Chapter 2

Quinn opened her eyes looking over at her alarm clock noticing it was nearly noon on a Thursday. She was usually already up and at the gym by now and would be heading to classes later that afternoon. But with all of the parties she had been attending recently she continued to sleep later each day. Quinn rolled out of bed rubbing her eyes. It wasn't like she was hung over but she did stay awake thinking about a certain someone. Picking up her iphone, she smiled at a text message from a strange number before opening it.

Hope you had fun last night! – Sam

Grinning she saved the number to her contacts and hit the reply button.

Can't wait to do it again! :)

She threw the phone back on her bed before heading off to her closet. Quinn grabbed her work out clothes and slipped them on while throwing her hair up into a high pony tail. She walked out of her bedroom into the living room where Santana laid completely dress but completely asleep on the couch. "Shouldn't you be going to class?" she whispered shaking her a bit.

Santana's eyes shoot open at the sound of Quinn's voice, "Fuck, fuck, fuck!" She yelled jumping off of the couch and grabbing her bag, "Remind me to never take a class this early ever again," she yelled slamming the door behind her. Quinn let out a small laugh as she poured herself a glass of orange juice and headed out the door to her car.

Quinn usually jogged to the gym for the extra exercise but since she was already running late she decided to drive. Parking in front of the building Quinn heard her phone ring and a small smile spread across her face hoping it was Sam. She frowned once she saw Finn douchebag Hudson appear across her screen. "Hello?" she asked annoyed as she slammed her car door shut.

"Quinn! You're at the gym right? Of course you are. Why am I even asking?" Finn rambled. Quinn started to speak but Finn continued, "So I'm having another party tonight and you'll be there right?"

"Why do you need to have another party? Don't you have classes to attend?" she asked.

"Yeah, but this is a different party. This is a get-to-know-Sam-Evans party thrown just for you…and Sam Evans," he said awkwardly.

Quinn scrunched her face up at his words, "I'll get to know him on my own if I want too. Are you still drunk? You really need to just have a night off."

"How do you feel about strip poker?" Finn asked ignoring everything Quinn was saying.

She sighed, "Obviously you're not going to give up until I say yes. So I'll only play if there are less than ten people there. Ten people I know."

"Why would you…nevermind. Fine, small strip poker party for Quinn and Sam Evans," Finn sung through the phone.

"I seriously have come to hate you even more lately," she said as she opened the door to the gym. "I'm hanging up. Remember small get together Finn. I swear or I'm leaving," she said clicking end on her phone before he could say anything else.

Quinn walked into the fitness room and headed over to the treadmills since she skipped her morning jog. That's where she seen the shaggy blonde hair bouncing up and down as he ran. His muscular body showing through the thin tank top he wore. He was top notch at this school but that wasn't the only thing that Quinn was fascinated by. All Quinn wanted to do was get to know Sam Evans.

"Hey there," Quinn said walking up beside the vacant treadmill and getting on.

"Hi," the boy said concentrating on his running.

Quinn bit her lip, "If you run any faster you're going to break it."

The boy looked over at her, "Quinn! I'm so sorry," he said slowing the machine down. "I was just in the zone. If you know what I mean," he laughed.

"Don't worry Sam, you were kicking butt," she laughed as she started up her own machine. "So what brings you to this gym? Don't football players have their own special gym?"

Sam shrugged, "The atmosphere is different there with everyone being all competitive and obnoxious."

"I know what you mean. This is a judge free zone after all," she grinned gesturing towards the sign hanging above them.

He laughed back and Quinn couldn't help but notice how adorable his smile actually was. "Hey, are you going to the party tonight?"

"Probably. Finn already called me and begged me to go," she started, "But I didn't really need that much convincing." Quinn said shyly, biting her lip and looking over at Sam.

"It should be fun," he said slowing his treadmill down even more. "Do you want to ditch this and go have lunch or something?" he asked looking over at her and then down at the floor.

Quinn slowed her machine down to a halt also, "I would love that," she said as she hopped off the machine.

"Really?" he asked as his face lit up, "Great! I saw this little diner on the way over her. Tommy's Diner I think."

She nodded, "Yeah, we go there all the time," Quinn said as they both walked out together. "We can jog over there so we don't completely cheat ourselves out of a workout. You star athletes can't do that," she teased as she pushed the door open and they were exposed to the fresh air.

