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This story is dedicated to someone very special someone who's helped regain my marbles time and time again

Germany was jealous he was always jealous. Germany believed you had to be strong and serious to succeed and that's what he did. That's what he did until he met Feliciano Vargas and saw the freedom and cheerfulness that radiated off him like an overpowering wildfire. Germany can't bring himself to be mad at Italy for more than twenty minutes and when he does it kills him inside. He always wonders why Italy is never haunted by his memories of the mob or WWII "maybe it's because I'm a monster" he'd say while staring at his aging SS uniform. There were times when he'd don the uniform and stare at himself in the mirror and Prussia would find him and attempt to help his brother all the while knowing he'd get pushed away. Germany hated what he was, what he's done, and the families he's destroyed. How does he do it? Germany'd ask himself. Germany was strong but weak.

Germany could never show Italy the sunken depths of his heart he couldn't risk leaving himself vulnerable again. He didn't want to be suspicious it was just second nature to him and he could only consider himself lucky for knowing Italy, he knew he wasn't deserving. Germany didn't know why he only knew he should tell Italy what he's done but how but then he remembered Italy's letter and thought it's worth a shot.

Two days later Italy found a package on his doorstep from Ludwig and walked inside to open it. What he found shocked him; one of Germany's modern uniforms, and old Waffen SS suit, and a letter which read.

Dear Italy

Enclosed in this box are important items of my past and present. I realized the past can't control me anymore. But this is who I was; you should know what I've done. I know I'm hard on you but that's all I know. Can you teach me to relax? I really should say this more. Eich leberdich

Signed Germany

After reading the letter Italy rubbed a tear from his hooded eye and spoke to himself "Germany the past leaves scar even I have some". Italy looked towards the business suit and fedora hanging in the closet. Italy gazed at nothing in particular "not all scars are bad though and the ones that are shouldn't be faced alone let me help you.

I dedicated this story to Loudheart14. I imagine Germany having guilt about the Nazis for some reason. I know Italy doesn't act like that but he could for his friends. Leave reviews please ^_^