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The Genius

Chapter 3: Gone Again

After hearing about his teacher's sad past, Justin did his best to spend as much time as possible with Billy. Justin was grateful when it was Saturday and he could spend the whole day with his friend. Clearly Justin had forgotten that Billy was leaving on Monday.

When Justin got to the Baker's, he saw that they were leaving. Morgan was carrying Lanie to the family's Civic, the mother was wearing a loose sun dress with a straw hat while the little girl was wearing a toddler's bathing suit and she was wrapped in a beach blanket. Brad was carrying a cooler and he placed it in the trunk, Brad was wearing a full piece snorkling suit (Morgan had told Justin that her husband was at one time a professional snorkler). It looked like they were going to the beach! As he approached the house, Justin hoped Billy wasn't going with them.

When Justin got to the house, before he could say anything, The Baker's piled in their red Civic and pulled out of the driveway. Justin was sure they didn't notice him even though, as they drove by him, they honked their horn in salutation. Justin laughed to himself when he thought about what Billy had told him about the Civic. Billy had told Morgan that he would never ride in their car. Morgan, who was kinda confused, asked him why and he told her it was because the car's color was red and not blue, so he felt kinda insulted and vowed never to ride in THAT vehicle.

Just then, Justin noticed that the garage door was still open, so he took a peek inside and saw Billy working on his pride and joy, it was the Radbug. "Justin, you're timing is perfect! I'm tuning up my old car to give to a friend as a present and I need your help fixing it up," Billy greeted his young friend, Justin shrugged as he walked into the garage and picked up a spare wrench, "sure, what do you want me to do?"

Finally it was Monday. To Justin, it was Doomsday, because today Billy was going to New York City for the International Science Convention. Billy had told Justin he'd leave Chicago about 4:30 in the afternoon, so that he could say a proper good-bye to the boy he considered his little brother. All through class that day, Justin just couldn't consentrate on the lessons, all he could think about was Billy leaving.

Right after school let out, Justin hurried home to put away his books and other school things, then he headed straight for the Baker's. Brad was still at work (he was now a realtor), and Morgan and Lanie were at the grocery store. Even though the Baker's were not there to say their farewells to Billy, they already said their good-byes before they left to do what they had to do. It was almost 4:00, but the taxi came early and Justin now felt the tears pricking the back of his eyes. He'd promised himself he wouldn't cry, but now he realized how hard it was going to be to do that. When Billy saw Justin standing just a few feet from him, his eyes lit up and a sly grin spread over the scientist's face, "Justin, I have one more suitcase in the garage and boy is it heavy! Could you come help me carry it down here please?" Justin shrugged and followed his role model to the garage.

When they got to the garage, Justin realized that there never was another suitcase waiting here. Even the Radbug was gone. Billy saw the confused look on the boy's face and smiled. He decided to enlighten him. "Justin, do you remember the Radbug," "sure," was all Justin could say, "well, when you get home you'll find it in your driveway," at that moment, Justin's eyes widened as he slowly began to realize who the old car belonged to, "it was for me?" Justin couldn't believe it! "Yes, Justin, the Radbug now belongs to you. I want you to take good care of it and promise me you won't drive it until you're a very good driver, OK?" This was all to much for Justin, all he could do was nod because the tears were already streaming down his cheeks.

Billy hugged the boy for a long moment, then he led him down to the taxi, "Now I want you to stop crying, because the next time I go on an adventure, maybe you can come with me," Billy's words made Justin smile a little, but not much. And with that the great Dr. Cranston entered the taxi and before Justin knew it, his hero was gone. But for some reason Justin was no longer crying. It was because their farewell wasn't really a 'good-bye', it was more of a 'see ya later' and that one day they'd see each other again. And because of that, Justin was now smiling.

The End

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