"As long as we can race," he said raising an eyebrow.

"You're on!" Quinn yelled as she took off running.

Sam took off after her, "Hey, that's cheating you didn't say go!"

"Go!" Quinn yelled as she continued to run as fast as she could.

Quinn felt her feet hitting the ground but could barely feel her legs because they were moving so fast. She didn't know why she wanted to win mostly because she wanted to prove to Sam that she wasn't some girly-girl and could have fun. As the diner came closer she felt arms wrap around her waist and spin her around.

"I win!" Sam called setting her down behind him and laughing.

Quinn playfully hit him, "That was so me," she said trying to catch her breath.

"Like we established earlier I play football," he said with a smile as he held the door open for her.

Quinn walked inside eyeing him, "You just don't want to admit you got beaten by a girl."

"Or I let you win," he said as they sat themselves in a booth near the corner.

She shook her head, "You're acting different now you know."

"Different in a bad way?" Sam asked reaching for a menu.

Quinn shook her head again, "No, you're more fun and definitely more talkative than last night."

"That's because I was afraid last night," Sam declared as the waitress took their food and drink order.

"Of me?" Quinn asked as the lady walked away.

Sam let out a laugh, "Well yes and no. It was just intimidating. I really wanted to talk to you but you seem like the kind of girl who only has a few close friends, but will talk to anyone just because you're so friendly."

Quinn bit her lip, "True. But like I said I actually like you. To be honest I actually saw you before Finn introduced us."

"Oh, and what did you think?" Sam asked as the waitress brought their drinks.

Quinn took a sip before speaking, "Well that I wanted to get to know you. You seem interesting Sam Evans." She watched as he grinned and looked down. "What?" Quinn asked him.

"It's just you're putting too much pressure on me. I'm not interesting at all. I play football and that's about it," he laughed.

Quinn laughed also, "So that's what you think about yourself."

"Footballs the only thing I have anymore. What about you? You said you were in a sorority." Sam asked.

"Well I was," Quinn said biting her lip again. "Santana and I were roommates in one freshmen year. They were going to make me president the following year because my mom was an alumni president. But anyways, there was just too much drama and catty girls for my taste and we dropped out."

The waitress had brought the food once Quinn was finished talking and they both dug in. "What about sisterhood and all that jazz?" Sam asked holding his fork.

"Santana and I are sisters," Quinn shrugged, "But Rach…the rest of them are nothing to me anymore." She said biting her lip and trying not to bring up her drama filled past.

Sam nodded, "See that's more interesting than my story."

"Everyone has stories some are just too afraid to tell them," Quinn said eyeing him with a smirk.

"I guess I'm afraid then," Sam laughed.

Quinn did the same, "Oh, I'll get them out of you, you just wait."

They both finished their lunches talking about college and just enjoying each other's company. When they were done Quinn reached into her pocket to pull out money for the bill, but Sam quickly stopped her. "I'm paying, don't worry about it," he said pulling a few bills out of his pocket.

"You don't have to do that Sam," she protested.

Sam shrugged, "I asked you to come with me. You could have turned me down."

"And miss a whole lunch talking to you…I think not," she said in a soft sarcastic voice.

Sam laughed, "Come on then."

Quinn followed Sam outside of the restaurant both of them standing on the curb nearly inches away from each other. "I would drive you home but…"

"It's fine Sam. I'm a big girl I can get myself home," she looked down, "You're so caring. It's…"

"Bad? I'm just trying to be a nice guy." Sam started.

Quinn shook her head, "No, it's different. I guess I've just never met a guy like you," she said looking into his eyes.

"I am one of a kind," he said now biting his own lip.

Quinn knew what she wanted him to do and she thought he knew too. But they just sort of stared into each other's eyes. "Kiss me again Sam," Quinn whispered as their heads started leaning towards each other.

Sam brought his hand up to her cheek as their lips connected. Everyone knew that Quinn wasn't the type of girl who liked public displays of affection, but with Sam it was different. She wanted him to kiss her and she was kissing him right back.

Quinn pulled away first, "See you at the party tonight," she whispered before giving him one last look into her eyes and turning off and jogging back in the direction of the gym.

If this strip poker party went as planned Quinn might want to do more than just kiss Sam Evans tonight she thought as she jogged down the street with a big smile on her face.