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Summary: Jude and Tommy are having a hard time making it as a couple. When problems arise, will Jude and Tommy be able to make it through together? Or will it end with regrets, mistakes, and broken hearts?

Chapter 1

"Ms. Harrison this is the consent form, stating that you are allowing us to perform this procedure. Sign at the bottom right there." the nurse said, as she pointed to the dotted line.

Jude took a deep breath. This is not the way she wanted this to happen. All of it seemed unreal. She knew that she would be making a life-altering decision if she signed that dotted line.

Tears begin to form in her eyes as she took the pen and signed her name. When she handed the clipboard and pen back to the nurse, her body went cold. The nurse asked if someone would be able to pick her up after it was over. Jude just nodded her head, not really hearing what she said. All she could think about was the last words Tommy had said to her.

I can't believe you're being so selfish! If you do this, we're over!

Jude shook her head, trying to focus on the task at hand. She couldn't let Tommy's hurtful words distract her right now. She made her mind up and she was going to do it.

After the nurse gave Jude anesthesia, she told her that the doctor would be there in a few minutes.

"Okay Jude, you can do this. You can do this!" she said to herself.

She lay back on the bed, trying to get comfortable, well as comfortable as one could get for what she was about to do. She stared at the stirrups that her legs soon had to go in. As she closed her eyes, her mind drifted to what happened last night. All of the yelling and fighting was too much for her. She could see the heart-twisting sorrow and then the anger on Tommy's face as she told him her decision. That was the first time she ever seen him cry. It all was just too much for her. As the cab drove away, she couldn't look back at him, because she knew he was right. This would be a selfish act on her part, but he hadn't taken responsibility for driving her to this decision. They both would have to live with this for the rest of their lives.

"The rest of my life." Jude said softly.

She couldn't believe how cold she felt. Even though, the thermostat was set at a reasonable temperature, Jude was freezing. The feeling of guilt and regret she would soon have to endure began creeping into her veins. She imagined that this would have to officially be the feeling of hell freezing over.

Jude slowly began to succumb to the effects of the anesthesia. Her thoughts began running in slow motion in her head. Her hearing ability became heightened as she could hear almost everything in a 50 mile radius. She heard the turning of magazines and anxious feet tapping in the waiting room. She heard the fish swim around in the tank and she thought it was an odd attraction to put in a waiting room full of nervous women who hated themselves and the decisions that led them to this place. She heard the snap of latex gloves, as doctors were preparing themselves. She heard footsteps in the main hall, which she assumed to be the doctor coming to her room. She heard the clock on the wall ticking, and she felt like she was running out of time. A drop of water leaked from the sink beside her, and she couldn't take it anymore.

"I can't do this!" she yelled.

Jude clumsily took the hospital gown off and put her regular clothes back on. The anesthesia was making her see double so she fell to the floor, as she tried to grab the door knob. The doctor's footsteps began to get closer, so Jude tried to focus and she grabbed the doorknob, this time with much success. She clumsily walked through the hall without being spotted. She saw an emergency exit and slowly staggered to the door. When she reached the outside, she was in an alley. Her head began spinning and she leaned against the building and slid down to the ground. Her eyes were getting heavy, so she knew she had to do something fast!

Jude reached in her pocket and got her cell phone. She speed dialed the first person she thought that would drop everything and come get her.

"Hello." the person said.

"Hey, can...you come...get me?" Jude asked, as her voice slurred.

"Jude, are you okay?" the person asked.

"Come get me please." Jude said in a hopeless tone.

"Where are you?"

Jude gave the person the address and hung up.

Ten minutes later, Sadie pulled up to the address. She sadly looked at the building. She had been here once before. One thing kept running through her mind. What is Jude doing here? Sadie quickly dialed Jude's number, wanting to pick her up and get away from this place as fast as she could. Jude didn't answer her phone.

"Come on, pick up Jude." Sadie said as she got out of the car. She dialed her number again as she was walking to the entrance.

Sadie stopped abruptly before she could reach the door. She thought she heard Jude's ringtone. After it went to voicemail, she called again. Sadie began to follow the music. It led her to the side of the building in the alley. Her eyes went wide as she saw Jude slumped against the building.

"Oh my god!" Sadie quickly ran over to Jude.

"Jude! Jude get up!" Sadie began to shake her.

Jude opened her eyes slightly. "Sadie?"

"Yeah I'm right here." Sadie said as she helped her little sister up. "What are you doing here?" she asked as she helped her to the car.

Jude closed her eyes again. She was too weak from the anesthesia.

"Jude, I'm going to take you home okay?"

She just nodded and leaned against the car window as sleep enveloped her.

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