Summary: Caroline gets a quite the surprise when she comes home from her weekly dinner/secret meetings with the girls.

Warning: If you don't want to read smut, avoid this first chapter entirely.

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"Hey Mom," Caroline called out as she walked through the door. "The girls said to say hi!"

Locking the door behind herself, she called out once more, "Mom? Are you home?"

Caroline saw a note on the counter from her mother letting her know she'd been called into work as she entered the kitchen. Relatively comfortable in her boyfriend's shirt and her cheer shorts, she forwent changing into her pajamas and headed straight for the pint of Ben & Jerry's she had stashed in the freezer. With the newest episodes of Gossip Girl waiting on the DVR, she headed to the living room for a mini-marathon. Settling cross-legged on the couch, she pulled the soft throw blanket around her and queued up the first episode.

Blair was in the middle of some particularly nasty, underhanded scheming, and Caroline thoroughly enjoying her Chubby Hubby malted goodness when a crash sounded from upstairs. Nervously, Caroline peeked at the staircase. Gathering her courage, she quietly got up from her spot on the couch and tiptoed up the stairs. She armed herself with the lamp on the table outside of her room before cautiously entering. She held the lamp over her shoulder ready to strike as she surveyed her bedroom.

Almost instantaneously, Caroline let her body sag in relief as she recognized the leather jacket thrown across her chair, and the mussed state of her bed; Klaus's favorite way to get across her bedroom. Hearing the toilet flush and the sink faucet turn on, she cursed Klaus in her mind as she returned the lamp to the hallway.

Caroline's cursing became more verbal as she reentered her room, "You are such a-"

Before she could finish her intended insult, Caroline found herself pinned to the wall next to her door.

"What's that love? I'm such a…" he prompted, one hand on the wall next to her head and the other resting on her hip as he nuzzled her neck.

Still indignant over the near heart attack he caused, Caroline griped, "Douche. You are a giant douche bag."

Klaus smiled against her neck nipping the skin over her pulse point lightly, "Now, now Caroline, tell me how you really feel."

Refusing to let him win, she suppressed the shiver making its way down her spine in response to his tongue soothing the little love bite, "I swear if your head were any farther up your ass, you'd be able to see your tonsils."

"You really do have such an eloquent way of speaking, darling," he smirked.

"Shut your-,"

Klaus cut her off with a rough kiss and closed the distance between them leaving no room between their bodies. Caroline whimpered in response as her body recognized his immediately sending moisture to her core. The pressure Klaus was applying to her lips caused them to dig into her teeth, giving her no choice but to open her mouth to him. Her head hit the wall behind her audibly as his tongue plundered the cavern of her mouth. Not one to surrender easily, Caroline reciprocated his actions, her tongue claiming every inch of his mouth. Klaus let his hands drift down her arms, fingers entwining with hers as he brought her hands above her head. The brutally delicious kiss ended with Caroline's lower lip between his teeth. Hardly coherent, she tried to continue the kiss in vain. Not releasing her imprisoned lip, he waited for her to settle.

Realizing he wasn't going to continue, Caroline opened her eyes once more. Her body strumming with need, breathing shallowly, she was practically trembling. "Klaus," she whined deliberately rubbing herself against him.

His groan gave her the chance she needed to free her bottom lip. She kissed the stubble along the line of his jaw. "Stop," he said warningly.

"Why?" she whispered not complying at all as she continued her path toward his ear.

Klaus pulled back and turned her sharply so she was facing the wall. Caroline yelped in shock at the sudden change in position. He now held both of her wrists in one hand still above her head, his other hand at her waist. He arranged himself with his chest brushing her back teasingly. His nose tickling her ear as he whispered, his breath fanning against her, "I recall you promising I could ravish you, and I fully intend to make sure you keep your word."

She grasped for a witty response, but found her brain to be far beyond trying to be clever. A small, civilized part of her protested at being dominated, but Klaus tended to call out her primal side. She always found herself a more than willing participant when Klaus got into one of these moods, so she tilted her head giving him access to her neck.

"That's my girl," he smiled full of male pride.

Caroline all but purred as his lips found her neck and his hand bunched up the material of the shirt she had borrowed from him. His hand touched her bare, flat stomach. He brushed his hand tantalizingly up her abdomen and then down, making sure to never make contact with any areas that may have given her even the tiniest bit of relief.

Somewhere downstairs her cell phone rang, bringing her slightly out of her haze. She made as if to remove herself from him, but he anticipated her intentions. Finally letting his fingers slip beneath the elastic band of her shorts, he slid his index finger over the damp panties covering her slit. "Ignore it."

"Mhm," she agreed, her head falling forward to rest against the wall in front of her. She rolled her hips down seeking more solid contact from his hand.

Klaus bit back a groan of approval as he watched his girlfriend humping herself onto his hand. He situated his finger into the clothed crease of her folds allowing her to better rub her clit.

"Klaus," her voice emitted frustration. "More."

Feeling him start to retract his hand, she clenched her thighs. "No," she protested.

"I thought we agreed I'd be giving the orders tonight," he reprimanded.

"Please," she clenched tighter around his hand moving her hips once more.

"Good girl," he praised. Moving her panties out of the way, he traced her slit once more coating his fingers with her wetness. "Since you asked so nicely," he slid a finger inside of her, and then rubbed her clit with his thumb when she tensed at the intrusion. "I love how tight you are every fucking time," he began pumping his finger.

