement and joy and she started babbling and clapping her hands together.

She picked up one of her toys, a soft night bird that crinkled when squeezed, and seemed to offer it to someone only she could see.

A moment later Leia's little hand opened and the toy fell unceremoniously to the floor where she stared at it for a few moments before grabbing it off the floor and trying to give it to the mystery person only for it to fall on the floor.

Instead of being angry or upset Leia just giggled and made a game out of it; even going as far as trying to take something that her new 'friend' was trying offer her and laugh when the object probably hit the floor.

It was amusing to watch.

Leia stopped the game long enough to use the Force to pull her Tooka Doll, Paka, to her and held it up for her 'friend' to see and she promptly started to tell them all about her Tooka Doll.

Jobal felt unsure if she should be worried or not when it came to scene before her. Leia wasn't even two years old and seemed much, too young to have an imaginary friend, and she didn't know enough about the Force to know if this was normal or something to worry about.

Leia said something Jobal didn't understand and reached out her hands as if to touch or take something. After making several petting motions Leia giggled excitedly and said something.

Jobal just watched Leia play with someone only she could see and could only guess at exactly what the one year old was saying.

Suddenly Leia looked up and smiled brightly.

"Dada," she declared excitedly before lowering her head and carefully repeating 'Dada' several times before smiling brightly.

About half an hour later Anakin appeared in an Imperial Uniform with false burn scars on his face; he was dressed in his Imperial Officer Persona.

Leia shrieked in delight and immediately pushed herself to her feet and excitedly toddled over to the door. "Up Dada!" she demanded.

Anakin smiled at her. "Hey, Angel; were you good for Nana?" he asked her.

"Ya!" Leia said.

"Was she good?" he asked Jobal.

Jobal smiled and nodded. "She's been very good; very quiet and content to play with her toys." She told him.

"Up!" Leia demanded reaching for her father.

Anakin gently scooped his daughter up and bounced her up and down.

"Can you be good for Nana while Daddy goes to tour the barracks?" He asked.

"Ya," Leia answered.

"Okay, be good." He told her before he carefully set her back on the floor. "Bye, bye." he said.

"Buh-ye," Leia said softly waving at her father as he walked away.

She stayed by the gate for a moment before she returned to her toys and her 'friend'.


Tatooine, Lars Homestead . . .

Beru Lars had set her nephew down to play, with the holo recorder that Kenobi had gotten for them to see if Luke was using the Force when they weren't around recording his every move, as she did her household chores only to hear him laughing and clapping his hands.

After hearing him laugh for the twentieth time she became curious to what her nephew was doing. So, she set aside the clothes she was folding and went to the room her nephew was playing in and saw him sitting on the floor with a scattering of toys.

Luke immediately turned to look at her, smiled and greeted her happily.

Then he looked in front of him and repeated his name for her several times.

"What are you doing Luke?" she asked him; puzzled.

He turned to look at her. "Aia," followed by his word for play.

"Are you playing?" she asked him.

"Ya," he answered.

"Okay, be good." She told him before returning to her chores.


Tatooine, Lars Homestead, later that day . . .

Beru sat at the table with the holo recorder looking at what Luke had been doing while she had been doing her chores. At first there wasn't much out of the ordinary but out of the blue Luke started acting like there was another child in the room with him going as far as act as if someone was offering him toys and in turn, he offered his toys back; laughing when the toy fell to the floor. Luke tried to say a word and tried to take or touch something and after a moment he offered Boom Boom to the other child and told them his word for it.

Then he suddenly said slowly and carefully 'Dada' several times.

Beru nearly turned off the recording in shock. She was pretty sure that Luke didn't know that word; all the other children that she had taken him visit called their fathers something besides 'Dada'.

But she pushed herself to keep watching as Luke played with the invisible child.

Part of her wanted to reach out to Kenobi and show him the recording to see what it was about but the fear that he would take Luke away from them and they would never see him again stopped her.

She personally didn't have anything against the Jedi but she didn't want an innocent child to be trained to take part in a war that had already claimed the lives of so many beings.

She would hide the recording and any other recordings where it happened again and just make note of when they happened and not mention them in her diary and do her best to not even think of it just to be safe.