Chapter One

If you ever had to move from town to town then you know how I feel. I just moved from Freehold, New Jersey to Washington D.C.; I had just started to go to a new school. My name's Clover Rose Matthews and I'm sixteen. My hair is blond and a little bit curly and I have blue eyes. My birthday's on February 14. Yeah I know that my birthday is on Valentines Day. I don't really hate it; I don't like it either. My mother, Stella Matthews, had gotten a divorce with my father.

Okay, if you guys believed that, then you're gullible. No offense. My parents are still together; it's just that since they work for a police force, they got transferred to the police force in Washington D.C. I didn't have any special friends, but I did have a friend, in Freehold. So I didn't experience one of those heart breaking goodbyes, but yeah I would probably miss one person. That was Kimberley, or Kim, or Kimmy for short

She was the only one who spoke to me. I kept myself shunned away from everyone. She was the one who brought me out of my shell. When I told her that I had to leave we were sad, but we promised to meet again. No it wasn't heartbreaking. She was just a friend. Not a best friend. Anyways, after we had gotten settled in I decided to go for a walk. I didn't know the place, but I just wanted to get out of my house. I told my parents and they just said to be careful and to take my keys because they might not be here when I come back; because they will probably be at work.

As I walked I had time to think. Question was to think of what. I didn't know. While walking I noticed a smoothie place. There I saw two girls. One was a red head; the other was tanned colored and had black hair. They were drinking smoothies until some guys went up to them. They got up and walked away. The guys followed. I didn't know why, but my feet were dragging me to their direction. They looked like they are nice girls. What I didn't realize soon was that they were my friends from when I was five until ten. Then I had to move to Freehold and leave them behind.

Yes, when I said goodbye to them I did have a heartbreaking goodbye with them. So as I followed I saw that the guys didn't look discouraged. When the girls were surrounded the guys smiled. They began to talk. I saw that the girls had a disgusted expression on their faces. When I saw one of the guys approach them, I came out of my hiding place. I walked to where they were at as if I was just casually walking by them. Then I stuck my foot out and tripped the guy. When he had gotten back up on his feet. He told me to stop. I stopped and turned around to face him.

"You should apologize for tripping someone." he said.

"Does that include you?" I said emotionless.

"Duh. I mean you were the one who tripped me." he said. He was speaking as if I was stupid or something. Also, he sounded as if he was the one who had authority.

"Geez. I'm so sorry." I said sarcastically.

"Hey say it like you mean it." he said.

Then before I knew it I was on the floor. Apparently he had the guts to push a girl. No one ever does that. Especially to me. No I'm not conceded. I know it may sound like that. It's just that if my parents make a good impression to the town and if they know who I am, then they wont mess with me because they know that I'll be able to fight back. Guess that moment still hasn't arrived yet. He had a smirk on his face. That only made me get madder. I got up and kicked his little friend; if you know what I mean, and then his friends surrounded me. I saw that the girls were free, so I didn't care for what was going to happen to me.

Then out of the corner of my eye I saw that a punch was coming my way. I instinctively dodged it. In that moment a fight began. It was eleven, 'cause one was down already, against one. Guess what the odds are. If you think that the twelve are going to win, then think again. By the time I knew it, the twelve were down. Then I saw that the two girls came running my way. When they saw that I was unscratched they heaved a sigh. I looked at them confused, and then I remembered that they were my friends that I had when I was five. Then the redheaded spoke.

"Been a while. Hasn't it Clover." said Sam. Her actual name is Samantha Lilie Simpson. She has long red hair and green eyes. Her mother's name is Gabriella.

"It really has been such a long time." said Alex. Her actual name is Alexandra Lavender Johnson. She has short black hair and brown eyes. I know her middle name is a little weird. Her mother's name is Carmen. She and her mother both have tanned skin.

"Yeah." I said as we hugged each other.

Our parents are all really close friends. They each kept in touch after mother, father, and I had moved away. When our little reunion was over we all decided to go to my house. When we arrived I saw that the lights were on. When we went inside I saw that my parents had invited Carmen and Gabriella over to our house. When we had showed our guests out. I went to my room. Then my mother knocked on my door. I told her that she could come in. she had asked me if I was ready for school tomorrow. I said maybe. I wasn't quite sure.

The very next morning I woke up half an hour before my alarm went off. When I was done getting ready, I headed downstairs to eat breakfast. I saw that Sam and Alex were here. When I asked what's up. They said that since they live next to us, that we can go to school together. When I was done eating we headed for school. It was a long way to school. Maybe about ten to fifteen minutes walk from our homes.