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Drunken Sailor Moon: The Morning After

Jadeite woke up with a groan. Immediately he wished to return to that blessed unconsciousness and get away from the feeling of having an ice-pike driven into his brain. Fighting down the feeling of nausea he slowly raised his head and opened his eyes. Wincing when the sunlight stung them, he had to open and close them slowly a couple of times to clear his sight.

The room he was in looked like a battlefield. There was a broken coffee table and two recliners were on their backs. There were bottles everywhere, some whole but most of them broken. Kunzite was sitting against a wall, head in his hands and arms resting on his knees. He was rocking slowly, whimpering in pain.

On the floor to the left was Nephrite, lying beside a puddle of (presumably his) vomit. Fortunately he was on his stomach and still breathing. Zoisite sat in the only still upright recliner, looking pale as a sheet. He was also slowly looking around the room, but it was doubtful if his glassy eyes were working at the moment.

"What the hell happened?" Jadeite croaked out through a desert-dry mouth.

"Not so loud," Kunzite moaned.

Zoisite turned his head in Jadeites general direction, clearly showing that his eyes didn't work properly. "The last thing I remember is Moon landing on the roof beside ours and you inviting her for a drink."

"Oh," Jadeite said, laying his head down, only to whip it back up as the words made it through his fogged up brain. "WHAT? Ow ow ow."

"Please, not so loud," Kunzite moaned again, fingers digging into his scalp.

"How the hell did we think it was a good idea to invite her?" Jadeite hissed out.

"Must have been that we were three sheets to the wind at the time."

Jadeite carefully, VERY carefully, stood up from the couch, looking around the room. "Well, she doesn't seem to be here, must have left after a while."

"Not after a while," Kunzite whispered out. "She was still here when I passed out, and then we had been going all night and well into the day. Ow. She drank really well; she even matched Nephrite in chugging."

Jadeite, who had whipped his head around when he heard Kunzite, was now desperately trying to keep his stomach down. "That isn't possible; she's just a slip of a girl. Bleargh! I'll go and take painkillers, water and a shower, and hopefully you will make more sense when I get back."


At the Hikawa jinja there were also four bodies spread around a room. Here they were peacefully asleep though, but they wouldn't be for long. Rei was the first to wake up, squinting a little against the sunlight streaming into the room. Looking around she spotted Ami, Minako and Makoto sleeping, but the futon where Usagi had been resting was empty.

Sitting up and stretching she looked around the room again, trying to find the girl. She wasn't too worried; Ami had noted a steady decrease in the blonde's alcohol levels. When they had fallen asleep somewhere in the very early morning, she had been well enough that they could have had her come out of her transformed state, if she had been awake of course.

Standing up she brushed against a manga book resting on a chair beside her, and it fell to the floor. The sound was loud enough to wake the other three girls, who looked up blearily at a sheepish Rei.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to wake you."

"No, *yawn* worry." Makoto assured.

"Where is Usagi?" Ami asked when she went to check on the blond and found the bed empty.

"I don't know, she was gone when I woke up."

"Then we better go find her. She can't feel very good right now."

Just as Minako had stopped speaking the door was flung open.

"Good Morning, girls!" Usagi chirped out, looking as healthy and happy as she ever had. She was also dressed in an immaculate blouse and shirt combo. "I hope you slept as well as I did," she continued in the same chipper tone.

The other girls were staring slack jawed at the bubbly blond. It was Makoto who found her voice first:

"Why aren't you a whimpering wreck?"

"Why should I be?" Usagi asked, head tilted curiously.

"Usagi," Ami said softly, "you were on the verge of alcohol poisoning last night. Even an experienced drinker would have a hangover after that."

"Oh. Well, I have never felt better. I'm hungry though."

"Of course SHE didn't have to suffer through a hangover." Makoto blushed beet red when she realized she had said that out loud. "I better start making breakfast then."

"Yay breakfast!" Usagi cheered, dancing out of the doorway and towards the kitchen.

Makoto hurried after her, keeping her head down in embarrassment. Ami, Minako and Rei shared an amused glance before gathering their things and heading to the bathroom.


Jadeite returned to the living room carrying three glasses of water and a handful of painkillers. He was feeling much better, though the headache was still there, and he was feeling sluggish. But now he could at least move without risking to empty his stomach. His memory had also started returning while he was in the shower, and he could now remember some of the day before. Days before, he corrected himself. Of course, Sailor Moon would stumble on them as they were just getting good and sloshed. She had been so surprised to see them sitting at the roof terrace drinking that she hadn't made any move against them.

And he, not wanting to end their break from fighting so early, had the stupid idea to invite her for a drink. When she had followed Nephrite's example in how to drink, namely tossing back a full glass without breathing, and didn't as much as clear her throat afterwards, it had degenerated into a drinking contest.

With five people drinking all they could, the amount of bottles they had taken up with them soon ran out. At that point they stumbled inside and down to the rented apartment and continued the drinking there. He had a dim memory of them meeting an old lady in the corridor that had sniffed in disdain and muttered about 'young girls getting worse and worse dressed'.

Shaking himself out of the memories he pushed the door to the living room open. Kunzite was still sitting miserably against the wall, but Zoisite had gotten out of the recliner and was in the process of waking Nephrite. Walking over and kneeling beside Kunzite, he held one of the glasses in front of him.

"Here, take some painkillers."

