Disclaimer: I own nothing. Funny, I was trying to work on Get Rogue and instead this came out.

Title: Just Another Day

Words: 332

Bright, almond shaped green eyes stared unfamiliarly back at her. A smooth, heart shaped face with olive skin was framed by an array of curly white and chestnut colored hair. The only familiar feature she could see was the trademark scowl half of Bayville knew her for, but even that seemed off with her lips a natural pink color. This was the face she saw every morning, before Kitty woke up, before any Danger Room sessions or school.

This was Anna, the girl who came before the makeup, the goth persona, the untouchable mutant, and the phony skin disease. Before the Rogue was born, there was just Anna Marie. The small town girl who loved motorcycles, gazing at the stars from the back of an old pick up, cooking, wrestling with the boys, and who was sure she was going to marry Cody Robbins one day.

Sighing, she slowly took out her needed tools for the transformation to take place: an overstuffed, tattered old make up bag and her green flat iron. She started with the foundation. Two layers of the pasty powder successfully hid any traces of her natural skin tone. Next went the purple lipstick, adding to the harsh goth look that kept so many away. Eyeliner followed. Slowly she outlined the left before moving on to the right. Already her bright, green eyes were starting to lose their gleam. The dark purple eye shadow was what really did them in. After applying a thick layer of purple around each one, her eyes became a steely grey.

She avoided eye contact with Rogue's reflection. Methodically she parted and separated her curls. Almost mechanically she grabbed her flat iron and slowly started to straighten the curls she let no one else see. She finished just as Kitty was waking up.

With one last look in the mirror to see that Anna was gone, she slipped on her leather gloves and left the room. It was just another day as the Rogue.