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The Genius

Chapter 1: Reunited Friends

One day Justin Stewart was sitting in his Science class. It was very boring, seeing how his teacher, Mrs. Gloria Nolan had promised them a surprise guest to lecture the class on the possibility of space travel to Mars. Thirteen-year-old Justin didn't really care about space traveling to Mars because he already knew it was possible. He clearly remenbered seeing his friends, Ashley Hammond, Cassie Chan, Carlos Vallerte, T.J. Johnson, and Alpha 6, head off to space where they received new powers. Justin missed them terribly, but he was quite happy here in Chicago with his father.

At that moment, Justin was brought out of his thoughts by the sound of Mrs. Nolan's voice, "and now class, the moment we've all been waiting for," Mrs. Nolan began the guest speaker's introduction with a grand gesture of her hands, "Our guest speaker, who will be lecturing us on the possibility of space travel to Mars, Dr. William Cranston!" Billy walked into the room rather sheepishly and he made his way to the front of the class room, Justin couldn't believe his eyes! His mentor, the one who had taught him everything he knew, the one who had made him a genius, was back from Aquitar and right here in front of him!

For the rest of the segment, Justin was to caught up with happiness and excitement to complete Mrs. Nolan's pop quiz! Billy didn't leave right away, he waited till Science class was over. As soon as the class ended, Billy scooted out the door, Justin saw him leave and was quick to catch up to his old friend, "Billy wait!" Justin yelled, running through the halls of the school, Billy stopped quite abruptly causing Justin, who had almost reached him, to slam right into Billy's back, "OW!" Justin cried falling to the floor, Billy quickly turned around to see the boy laying on the ground, he knelt down to examine his former student for injuries, "Justin, are you okay?" Asked Billy with a worried look on his face, "yeah," was all Justin could say, since he was so out of breath from practicly chasing him all over the school.

After finding no injuries from the fall, Billy smiled as he stood up and helped Justin off the floor, "well, it looks like you''ll survive," chuckled Billy, "Thanks," said Justin, after he was standing up again, "Justin, don't you have to go to your next class?" Billy asked the boy, Justin nodded sadly, Billy could tell that Justin would rather spend the day with him than go to History class, then an idea hit him! "Justin, I'm not leaving the city for a week, so how would you like to come over to my sister's house after school? I'm staying with her and her family until I go to New York City for the International Science Convention, so, what do you think?" Justin didn't need to think at all, he already knew the answer, "sure Billy, I get off school at 3:00 so I'll come over at 4:00, OK?" Billy's sister, Morgan, lived on the same block as Justin so he didn't have to ask for directions, Billy nodded in agreement, "Well then, I'll see you at 4:00, Bye," "Bye Billy, see ya later," Justin called out to his friend and the child watched his teacher walk out the door.

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