Soon her hips were working in rhythm with his finger. When she hummed with pleasure, he added another finger simultaneously scraping his teeth against the back of her neck.

Caroline arched her body permitting her to better angle her hips against his fingers and her breasts to brush against the wall on every upstroke, the pressure of her orgasm building with every movement. It only took a couple of minutes before she felt herself let go crying out his name.

Removing his hand from her shorts, Klaus licked her juices from his fingers. He turned her to face him once more and kissed her solidly. As she continued to recuperate, he disrobed her.

She regained her senses somewhat when he lifted her into his arms and strode across the room to her bed. He tossed her naked body onto the sheets unceremoniously. Giving her no time to react, he moved over her attaching their lips once more. Again, he grasped her wrists in one hand over her head. His lips descended downward making a trail down to the top of her breast.

Her nails scratched lightly at the wicker headboard. "Aren't you a little overdressed?" she managed to strangle out the question as he kissed the flesh around her nipple.

"Patience is a virtue," he chided taking the nipple he'd been teasing into his mouth and causing her to cry out.

After what felt like only a few seconds her released her nipple, and moved upward hovering over her. She stared at him in bafflement as he reached down beneath her pillows. Her eyes, still on his face, widened in shock as she felt cool metal snap around one wrist and then the other.

"Klaus? What…" she trailed off not quite sure what she wanted to ask.

"We really need to discuss your choice in headboards. You have no idea how difficult it was to rig this up." His denim clad knee grazed her intimately and at the same time his thumb brushed over her puckered nipple distractingly. "I had to use rope to tie the cuffs to the base of the bed."

Pausing all other movement temporarily he kissed her softly. Looking her in the eyes he asked, "Is this okay?"

Caroline took a moment to breathe before answering. "Yes," she nodded her head.

He grinned devilishly, the gentle moment disappearing. He kissed his way down to the valley of her breasts stopping to nip at her breast bone before continuing down her stomach to the apex of her thighs. He pulled back admiring the view of her cunt as he spread her wider with his hands caressing the silky, soft skin of her inner thighs.

She couldn't hold back the movement of her hips under his heated gaze teasing her. Some of his control snapping, Klaus brought his lips to her thigh working his way toward her center. His mouth made brief contact with her cunt for only a brief moment before he moved down her other thigh.

Instinctually moving to tangle her hands in his curls and redirect him to where she wanted him, her wrists strained against the cuffs causing them to dig into her skin. "Dammit Klaus! Please!" she threw back her head against the pillows.

He bit her thigh with just enough force to get the message across that he was in charge, but heeded her request. His tongue traced her slit languidly varying the pressure of each stroke.

Caroline cried out in pleasure looking for some purchase to grab onto but finding none. Her pleasure only continued mounting as he slid his tongue into her canal, his nose brushing her clit. Finally finding a grip on her pillow, Caroline let out a sharp, keening wail. The noise had him grounding his hard on against the mattress in desperate need of some friction.

Her awkward grip on her pillow didn't protect her palms from her nails as she tightened her hands into fists and had her second orgasm of the night. Klaus helped her ride out the orgasm removing his tongue and kissing her bud. Before she could fully come down however he inserted a finger in her. Another two fingers and a few strokes later she mewled out another orgasm as he continued kissing her clit. Unrelentingly, he continued bringing her third and forth orgasms into such a state it couldn't be differentiated when the third stopped and the forth began.

Caroline could do no more than concentrate on breathing when Klaus finally let her rest. She felt him shift around and heard his clothes dropping to the floor. Lifting her head, Caroline admired the magnificent view of a shirtless Klaus as he worked on unbuttoning his jeans. She licked her lips appreciatively as his jeans dropped leaving him in nothing but his boxer briefs. Locking eyes with her, he slid his last article of clothing off. Her eyes slid slowly down his body before resting on his beautiful, hard cock. Perfection.

She was startled from her revere at the sound of his commanding voice, "What do you want Caroline?" Her name escaped his lips with such need she couldn't help but tell him.


He crawled over her but made no contact with her body, "You have me."

"Fuck," she hissed in frustration her temper flaring for only a moment. Calming down she answered, "Inside me. I want you inside of me. Fuck me Niklaus."

Unable, and not wanting to, hold back any longer Klaus lowered his body over hers and sunk into her fully. They both groaned in ecstasy. Her heat was like a vice around him choking him in the best way possible. He kissed her chest, not moving his hips as he waited for her to adjust to him.

Having been plenty ready for him, it didn't take her long to start moving beneath him. Their pace quickly gained momentum. With every move he made to leave her warmth, her muscles clenched around him. Unsure of how much longer he could last, Klaus slid his hands under her, gripping her ass and lifting her slightly changing the angle of his entry.

Caroline's eyes rolled back slightly. Wrapping her legs around him, he thrust harder and moved his hips upward every time he thrust into her. The move allowed him to ground against her clit. Caroline let out a loud curse before yelling out, "Klaus!" and coming almost violently around him. Two more thrusts and he fell over the edge with her growling her name into her neck.

They stayed intimately connected as he kissed her lightly making sure not to crush her. He continued the butterfly kisses down her neck to her collar bone as he slid out of her.

"So…" Caroline stated awkwardly as her breathing returned to normal.

"Yes?" Klaus asked against her collar bone.

"Uncuff me," she demanded.

"What did we say about orders, love?" He asked moving a finger across her still sensitive clit. "I'll be giving them tonight, and tonight isn't nearly over."

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