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Caroline opened her eyes and blinked until the unnecessarily bright, neon red numbers on her alarm clock came into focus. It was nearly 4am. Her mom would be home in a couple of hours and Caroline needed to clean up downstairs before she did. Groaning, she rolled out from under Klaus's heavy arm. As she stood, the room immediately seemed to drop ten degrees in temperature without her human body heater lying on top of her. Despite her less than quiet departure from the bed, Klaus slumbered on peacefully. Rolling her eyes at his sleeping form, Caroline pulled on an overly large sweatshirt.

She had already turned off the television and thrown away her melted ice cream when she found her blinking phone. Turning on the screen, she found two missed calls and five text messages. All of them relayed the same message, Bonnie and Jeremy were through. Caroline felt for her friend, but she couldn't say she was particularly shocked. This had been a long time coming.

Caroline quickly typed out a text and hit send.

Hey Bon, are you okay?

A few seconds later her phone chimed with a response.

Yeah. Kat and Elena are here.

Good. T2UT?


Caroline was just tucking her phone into her sweatshirt when her phone chirped again. Flipping it open, she saw a message from Katherine.

Shopping tomorrow. Meet us at Bonnie's by 12pm and DON'T be late.

Rolling her eyes at her frenemy's demand, Caroline typed back a quick confirmation.

A chill ran through Caroline as she stepped off the rug onto the tile floor. She took the stairs two at a time back to the warm haven of her bed. As she entered her room, she was greeted by the sight of her still snoozing boyfriend. The many pillows she kept on her bed surrounded him and the blankets cocooned him. He looked like an innocent angel, a far cry from the man who had just spent hours ravishing her.

A smirk that matched her wicked idea lit up Caroline's face. Careful not to jostle him, she leaned over the bed and grasped the cuffs tied to the base of her bed. She pulled his arms over his head as gently as possible and cuffed them together firmly. She had to hold back a snort of laughter when she looked down at him still sleeping soundly. The man slept like the dead. Then again, after how they'd spent the previous hours she wasn't surprised.

Realizing she was still in her sweatshirt, she slipped it off and situated herself so she was kneeling between Klaus's legs. Caroline found him slightly hard already as she pulled the sheet down past his waist. Gently, she wrapped her hand around the base of his cock and stroked until he stood at attention. Still asleep, he let out a soft groan.

Trying to wake him, Caroline leaned forward licking his head and sucking it into her the warmth of her mouth. She slid her mouth down further until his cock hit the back of her throat. She felt his hips give a little buck as he began to stir in consciousness. Her tongue drew indiscernible patterns along his shaft as her head bobbed up and down helping him out of his sleepy haze.

Caroline giggled around him when she heard the support beam of her bed creak where the cuffs were tied, followed by Klaus cursing out from the pain of pulling against the metal around his wrists. The vibrations from her throat caused him to curse once more, this time in pleasure.

Taking extra care not to apply pressure, Caroline let her teeth run along his length as she moved up and released him from her mouth.

"Morning Wolfy," she cooed the nickname she'd bestowed upon him, reserved strictly for the bedroom. His attempt to bestow the reciprocal name of Kitten upon her however had been firmly rejected.

Klaus grinned back with the smile that had earned him the nickname. "Good morning my beautiful dominatrix." He pulled slightly against the cuffs to emphasize his point.

"Dominatrix?" Caroline questioned with a tilt of her head letting the idea saturate in her mind. Grinning widely, she added, "I like it."

Klaus hummed softly in agreement, "So do I."

"So I suppose that makes you my submissive," she smirked down at him straddling his waist.

Klaus glared up at her in response, "I'm not submissive."

too bad," Caroline pouted positioning herself over him. "I suppose my dom will have to go find myself a sub."

Klaus growled, but Caroline only continued her playful pout hovering over him tauntingly. He bucked up in an attempt to enter her, but she moved her hips denying him entrance.

She pursed her lips as she stared down at him admonishingly, "Only good boys get to play."

"I'm afraid I'm a bit of a bad boy," Klaus replied repentantly.

"Very bad," the blonde agreed moving against him so the mushroom head of his cock brushed along the length of her slit. She bit her lip at the sensation of him brushing against her clit. "It's really too bad you don't like to be submissive," she frowned in disappointment, and then repositioned herself onto her knees kneeling over him. In a further show of dominance, she arched her back, the position baiting him further as it put her breasts on display.

Klaus very quickly discovered his position made it impossible to sit up. Huffing in frustration, he conceded, "Screw it. I'm whatever you want me to be, my darling." In spite his submission, or perhaps because of it, he used a possessive pet name.

