Maho: Hi everyone! I've just gotten a new idea for a fic! This one's a bit different. You send in your OC with the form, Boys for Haruhi and Girls for the rest of the host club and I'll 'match' them on the OHarmony fictional website. :D See if you can win one of them over. ;) NO MARY SUES. If I see an OC that is too perfect, she will not be included in the matches. Just saying.

One day Haruhi Fujioka walked into the host club to see all of them crowded behind the computer. "Senpai? What's happening?" Haruhi asked Kyoya, curious. "They've found a dating website and want to try finding their soulmate the commoner way." Kyoya sighed as he pushed up his glasses, "Though I do find it quite interesting that commoners don't have the find to meet people in real life and have to resort to using the internet to find 'love'."

Haruhi sighed. Tamaki spotted her and dragged her over to the computer. "Haruhi, quickly, quickly, fill out the application sheet! All of us have already done it!" he said. "I hope I get a lot of matches, ne, Takashi?" Hunny piped, staring at his cousin. "Nn." replied the taller boy. "Come on Haruhi, type, type!" the twins chorused and pulled up a window for her.

"Alright, I get it. Move, so I can fill it out.." Haruhi mumbled.


OHarmony Bio

Full Name:

Nickname if any:







Astrology Sign:

Blood Type:


Looking For A Woman/Man That's:


As Haruhi sent in her application, she was thinking, "Oh, no problem, I probably won't get any matches anyways." WRONG. Because his site, was going to blow her mind away.

Maho: Send in your forms now! :D