Chapter 3

"Are you really going to have sex with Sam?" Was the first thing Santana said as they got into the car and pulled away.

Quinn let out a shocked gasp, "What are you talking about? I don't know."

"That's the only reason why you're going to this party. Come on Q, how many guys have you had sex with?" Santana asked while concentrating on the road.

She bit her lip not wanting to answer because it was embarrassing compared to Santana's answer. "I don't know...two?"

"Exactly two...and you thought you loved both of them. So why mess up what you already have?" Santana said actually trying to give Quinn good advice.

Quinn sighed, "What if I just want to get it over with? The first time I had sex with a guy I thought I loved he didn't speak to me because I got pregnant. And the second one asked me to marry him then ditched me," she said while thinking, "What it I just want to see if he'll actually stick around?"

Santana looked over at her as she pulled onto the street, "Do you really like him?" She asked and Quinn nodded. "Then do whatever you feel is right."

"I don't even know if we're going to do anything!" Quinn said as the car was put into park. She looked over at Santana, "Thanks for being my friend even though we fight sometimes and you don't have emotions," she laughed as she leaned over the seat and hugged her.

"Yeah, whatever. Now let's go get this party shit on!" Santana yelled jumping out of the car and walking up to the frat house.

Quinn got out of the car adjusting her outfit. She decided to raid Santana's closet for layers and came up with a black skirt, white tank top, leather jacket and black pumps. This wasn't a Quinn Fabray outfit in the least but she felt like being different.

Santana opened the door and Quinn followed. The upstairs was empty, "It looks like Finn may have actually listened this time," Quinn said opening the door to the basement where loud music could be heard.

"Quinn Fabray is here we can get this party started!" Finn practically yelled across the room as she and Santana had stepped into the basement.

Quinn sighed looking around, people stood holding drinks and talking, the couches were pushed aside, the video games were put away, and a deck of cards lay in the middle of the room. "You can't be serious," she said walking inside.

"You said you'd play," Finn said sitting down on the floor and grabbing the cards. "Where is my boy Sam?" He yelled again looking around the room, "Rachel find Sam!"

"I'm not your slave Finn," Rachel huffed as she sat down beside him, "I'm your girlfriend."

Santana smirked as she also sat down, "Oh, trouble in paradise I see."

"We're fine," Rachel said sternly grabbing onto Finn's arm.

Finn ignored her taking a drink from a red cup, "Quinn you sit! Everyone else come and sit!"

Quinn rolled her eyes as she sat down between Santana and Mike Chang, who was next to his girlfriend Tina. "I can't believe we're really doing this," she said to no one in particular. She looked around the room until her eyes landed on the opening door and Sam came into view. A small smile spread across her face as he walked into the room and sat down in the only open spot beside Rachel.

"Hey," he said looking directly at Quinn with a smile as Finn yelled about him being his boy.

Quinn's smile grew, "Hi," she whispered. It felt as if they were the only people in the room, but sadly this was real life and Finn seemed to be in charge of that now.

"Everyone knows the rules, right? Five card draw. Dumb things like shoes and socks are one. Jackets are two. Shirts are five. Pants are fifteen. Bras and underwear are twenty." Finn declared shuffling the cards in his hand.

All of the people in the circle nodded and agreed to the rules. "So I think we need shots or something first," Mercedes said who sat in the circle next to Puck.

"We'll get them. You guys can start!" Tina said pulling at Mike as they stood off running over to the bar in the corner.

Quinn grabbed onto Tina before she left, "Bring me something strong," she begged as Tina laughed and followed after Mike.

They started the game slow with most of them just taking off a shoe or two. Quinn kept making eye contact with Sam and each time he would smile at her. She hated this party and she hated this game. Why couldn't she and Sam have done something together and have been alone. Everyone hooted as Mike and Tina returned with a tray full of shots.

"1, 2, 3!" Finn counted as they all stuck their heads back and the thick liquid glided down their throats, "Time to get this game going!"

Quinn reached over for the other drink on the tray. It wasn't like she wanted to get drunk, but she just didn't want to take responsibility for any of her actions tonight. She knew it was a terrible thing to do and she wouldn't do it if she could help it. Desperate times cause for desperate measures she reminded herself as she finished off the drink and a few hands passed.

It was Santana's turn to deal her being the only one in her bra and everyone else just having to discard a jacket. Quinn picked up her hand and smiled at what she saw. A full house. She bit her lip as it became her turn to bet and began wiggling her underwear off from underneath her skirt.

There were many whoops and hollers as Quinn threw the pale pink garment into the middle of the circle. Everyone began folding and Quinn reached for another drink from a tray that someone had just brought back. She looked up as Sam made eye contact again with her, but this time instead of smiling he smirked and pulled off his shirt and pants throwing them in the middle as crude screams were yelled again.

"Those are mine Evans," she said deviously as everyone in between them folded.

He shrugged not saying anything but not breaking eye contact with her. When it was her turn to bet again she lifted her tank top above her head and threw it in the middle to make the pot even again.

Sam flipped over his card revealing four kings and Quinn's jaw dropped. "No fair," she yelled and frowned showing her three queens and a pair of eights.

"Maybe I'll let you have them back," he said with a smile as he took a drink from his own cup.

The rest of the game was played with most of the people just exchanging clothes to wear and no one ending up completely naked. "This is getting boring," Quinn said as she sat in Finn's wife beater and Sam's shorts. Somehow she had ended up with all guys clothes and practically everyone's shoes.

