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Logan was in bed staring at the ceiling, the stress of practing with everyone was just pointless in Logan's eyes.

He really didn't see the sense in trying to make him learn how to control any of the elements, he did want to control them but he shouldn't be pressured. It was just stupid.

The other day Carlos shouted at him and James called him worthless. That really hurt.

He was just really tired and wanted a break before he snapped at someone like he did with Carlos just before he found the necklace, oh, he forgot about that stupid necklace.

The charms are supposed to glow when he masters an element and they aren't doing that. That means he hasn't mastered any, this was exhausting.

He let out another sigh, why couldn't he just master an element, did the universe hate him so much?

He decided to go for a walk, he also noticed that it might rain so he put on a hoodie and went into the livingroom.

"Hey Logan, where yuh going" Kendall asked as he entered the room where he James and Carlos were situated.

"For a walk" Logan responded heading for the door.

"It's about to rain" James pointed out.

"I know, but I am still going for a walk" Logan said finally leaving.

Logan ended up in Palm Woods park, sitting down on one of the many benches situated all over the park.

Thunder rolled and lightning clapped, the rain coming down like a river of lava.

"Great" Logan said.

"I would get up but I really am tired" Logan said to himself.

The rain started to come down even harder and harder, pelting Logan yet he was still generally dry.

"I'm still dry?" Logan questioned.

How was he still dry after being in the rain for like ten minutes? How was that happening?

He suddenly had the urge to move his fingers and when he did the water started to stick around them, getting long untill they started to freeze, Logan then shooting them into a nearby tree making holes in it.

"Did I just do that?" Logan asked.

He then stood up from the bench and outstrech his arms opening his hands so the water could land on it. He then focused and the water on his palms began to freeze, making a solid base. He then focused even more and forced the water that fell on the frozen ice to freeze on top of it to make a ball shape.

"I did it!" he exclaimed looking at the two balls in his grasp.

He then began to jugle them, getting another 5 balls in and jugling them like a circus clown.

He then shot them into the air, making them crack a release the water contained in them and making a rainbow appear.

He suddenly remembered the necklace in his pocket and took it out to see the water charm glowing.

"I can control water, yay me" Logan exclaimed accidently slipping and falling with a thud.

"Ow" Logan said with a slight smile.

Up in the sky above the clouds, staring into a crystal ball was Firone, the elemental elder of fire.

"Man this kid takes his time" Firone groaned.

"Firone, what are you complaining about this time?" Aredessa, the elder of air asked.

"The child who you believe to be the elemental just mastered water, 5 days after he should have" Firone said giving a frown.

"Firone, it will take time for him to master the elements because he is not Syrate" Aredessa said to the hot-headed elder.

"And it's a good thing he isn't Syrate, I couldn't handle him on the planet" Firone said.

"He does have Syrate ancestors" The voice of Woorlint, the water elder said suddenly appearing.

"I am pretty sure he doesn't have Syrate ancestors" Firone commented back.

"He does, he is related to Omnid Samjea" Woorlint said.

"He's related to that trader!" Firone screamed in anger.

"I am afraid so, Omid may have been the first elemental but he sure got turned evil" Woorlint said with a sigh.

"Then he's a hybrid, interesting" Elgnat, the earth elder said entering the room.

"Elgnat, we don't know if he is a hybrid" Firone said to the younger elder.

"He is, I checked out his parents and his mother is completly Syrate while his father is 100% human" Woorlint said.

"Good, I wonder if he has mind controll yet" Elgnat said.

"Only we have mind controll" Firone said with an eyeroll.

"Yes, but hybrids have it too" Elgnant pointed out.

"I wonder what colour stripes he has" Woorlint said.

"Those stripes do make someone look more manly" Aredessa said.

"He also hasn't Gotten overly muscular so that should come in soon" Woorlint said, she does love muscular men.

"Woorlint and Aredessa you don't have a chance with him so lets get back to discussing what actually is important, like if he will be able to take down the Abxcalpo" Firone said to the drooling elders.

He will be able, don't worry" Elgnat assured.

"When will we talk to him" Firone asked.

"Soon Firone, soon" Aredessa said.

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