Kunzite blindly grasped after the offered items, and as soon as he had both he made short work of swallowing the pills down and returning to his former position. Jadeite got up and gave Zoisite and the now awake Nephrite their share of the pills. Then he left them waiting for the drugs to do their work and went to the kitchen to make breakfast. He absently wondered if Moon was feeling as bad as they did.


When Ami, Minako and Rei stepped into the kitchen they found Makoto putting the last touches to the morning meal and Usagi snagging pieces whenever she could. Sitting down around the table, the girls waited for Makoto to get done. Rei smacked Usagi's hand the next time she stretched for another piece.

"Rei!" the golden haired girl protested.

"You will just have to wait like the rest of us."

"Wha! Rei is so mean to me!"

Rei turned to snap at the girl, but caught sight of a mischievous glint in her eyes so instead she settled for sticking her tongue out.

"No fighting at the table children," Makoto joked as she sat down at the table.

"But mooooom," Usagi whined, before breaking out in laughter, soon followed by the others.

"So, what happened last night?" Ami asked, not able to hold her curiosity any longer.


Jadeite was lifting the bacon out of the skillet when he heard shuffling feet entering the kitchen. Looking over he saw Kunzite dropping down into a chair and as he turned back he heard the other two coming in too. Taking the now full plate of bacon he walked over to the table and sat down in the last chair.

They weren't any strangers to hangovers, and had developed their own preferences for what to have during one. Zoisite and he both wanted greasy food, bacon and sausages. Kunzite wanted coffee, rice and chicken. Nephrite just wanted water and crackers or white bread.

Listening to the others gingerly digging in, he thought about the cause of this epic bender. He still couldn't understand that this slip of a girl had managed to out drink all of them. He remembered most of the past days now, even if some parts were hazier then others.

It had been plain to see that the girl had not been used to drinking when he invited her. He doubted she even fully understood what it meant. It had taken some persuasion to make her accept her first drink, and by then Nephrite had had gotten impatient and swept his own. Moon had followed his example, and all of them had waited for her to start coughing.

Only, she didn't. She didn't as much as clear her throat.

They had stared slack jawed at her for a moment, before Nephrite dove for the strongest bottle they had with them. After that, things degenerated quickly.


The girls were paying rapt attention to what Usagi told them about the days before. They had a hard time reconciling the harsh enemy they were fighting with the image of laid back party animals. Rei was the most affected by the story though. Her back was tense, and only the fact that Usagi was sitting beside her, safe and sound, enabled her to keep her composure.

They were also either amazed or appalled at the amounts of booze the girl described drinking. Ami just kept shaking her head and muttering "that's just not possible," repeatedly. Minako was in full hero worship mode, internally vowing to make sure to join Usagi on her patrols from now on, so she could join such parties too.


Jadeite was shaken out of his musings as he heard Nephrite vowing to manage to out drink the girl next time. He could only stare in horror, the mere thought bringing back his hangover.


After breakfast, the girls split up. Minako and Makoto left together, as they were going in the same direction. Ami made a last scan of Usagi with the Mercury Computer, making sure that there weren't any lingering effects.

Ordering Usagi to clean up the bedroom, Rei followed the blunette to the door, milking her for any reassurances about the princess' health. Ami hid an indulgent smile as she eased the fiery girl's concerns.

Seeing Ami disappearing down the stairs, Rei closed the door and let out her breath in a long exhale. Finally able to relax, the stress caught up with her. She had kept it at arm's length before; not wanting to expose to the others how much Usagi's predicament affected her.

Taking a couple of deep breaths she centered herself as well as she could before she turned and went to catch the blond for a stern talking to.

She didn't have to go far to find the object of her concerns. In fact, turning a corner she walked right into her. She managed to catch the clumsy blond before she fell and hurt herself, gripping her by the upper arms. The spike of adrenalin shattered her forced calm, her frayed nerves snapping under the pressure.

Changing her grip so she held the blonde's shoulders, she moved her firmly but gently until she had her back against the wall. Usagi's eyes were wide and firmly fixed on her friend's face.

"Usagi, you have to promise me not to do something like that again," said Rei, her tone much more pleading than she had planned. She watched as Usagi's expression turned alarmed.

"Rei," the blond breathed out.

"Please Usagi." Rei couldn't stop the breakdown once it started. All the bad things that could happen to a drunken girl raced through her head, the images overlaying the face in front of her, each worse than the last.

Then all of a sudden, the images were swept away by warm soft hands cradling her face. Her heart all but stopped from seeing Usagi's eyes so close, filled with concern.

"I'm sorry Rei."

Usagi pulled the black-haired girl into a tight hug and Rei melted against her, closed her eyes and relaxed. Held like this, with the blonde's calming presence, it felt like everything would be alright. She vowed yet again that anything wanting to hurt her princess would do so only over her cold lifeless body.

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Then all of a sudden the images were swept away by warm soft hands cradling her face. Her heart all but stopped from seeing Usagi's eyes so close, filled with concern.

"I'm sorry Rei."

Rei couldn't help herself, and closed the distance and pressed their lips together. The whole world fell away from her consciousness, and everything that existed was those soft lips. The bliss of that contact was magnified a hundredfold when those same lips moved to kiss her back.

Moaning in the back of her throat, Rei slid her right hand up to tangle in the blonde's locks, while her left applied pressure to the girl's back. With two firm points of hold she deepened the kiss, sending her tongue out to explore uncharted territory. Soon two tongues were involved in a fast and intimate dance, to the beat of thundering hearts.

Things would never be the same, and no one was going to wish it were.