Chapter 7 –

Solange's POV:

Lucy nearly gave me a heart attack when she jumped from the top landing. She stood up on her hind legs and I saw Kieran's eyes widen to the size of plates as he stared at her figure. That bothered me more than I thought it would. Lucy was like my sister- who am I kidding she was my sister – but I didn't like how she was parading around in her birthday suit. Hunter attacked Lucy seeing as Kieran was too busy (I'm seriously going to talk to him about that) to defend himself. Lucy looked at Hunter bored, then in a move too fast for my vampire eyes to track Lucy side-stepped Hunter's attack. She had Hunter pinned on the floor with her stake in her mouth before I could even blink. I sighed and kneeled next to Hunter.

"Hunter, this is Lucy."

Both Hunter and Kieran gaped at the newly transformed Wolven. "H-how? What happened to her?" I touched Lucy's mane absently – just to see what it felt like – and Lucy leaned heavily against my hand panting hard. I blinked at her then ran my hand in calming circles on top of her head. (This feels so wrong. She's my best friend not one of the guard dogs.) She let out a happy sound then collapsed next to me on her back. Hunter quickly scrambled to her feet. "Again I ask what the hell happened to her." Isbeau smiled down at Lucy as she made her way to our side. She placed her hand just below her breast and began to rub in circles.

Lucy lost her ever loving mind. She panted and her leg began to thump against the floor. She wiggled happily beneath Isbeau's hands. I couldn't help but laugh at the look on Lucy's face. It was a look I was used to seeing on our dog's faces whenever we played or gave them affection. Lucy laid on her side looking up at Isbeau like she was some type of god. The boys just stared. Kieran cleared his throat. "Okayyyyy. What happened to Lucy? And why is she acting like that?" I smiled slightly, still staring at Lucy. "It turns out that Lucy's a Wolven."

"What now?"

Conner smirked as Lucy finally rolled over and tried to gain what little of her dignity she had left. "A Wolven, think werewolves that eats vampires." Hunter blinked. "Werewolf? Werewolves actually exist?" I motioned to Lucy. "Apparently. We actually found out a couple days ago." Lucy sat back on her haunches and stared happily at all of us. She was huge; just sitting on the ground like that put her head a few inches below my shoulder. "So what are you gonna do with her?" My mother spoke up from the other side of the foyer. "Joelle told me that they got into contact with their Pack Mates. We were going to set up a meeting with their leader to see what we can do about Lucy."

I frowned. Do about? It sounded like we were planning on getting rid of Lucy. "Are they going to come here?" My dad sighed and ran his hand through his hair. "They're actually on their way now. They should be here in about a half hour." Logan raised an eyebrow. "Are you sure it's safe for them to come here? I mean why let them know where we live if they're so much stronger and faster. Can't they just stroll up in here and kill us?" My mom snorted. "I'd love to see those over-sized dogs try. But no, we have a…truce established to keep them from harming any of us." Lucy let out a weird sound – something like a cross between a yelp and a bark – as she made her way back to the front door. We stared after her for a few seconds, ad once she didn't come back we all decided to follow.

Standing outside not 20 feet from our house was 3 full-sized Wolven all female. One was an all-black female with bright green eyes; another was a grey-fur with a white tipped muzzle that had bright blue eyes. And the last Wolven, the one who seemed to be in charge was dark brown in color with feral yellow eyes. All the guys (excluding my dad) gaped at the perfect physiques of all the females. I scowled at Kieran and punched him in the arm. How dare he stare at another chick while I was standing right there? When he didn't stop, I was prepared to punch him even harder when one of the Wolven spoke.

"Would you look at that? First full moon isn't till the end of the month and she's already half way through the process." I stared at Lucy then looked at the full grown wolves; from what I could tell Lucy really didn't have that much growing left to do. The Dark brown Wolven fell onto all fours and attempted to get Lucy to come closer. Lucy lurked behind my legs not willing to budge an inch; she even gripped onto my jeans for good measure. Why wasn't she going to them?

The Grey fur just snorted. "Give it up Elise. She really has no reason to trust any of us." The black fur sighed. "Don't worry Elise; it won't be too long; especially since we have the only source of Wolfsbane. This should stop her from turning too early before the full moon." Lucy's grip tightened. The Black fur turned to talk to my parents. "Liam, It's a pleasure to meet your family. We've heard so much about you all. My name is Melinda. The grey fur is Selene and the brown is Elise. We represent one of the strongest Wolven packs in the country. Our alpha would like to extend his utmost thanks for looking after this wayward pup." The speech sounded like it had been rehearsed thousands of times. My mom smiled. "It was nothing; Lucy is practically family." None of the Wolven seemed all that thrilled about the statement. "Yes well is you would just turn over the puppy then we will be out of your hair."

Lucy didn't even stir.

"What if she doesn't want to go with you?" Everyone's eyes shot to me. All of the Wolven's eyes narrowed. "This really doesn't concern you princess. And by the looks of your appearance; I think you have more important things to worry about rather than a young Wolven. I bristled at the insult. So I was a little jacked up by the Blood change.

So I had three sets of fangs -when most vamps had 1 and even the hounds only had 2; at least it was less than the Hell-Blar. And not to mention the fact that craved blood like it was no body's business and my eyes were still freaky as shit. Yeah, I had a lot of issues but that didn't mean that I couldn't be there for my best friend!

I narrowed my eyes. "If she doesn't want to go with you then she just doesn't want to go. I fail to see what that has to do with what I look like." I could feel the pheromones leaking off of me with each word I said. The brown fur snarled at me. "LISTEN LITTLE GIRL! YOU AND YOUR FILTHY FAMILY OF BLOODSUCKERS HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH ANY OF THIS. SO JUST HAND OVER THE PUP AND BE ON YOUR MERRY LITTLE WAY!"

A dagger flew across the yard to bury itself in a tree not an inch from the Wolven's face.

My mother's voice came out calm and deadly. "Don't you DARE talk to my daughter like that. And as far as I'm concerned she has a point. Unless Lucy wants to go with you there is little you could do to make her do otherwise. Now if you would please get the hell off of my property." The Wolven snarled at the implied threat.

"And if we don't?"

"Then you will be leaving in pieces."

The brown fur –Elise – snarled and looked as if she wanted to challenge my mother when the black fur stopped her. "ENOUGH Elise; we did not come here for a fight, and I see no reason to provoke them. We came to see the pup and we have. There is no reason to start a feud with the Drakes over her confused and misguided feelings. We know where she is and her parents are more than capable of bringing her to the Den. We go now." After eyeing both of her companions, Melinda turned to leave. Stopping only to talk to Lucy directly. "You are young and have much to learn. You'll see just how dangerous vampires" – She eyed me – "can be. Watch your back; or you might find your friend their chewing on it."

I growled as the Wolven disappeared into the forest; how dare she? I was no more dangerous to Lucy than she was to me.

A.N: Now that I've finally read 'Bleeding Hearts', these next few chapters will be based off some of the events from that book. And for whatever I skip over I'll be sure to leave a brief summary in an author's note so you'll be able to follow along without having to go out and read the book yourself just to understand what I'm talking about.