InnerPredator – a Drake Chronicles story

When Lucy wakes up one morning, her eyes are a different color and she's running a high temp of 193⁰. She can do things normal mortals can't and she hungers for raw meat. Can the Drakes figure out what's going on before Lucy hurts someone?

A.N. Here is my first ever story for Fanfiction. I'd love it if would review and tell me what you think. Btw this is set after Out for Blood (but with Christabel in it, and her and Connor aren't together….yet.) Alyxdrana Harvey owns everything.

Lucy POV:

It was about 6am, I knew that I never ever woke up this early. My alarm was set for 8am for a reason. What had woken me up anyway? It's a freaking Saturday! I shifted in my bed and tried to go back to sleep.

5 seconds later I was on fire!

Oh my god, my whole body felt like it had been dumped in a tank of boiling oil. I abandoned the covers of my bed surprised they hadn't caught on fire too. I half fell, half tripped out of bed. Somehow I dragged myself into the bathroom. My face was flushed and my whole body was covered in sweat. I very seriously tried to drown myself in the sink.

"Lucky? Baby what are you doing in there?"

I came up for air, and turned to look at my dad. He raised an eyebrow at me when he saw how soaked I was. "Baby why are you wet?" "I'm really, really hot. I was trying to cool down." I scowled at the stupid facet. "But it didn't really work. Stupid thing." My dad sighed and pushed past me. "You got the counter all wet." He frowned then seemed to remember I was standing there sweating to death. He put his hand – his very cool, blessed hand on my forehead. My dad frowned again. "You do feel a little warm." He opened the medicine cabinet and pulled out the thermometer. He popped it into my mouth before I could say anything. While he waited for it to be done he cleaned all the water off the counter. I blinked at my dad's face when he turned to look at me. He seemed generally worried about whatever was wrong with me. He pulled the stick out of my mouth and just stared.

He read it, blinked, and then read it again.

"Joelle! Can you come here for a second?"

My mom came upstairs. "Luke what's wrong? I was in the middle of my yoga session." Only my mom would be up at 6 in the morning doing yoga. "Your daughter has a temperature of 193⁰." She looked downright horrified. "What! That's not possible Luke." She looked at me terrified.

What was wrong with her? What was wrong with me?

Suddenly she hustled my dad out of the bathroom and yelled over her shoulder for me to wait. And even though they went downstairs and my mom started her yoga video again - a little too loud to be necessary – I STILL heard everything they said from the bathroom.

"Luke this can't be happening. She's still too young!" "She's almost 17 Joelle. And with her staying at the Drake's so much and with all this Hell-Blar activity it's amazing she's lasted this long." "I won't allow it Luke. This is why we chose to live like we do. To atone for our family's sins."

Wait. They CHOSE to be hippies?

"It doesn't matter what we want; besides it's already started. Soon the hunger will set in -"

Speaking of which I was kind of hungry.

"- We'll have to start looking for pack members. I'll have to call my brother; let him know it isn't safe for Christabel to visit right now." "No Luke. I won't let my daughter be taken away from me." "We won't be able to care for her here." "I don't care! She's mine. My daughter is turning into a -" "Shush Joelle." "Luke?"

A what? I'm turning into a what?

"Listen. It's too quite upstairs." "So?" "Lucky must be burning up right now. When I first found her she was practically trying to climb into the sink. But there's no water running now. I think she can hear us." "Luke…"


I heard footsteps come up the stairs and I spun around to face the door. My dad stood there with a knowing glance.

"Dad I…"

"You don't have to explain. Go to your room and I'll turn on the AC. Your mother will come up with something for you to eat and maybe some ice to keep your fever down." "Dad? W-What's happening to me?" My dad smiled at me though it didn't reach his eyes. "Everything's fine Lucky. This is normal for a girl your age. Just go relax; try to stay as still as possible."

So for the first time in my life I didn't say anything or question my dad. I just did as he told me and went to my room. In retrospect, I shouldhave pushed for more info. My life would have been a lot easier that way.