Konichiwa, everyone who is watching, has Favorited or reviewed Bitterness!

First of all, THANK YOU ALL FOR READING MY HORRIBLE WORK! Arigato, arigato! I truly am grateful to you all. Which is why I think you all deserve an explanation.

As of right now, I have no plans to continue Bitterness. I am not afraid of the number of arcs One Piece has (I really did see what I was getting into, I swear!), nor do I find myself hating Silk. The thing is, this story was not very well planned out. At all. Silk went from being a Mary Sue, to being kinda Sue-ish but tolerable, to being someone that in almost no way resembled the original. I will admit to everyone right now that I was really using Bitterness to work on my character-building skills. Other than that, all I can see is poor writing and bad patches and overall laziness (you know when Silk fell asleep and missed the rest of Cactus Rock? Yeah...).

Being the wonderful people that you are, I'm very sorry for letting you down like this. You guys have all encouraged me along the way, and I'm very grateful to you all, and I feel like you all deserve more than this.

For now, I'm going to abandon this story. If someone wants to adopt it, just PM me. If not, it's going to be cooling in the fridge, until and unless I get a second wind. For right now, Silk and the Mugiwaras are going to RIP.

I have no plans to stop writing fanfiction, or to abandon the One Piece fandom. In fact, I have another fanfic well on the way. If all goes well, then expect another fanfic by this week. And if my muse will stop sulking, then I may, muse willing, to get another chapter of Because He's Namaka up soon.





Me: That was a hint, baka.

Muse: *cultivates mushrooms in the corner*

Me: What is it this time?

Muse: You changed my appearance again...

Me: Like it's my fault every time I read manga you turn into my favorite character!

Muse: You could be nicer about it! Something like, "Muse-sama, I'm going to read another manga, please be prepared."

Me: And the 'Muse-sama' came from where?

Muse: I am your muse. It wouldn't hurt to be nicer to me.

Me: It wouldn't hurt to help me out over here. I have these nice reviewers!

Muse: *pouts*

Me: *resists glomping the cuteness* Okay, I'm sorry I re-read Death Note! Now stop pouting! I'll break your spine if you don't!

Muse: *grumbles*


Anyway, I have that in those two in the works, and I'm working on a Death Note fic, too. Ah, so many irons in the fire...

Well, arigato for reading my author's note, and arigato for favoriting, reviewing, watching, and reading my work! I promise to do better with the next fics I post!

This is Will, everyone. I'll be signing off for now.

Have a great day!

EDIT (7/1/12): Hello! If you guys don't mind, I'm here to shamelessly advertise for my new OP fic, Shattered Glass. Now, I'll run like my ass is on fire and dodge all the Moltov Cocktails I'm sure you all have prepared for me. Bye!

*runs for life*