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Chapter 7

The Next Day

Jude slightly opened her eyes, but quickly closed them to block out the harsh sunlight. The last thing she remembered was laying on her cold bathroom floor, bleeding. She looked around and noticed she was in a hospital room. The color of the room was bland and the hospital smell made her feel nauseated. Her head was pounding and her back felt tight.

Keys began to kick a little. That made Jude smile. When she first opened her eyes, she feared for the worse. Now, that Keys was kicking, her fears were laid to rest. Jude placed her hand over the movement in her belly. She noticed the IV in her hand. She looked up at the bag and it was almost empty.

"Glad to see you awake, Ms. Harrison." The nurse said, as she came into the room. She checked the IV bag and noticed that it was nearly empty. "Someone was thirsty." The nurse joked with Jude.

"Is the baby okay? Am I okay?" Jude asked.

"Both of you are fine, just a little stressed." The nurse replied with a smile, as she fluffed Jude's pillow. "The doctor should be in here shortly. Would you like anything?"

"Yeah, I would like to go home." Jude joked.

The nurse laughed too. "I'm sure you would love to get out of here, besides that, is there anything I can get you?"

"Can I get-"

"Already got it." Sadie interrupted as she walked in with two strawberry Pop-Tarts and a carton of orange juice.

"I'll let the doctor know that you're awake. Have a nice day." The nurse said, as she left the room.

Sadie handed Jude the orange juice, and Jude almost drank it all.

"How are you feeling little sister?" Sadie said, as she stroked her hair.

"Tired and thirsty." She drank the rest of the juice. "What did they say was wrong with me?"

"They said you were stressed." Sadie replied, as she sat in the chair next to the bed.

"Stressed? Being stress wouldn't make me bleed like that, would it?" Jude asked. "I mean, there was a lot of blood on that floor."

"I asked the doctor the same thing." Sadie agreed. There was a knock on the door.

"Come in." Jude instructed.

"Ah, Ms. Harrison you're awake." The doctor said, as he walked in and closed the door.

"So, doc what's wrong with me?" Jude asked, as she lay back on her pillow.

"Well Ms. Harrison, you have a moderate case of Preeclampsia."

"What does that mean?" Sadie asked. She knew Jude was tired, so she probably wouldn't be able to retain any of this information.

"Preeclampsia is a condition that only occurs through pregnancy. It can affect first time moms, and/or women whose mothers or sisters experienced it through their pregnancies."

"What causes it?" Sadie asked.

"High blood pressure causes this condition. Now, I've looked at the diet regimen she's on and it's pretty healthy. But, Jude has high blood pressure. Every woman is different, therefore every pregnancy is different. Sometimes, women just have this condition." The doctor explained.

"Is it harmful to the baby?" Sadie asked. Even though she was tired, Jude sat up to listen to the doctor's answer.

"Sometimes it is harmful. Preeclampsia can prevent the placenta from getting enough blood. If the placenta doesn't get enough blood, the baby gets less oxygen and food. And sometimes it's not harmful at all. Many babies are born healthy, even though the mother had this condition." (American Pregnancy Association) (I'm crediting the source I used for this medical term. It may sound like I'm a doctor, but I'm not lol.)

"Will it affect Jude?"

"If it is not treated, the ending results can be, I'm sorry to say, but it can be life-threatening."

"So, what can we do about it?" Sadie asked a lot of questions. She was getting as much information as she could. She was going to make sure that Jude and Keys were okay.

"It can be treated by a lot of rest and less stress. I'm also going to prescribe blood pressure medication."

"Thank you doctor." Sadie replied.

"You're very welcome." The doctor flashed a flirty smile, and shook her hand. "Here's my card. If you ever need anything, give me a call, day or night." He gave Sadie the card, told Jude he hopes that she feels better and then he left.

Sadie smiled as she looked at the card. Her mind was full of inappropriate thoughts. It had been awhile since she had been with a guy. And let's face it, she has needs.

Her thoughts were interrupted by Jude's voice. "Sadie, do you think you can get Dr. Love to get me some more pain medicine. My back hurts."

Sadie laughed at the nickname Jude had for the doctor. "Sure, I'll be back."

The Following Day

"Thank you." Kwest said to the rental clerk, as he got the keys to the car. He and Tommy walked outside of the terminal.

"You've got to be kidding me." Tommy said. The car Kwest rented was a smart car, and it was so small. (The small cars that look like you can put it in your pocket lol.)

"It was last minute, so this was the only one I could get." Kwest explained.

"How do you think we're going to fit in that?" Tommy asked.

"It's got a lot of room and it's eco-friendly, and it has great gas mileage." Kwest said.

"I'm starting to think you picked this car on purpose, Kwest."

"I know it's not the Viper, but-"

"That's for damn sure." Tommy cut him off.

"But it will get us from point A to point B."

"Well, drop me off at point C, because this is a disgrace."

"Just get in." Kwest told him.

"Do you have the directions to Sadie's job?"

