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Dean POV

We just couldn't stop looking at her, her sleeping form in the cheap motel we arrived at a few hours ago. Mia had fallen asleep in my arms and hadn't woken since; she looked so innocent and childlike.

"Do you think we should wake her? She's be asleep for a while" asked Sam, who was sitting at the table.

"No, were let her sleep. She obviously seems tired" dad said as he bent down to Mia and stroked a hair out of her face. I smiled down at her, she looked so peaceful. I just couldn't wait for her to wake up.

"I can't believe we found, after all this time" Sam whispered with a smile on his face. I smiled at him. It was true, I couldn't believe we found her either. Suddenly a cough brought all ours gazes back to Mia.

Mia was now lying on her side coughing slightly, I immediately raced to her. I knelt down beside her and there they were the eyes I missed so much. I looked up at Dad and Sam and smiled.


I woke up with a bad headache and a heavy feeling on my ribs, like I had been crushed. My body was numb and I was trying to remember what happen last. The all the memories the fire and the yellow eyes demon came back to me. Dean, I saw dean. No it must be a dream, there's no way my family has come back for me. I slowly opened my eyes, adjusting to the new source of light and saw his face. It wasn't a dream.

Dean POV

She just looked at me then Dad and Sam and looked back to me. She looked completely shocked. I smiled down at her.

"D-dean" she stuttered quietly. I saw the confusion in her face.

"Yeah munchkin it's me" I whispered to her while stroking a loose hair behind her ear. A smile lit up her face, the smile that I had missed so much, that made my heart melt.

Suddenly her arms were around my shoulders pulling me into a tight hug. "I missed you so much" she sobbed into my shirt. I hugged her back tightly. "Missed you too baby girl" I replied.

She sadly let go up of me and smiled widely when she saw dad and Sammy.

"Hey little sis" Sam choked, as he walked over to Mia and pulled her into a bit hug.

"Sammy, I missed you" she hugged him back even tighter.

Dad stood there looking at her with tears running down his eyes.

"Hey princess" he said with a sad smile.

"Daddy" Mia cried, Dad raced over to her and hugged her tight. "I'm so sorry baby girl, I shouldn't of left you" he choked while hugger her tighter.

"It's okay daddy, were together now and that's all that matters" she smiled at us.

She was right, we had finally got our family back and nothing was going to change that now. Nothing.

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