"Fine! Do whatever you want, but I'm the master!" Finn said standing up.

Rachel stood up too, "Can we just go up to your room. I want to do you know what," she said with a giggle. Everyone else in the room just looked at her realizing she was also drunk.

"Of course babe," he practically ran up the stairs with Rachel trailing behind him.

Puck stood up and turned the music up higher and even though almost everyone was trashed they started dancing. Quinn walked over to Sam who stood only in his boxers. She couldn't help but notice how good looking he was with no shirt on.

"You look good in that outfit," he said once she finally reached him.

Quinn let out a laug,h she felt like she had already had a bit too much to drink. "So do you mister," she said trailing a finger down his abs. "But I came here to ask if you wanted to go on an adventure with me…right now," she said happily.

"Anything if I can spend time with you," he said grabbing his drink.

Quinn grabbed onto his hand and led him up the basement stairs. "It's a surprise so be quiet," she said as they went up the stairs to the third floor. Opening the door to one of the rooms she grabbed the comforter off of the bed and threw it toward Sam. "Hold on to that," she nodded as she opened the window and stepped onto the roof.

"Who's blanket is…Quinn, what are you doing?" he asked following her despite his confusion.

She ducked down looking back into the room, "Shut up and come on," she said before hoisting herself up and climbing on the very top of the roof. Sam followed and she took the blanket from him spreading it out and plopping down on it. "Come sit," she smiled patting the spot next to her.

Sam did what she said and sat beside Quinn. "It's really pretty up here…like you," he said which caused Quinn to blush a bit, "The stars remind me of your eyes."

"You can barely see the stars here. We live in the city," she declared scooting over close to him.

Sam shook his head, "No, you can see that one," he said point up at it.

"That's the moon silly," she laughed. "Are you drunk?" she asked seriously and looked over at him.

"No, I'm fine. I was just joking," he answered with a grin.

Quinn looked down and then looked back up, "So you'd be fine if I did this?" She asked as she leaned in and kissed him.

Sam was taken by surprise but kissed her back right away bringing his hand up to play with her hair. Quinn was the one who deepened the kiss first as she slightly opened her mouth. He pushed her back slowly getting on top of her.

Quinn laid back on the blanket her arms wrapping around Sam's neck. She could feel his hand playing with the hem of the wife beater. Quinn sat up some pulling away from his lips. "You're sure you're not drunk?" she asked again.

"Positive. You?" He replied looking into her eyes.

Quinn thought for a moment, "I don't think so," she replied biting her lip and pulling the wife beater over her head exposing her light pink bra again. "Are you sure you want to do this?" she asked.

Sam's eyes flew down to her chest, "Do what?"

She knew that she didn't have the biggest breast and when guys looked at them she felt even more self-conscious. Quinn grabbed his chin pulling it up so they were directly looking into each other's eyes. "We're going to have sex," she declared.

"Oh um yes," Sam said, "I have a uh a condom in my uh shorts," he stuttered gesturing to the shorts Quinn was wearing.

Quinn bit her lip pulling out Sam's wallet and then the red condom. She leaned back down again pulling Sam with her. He started kissing her neck causing Quinn to let out small moans. She closed her eyes tight biting her lip as she felt his hard on digging into her thigh.

Sam began trailing kisses down her neck until he was just above her breasts. He reached down sliding the shorts off of her and reaching back up to cup her breast. Quinn let out another moan as her hand made it's way down to his groin. Just by the slight touch of it Sam groaned.

"You're sure you're ready Quinn?" He asked pulling away.

Quinn pulled him to her lips as she began kissing him again ignore his question. Sam pulled away some reaching for the condom in Quinn's hand and ripping it open.

"Sam wait!" she sat up quickly. She could feel tears well up in her eyes, "I can't. I'm sorry... It's just..."

Sam stopped letting his hand fall to his side, "What? Quinn you don't need an excuse."

"It's just I like you so much and once we do have sex you're going to leave me and it's just..." She stopped talking immediately once she realized what she was saying. Pulling her knees up to her chin Quinn buried her face before she could let the tears fall.

Sam crawled over closer and sat down wrapping an arm around her, "I would never leave you," he said as he rubbed her back, "You don't have to have sex with me to get..."

"Yes I do," Quinn protested.

"I could never have sex with you and I would still like you," he said.

Quinn sat up looking at him, "Really?" she asked as he nodded. "Well we could sometime...never say never," she smiled.

Sam laughed whipping her tears off with his thumb, "I've liked you since the moment I saw you," he said leaning down on the blanket.

Quinn lay down beside him resting her head on his chest. "Do you think you'll still like me tomorrow even though you know I'm a crazy mess?" she asked tracing over his abs with her finger.

Sam laughed, "You're not a crazy mess and of course," he said rubbing her shoulder.

"Let's just stay here tonight. I'm not sleeping in a room with those crazy people and we're both too drunk to drive," she said.

Sam laughed, "I thought we weren't drunk?"

"Oh we are," Quinn smiled as her eyes closed. She sighed before falling asleep. This is where she wanted to be, wrapped in Sam's arms listening to his long breaths. Sure it may only be because they were a tad drunk and she had no idea how tomorrow would turn out, but right now Quinn Fabray was happy just where she was.

A/N: For some reason this chapter was hard to write and I rewrote some parts of it a few times which is why there was a delay. Please don't jump to conclusions about anything! Everything is going to be explained in chapters to come, but please tell me what you think. Hope you enjoyed!