"Yeah, we gotta check-in at the hotel first."


"Wish me luck." Sadie said, as she gathered her coat and purse for her first day of work.

"Good luck." Jude said, as she got up to get her guitar.

"Whoa! You know you're not supposed to get up!" Sadie reprimanded her.

Jude rolled her eyes. "Chill out Sades. It's not like I'm going to go into labor while you're gone."

"Umm, actually you can go into pre-term labor while if you don't rest." Sadie explained.

"Oh, I forgot you stayed up all night flirting with Dr. Love."

"I wasn't flirting; I was getting more information about your condition. And his name is Eric." Sadie lied.

"Sure you were. Since when does a dinner and a movie have anything to do with my condition?" Jude asked sarcastically.

"It can help relieve stress." Sadie laughed. "And I can't believe you eavesdropped on my conversation."

Jude just laughed. "You don't want to be late on your first day."

"You're right. Bye." She said as she kissed Jude's forehead and rubbed her stomach. "Bye Auntie's baby. And you need to rest Jude." Then she was gone.

Jude sat up on the couch and began to strum her guitar.

At Work

Sadie sat at her desk, researching and comparing travel prices from different agencies. That was her first task and she had to complete it by the end of the day.

Just then, her headset started to ring. She pressed the button to answer. "Sadie speaking, how may I help you?"

"Sadie, it's Sandra. Someone's here to see you."

Who could possibly be here to see me? It's my first day. She thought. I hope Jude is okay.

"Okay, send them in."

Sandra looked at the visitor, resisting the urge to lick her lips. She was hoping that she could be able to assist him; in more ways than one, but he specifically asked for Sadie. She stared into his chocolate brown eyes, getting lost in them. He cleared his throat. Coming back to reality, she told him he can go to the back now.

As he walked to Sadie's office, he was nervously trying to find the words he would say to her. When he approached the door, he took a deep breath. Just do it. He heard Tommy's voice in his head. It was easier said than done. He wished Tommy had come in with him, but he stayed in the car, mentally preparing himself on what he was going to say to Jude.

Kwest knocked on the door.

"Come in." Sadie replied.

Just hearing her voice made his heart skip a beat.

He slowly turned the doorknob. There she was, looking as beautiful as ever.

"Kwest?" she said in a whisper. She was definitely shocked, to say the least.

He wanted to run to the other side of that desk and kiss her and hold her in his arms. But he simply said, "Hi".

"What are you doing here?" She felt like she was about to cry.

He looked at the chair and then back at her. She motioned for him to sit down.

He took a seat and began to answer her question.

"I came here for you. Sadie, I'm sorry for what I said."

"Kwest, I-" Sadie's headset began to ring. "Sadie." She answered.

"Sadie, I need the quote for the daily savings package." Bob told her.

Sadie looked on her desk and pulled the document out of the multiple stacks of paper on her desk. "I have it right here. I'll bring it to you now." Sadie ended the call.

"Kwest, this isn't a good time for us to talk." She told him.

"Well when is a good time?" he asked.

"I honestly don't know. I have to get back to work."

Kwest looked rejected. "Call me." he said, and then he left.

As he walked to the exit, he knew Sadie wasn't going to call him. Hell, with the way he treated her, he couldn't blame her for not calling.

When he reached the car, he found Tommy leaning against the hood, smoking a cigarette.

"When did you start smoking again?" Kwest asked him.

"Right now." Tommy replied.

"You're that nervous?"

Tommy ignored his question by asking one of his own. "How did it go?"

"I'm not sure. She was too busy. But, she didn't look happy to see me."

"So, what are we going to do?" Tommy asked.

"I guess we can wait until she gets off work."

"I don't know about that. I don't think I have enough cigs to last me that long. I need to see Jude now before I lose my nerve."

"I don't know where she lives."

"Well, don't you think you should go find out?" Tommy snapped.

"I can see the nicotine is getting to you." Kwest commented. He thought of a plan, and walked back into the building.

He popped a mint in his mouth and approached Sandra's desk again.

"Excuse me, Sandra." He placed his fingers on her name tag to emphasize her name.

Sandra was on a phone call, but she quickly hung up. "How can I help you?" she smiled brightly.

Kwest smiled back at her, showing his dimples. "It seems that Ms. Harrison forgot to give me her address." He leaned forward to whisper in her ear. "I was hoping you could give it to me."

"Well, I'm not…not supposed to give out confidential information." She stuttered.

"I promise I won't tell." He gently kissed her neck. He felt her shiver and he knew his plan had worked.

"Okay." She said with a smile, and then she looked up Sadie's name in the computer database. She wrote down the address on one side and she wrote her address and number on the other side.

"Here you go…?" She paused to get his name.

"Kwest." He responded.

"Here you go, Kwest." She lightly brushed her hand against his.

"Thank you Sexy, I mean Sandra." Kwest smiled and walked to the exit.

He laughed to himself as he walked to his car. I still got it. He thought.

He got into the car, and he and Tommy were headed to the Harrisons home.

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