Caroline beamed down at him radiantly. "Now you're on the right path," she praised before scolding. "But you've still been a naughty boy trying to argue with me."

"I apologize," he said contritely, adding a seductive, "Mistress."

"You'll need to be punished," she told him sternly.

"Yes, Mistress," he answered waiting for whatever punishment she would come up with.

"Well, since you've decided to behave, I suppose it shouldn't be too severe." Caroline decided aloud.

"You're a kind mistress," Klaus exalted her. "I don't deserve your mercy."

"You'll prove yourself worthy," she countered.

"Thank you, Mistress," he answered humbly now fully committed to their role play. This may not have been his favorite game, but there was something about seeing Caroline's confidence that managed to override his desire to be in control every time. Her rather limited sexual expectations had grown and evolved since they'd first began seeing each other, and he loved being able to take credit for that. So he couldn't help the thrill of being handcuffed to a bed with his girlfriend dominating him. Not because it was a fantasy of his, but because it was Caroline dominating him.

"You're welcome plebe, but as for your punishment," she leaned over him but made no contact between their bodies whatsoever, even keeping her hair behind her back, "you must watch and not participate at all," she whispered into his ear.

Sitting back up, Caroline brought a hand up to her neck. Slowly, she dragged her open hand down her body, pausing to squeeze her breast, before continuing her previous trail. Her fingers lingered here and there lazily stroking. Her hand angled downward she paused, her fingers on her lower abdomen, above her well maintained pubic hair.

Knowing she was waiting for eye contact, Klaus didn't hesitate. "Good boy," she murmured.

He swallowed thickly as she tucked her bottom lip between her teeth. Something he knew to be a sure sign her hand had moved to more sensitive territory. Klaus thanked every deity he had never shown faith in before suddenly knowing their existence, when she closed her eyes and leaned her head back allowing his eyes to roam her body. She was a goddess in her own right, he decided as he observed her towering over him writhing in self-administered pleasure. He shivered in his thick need for contact he knew he wouldn't be given for a while yet.

Caroline whimpered as her fingers gently teased her clit, brushing past it slowly and teasingly not making proper acquaintance with the bud. In complete contradiction, the next moment she grunted with gratification as her fingers firmly applied pressure to the same area. She continued to alternate the pressure until she sat on the brink of orgasm. Ready for her release, she swiftly pushed two fingers inside of herself. With a come-hither motion, she came harshly against her fingers while rubbing her clit with her thumb.

Klaus stared at her hand as if mesmerized as she removed it from herself. Noticing his attention, Caroline held her hand out to him. He suckled her fingers greedily. Her wet, empty canal pulsed in longing as she remembered his often reverent words of her flavor. No one had ever made her feel as desired and wanted as the man beneath her.

Unable to bear not having him inside of her any longer, Caroline lowered herself down. At the same time, she couldn't help but tease him as she rubbed her core against him.

"What do you want Klaus?" she repeated his question from earlier back to him. "Tell me what you want."

He didn't falter in the slightest, quickly providing her with the dirty talk she asked for, "I want you to ride me fast and hard until I come inside of you."

Caroline braced her hands against his chest digging her nails into his chest giving him an anticipatory pain of pleasure to come. "What's the magic word?" she asked staying in her dominant role.

"Now," he teased, but quickly corrected himself when she withdrew her nails and began to sit up. "Please! Please Mistress, ride me, use me until I'm spent."

Caroline smiled victoriously, practically purring, "That's my boy."

Hands still on his chest, she aligned him with her opening. Remembering his request, she sunk down on him quickly.

Hair askew, slender, muscled body with luscious curves, she had a savage, primal beauty. Klaus hissed at the sensation as she squeezed his cock with her vaginal muscles as she sat atop him like a barbarian Amazonian Queen staking her claim. Then she was leveraging herself up and down with a speed her could only try and keep up with as he moved inside of her in tandem. Having been tortured splendidly for the last half hour or so, it wasn't long before he was close to the edge.

"I'm going to come," he warned.

Caroline brought her hand between them rubbing her clit, but his blonde dominatrix didn't slow. Instead, she continued the furious pace propelling her hips upward until he nearly slid from her before she slammed down onto him.

He called out her name hoarsely as he came inside of her. Caroline paused on her downward stoke as he came, swirling her hips putting pressure on the frontal wall of her core as she ground against her fingers. She spasmed around him as he continued to spill into her.

Caroline collapsed against his chest dragging her palms up his arms and interlacing their fingers. As they often did, she kept him inside of her as they came down from their post-coital euphoria. Resting her face into the curve of his neck, she traced her tongue against his sweaty dampened skin.

"Mine," she declared covetously.

Klaus squeezed her fingers and kissed her hair responding, "And you're mine."

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