So You Wanna Be a Wolstenholme?

I breathed deeply as I tried to calm myself down as I got ready for my first day of school. Only this time, I was in London, England! I had finally gotten my parents to let me enter the foreign exchange program, and we moved to England. It's been a whirlwind this summer, trying to acclimate to everything. I finish brushing my hair and grab my leopard print backpack. I call to my mom,
"Come on! We can't be late! I have orientation!"
"All right, all right!" my mom finally said.
I stuffed my things in the car and minutes later we were at Aston Academy. I opened the car door as my mother wished me luck and I headed towards my new life.
I was sitting in the counselor's office as she finished up her speech about schools rules and how to make it here. I had nodded and responded when necessary, but it really was quite boring. I had gone to middle school before. Ms. Caldwell handed me my schedule. My first class was English with Mr. Taime. OK, English is good, I'm good at English, I thought. I entered the classroom as inconspicuously as possible, but Mr. Taime had to introduce me to class.
"Class, this is Emily. She's in the foreign exchange program, and she came from America, so excuse her accent."
'What? I don't have an accent. Oh, right, this is Britain.' I thought. I waved and sat down in the second to last row next to a slim, brown-haired,brown-eyed boy who glanced at me with little interest.
Mr. Taime pulled a deck of cards and I heard groaning around the room.
"Since Emily is new here, would anyone like to volunteer to be a helper?" I face-palmed. "No one? OK, I guess I'll just have to use the cards."
He pulled a red card from the middle of the deck.
"Alfie, you are the lucky winner! Good thing you sit next to each other."
"Hi, Alfie." I said. He greeted me with a thickly accented "'Ello". I turned to the whiteboard and began writing today's vocabulary word.
"Wait, Alfie...Wolstenholme? As in The Wolstenbeast, bassist of Muse Wolstenholme?"
Alfie looked puzzled, then said, "Yeah. How'd you know?"