Act 5, scene 1, Back at the pub.

Players: (Players leave with saying) Thank you for having us. (Exit)

Hostess: (To the players) It was a pleasure indeed. (Looks to Sly) A shrew by any other? Won't you say, lord Sly.

Sly: Yes, the play was quite...

Page: Wonderful, yes, my lord?

Sly: And has left me in deep thought.

Lord: Oh, how so...I found it very humorous to the highest level.

(Sly leaves his seat, Page follows after him, in wonder of what he was thinking)

Page: Lord?

Sly: Madam and huntsmen, come with me for a moment.

Huntsmen: Yes, sir.

Sly: (Leaves for a time period, and comes back alone) I have sent your huntsmen with my wife to my estate.

Lord: So soon?

Sly: Why say that, even though you have said we have been married for awhile.

Lord: Even so...?

(The servants runs up to him)

Serv: It is best we fall back, my lord, this drunk is no fool, as the besotted one in the play.

2 Serv: Make a lie and be quick about it!

3 Serv: Hurry lord, the sot's eyes are dripping with anger!

Lord: Yes! Messenger!

(Enters Messenger)

Messenger: Yes, sir?

Lord: (Moving close for only him to hear) Tell the page and huntsmen to hurry back. The plan has failed.

Messenger: Yes, sir? (Exits)

Sly: Problem?

Lord: No! Not at all, things have come up and they need me to be the tamer. (Slowly leaving to the door with the servants right with him)

Hostess: Clever word play, my lord.

Sly: Very.