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Logan's P.O.V.

It is a worldwide thing that happens to every kid once they reach 12-14. The ability to control the elements.

Each kid is matched with an element bassed on their personallity.

Fire is matched with people who have anger problems, Air is matched with people without a care in the world, Water is for energetic people and Earth is for concieted people.

My friend Kendall was matched with fire which is no surprise , Carlos and Camille are matched with water and James is matched with Earth. But I, Logan Mitchell who is now 17 has not been matched.

It is just not fair, I mean even Kendall's little sister Katie is matched with her element , and she is not even 12 yet.

Why can't I be matched with my element?

Most of my family memebers are matched to fire or water, my mom and dad were matched to air though.

I was curently in my room which I shared with Kendall, just wondering which element I was.

The elements help keep balance in the world.

All of my friends were matched on their thirteenth birthday, so why is it that I haven't been matched?

I decided I would go watch tv or something so I headed out the room and to the couch.

"Hey Logie" I heard Carlos say as I entered the living room.

"Hi" I said bitterly as I headed to the couch, I was still sad I was not matched to my element.

"What's wrong Logan" Kendall asked coming to sit next to me.

"Nothing, it is just that I have not found my element" I responed.

"Don't worry Logan, maybe this means your to be a regular person" James said recieving a zap from Kendall and a splash of water from Carlos.

"Hey" he said.

"Stop being mean" Kendall said.

"Logan I know you are sad for not having your power so we are going to help you find out which element belongs to you" Kendall said try to cheer me up.

"Thanks" I responded.

"Your welcome, now which element would you like to start with?' Kendall asked.

I thought about it and finally said which one.

"Water first" I responded and Carlos began to get excited.

"Yeah I get to teach Logan" he said.

"Actually Carlos, I was going to call Camille" Kendall said.

"Oh" Carlos said sadly.

"Don't worry Carlos , you can help" I said and he got happy again.

"I will call Camille now" Kendall said and took out his phone to call her.

Hey Camille, can you come and help Logan with water?" he asked.

"Thanks" he said and hung up.

"She will be here soon" he said and at the same time his phone began to ring.

He answered it and when he hung up he said, "Gustavo needs James, Carlos and I at the studio".

"But I want to help Logan" Carlos protested.

"I know Carlos, but Gustavo can control fire and you don't want him to strike you do you?" Kendall asked.

"No" he said.

"Then let us go" Kendall said.

"Fine" he replied.

"Bye Logan" They all said before they headed out the door.

Bye guys" I said as they closed the door.

About ten minutes later the doorbell rang, When I opened it Camille stood outside.

"Ready to get started?" she asked as she entered the apartment

"Yes I am" I responded.

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