17th August 1969 9:30pm

The team had been given four days rest from missions and their spirits were soaring. Hannibal, Face and B.A. were sat in their favourite bar; they were waiting for Murdock to arrive after checking in his chopper. But he was fifteen minutes late, when Face was about to go looking for him. The pilot walked in, but he didn't say anything he just sat down. B.A. and Face looked at each other, confused. "What's up Murdock?" asked Face,

"Well Facey, I won't be joining you guys for the four day rest; I am going to be flying missions"

"But you've earned a rest!" replied Face. Murdock just shrugged.

"Yeah fool, not only have you been flying us around, you've flown others to" put in B.A. Murdock again just shrugged. Face turned to Hannibal "Hannibal isn't there anything you can do for Murdock?"

"Who ordered this Lieutenant?"

"General Morrison" Murdock looked down at his watch and sighed. "Well see you guys later got to go fly some infantrymen up north" Hannibal, Face and B.A. could only watch as their shattered pilot walked out the bar towards the airfield. "It ain't right Hannibal, it ain't right their making him fly around when he's shattered" B.A. pointed out. "All the pilots are shattered B.A. but Murdock's the best, so he's always requested" replied Hannibal. The three men walked out the bar their good moods coming back down. They looked up as a chopper flew overhead; they saw Murdock in the pilot seat. In the distance they heard the distance rumble of shells. As they returned to their quarters they could only hope and pray Murdock would be alright.

As Face and B.A. walked into their quarters at 10:00 pm they sat on their bunks and looked in dismay at the empty bunk in front of them. Even though all week Murdock was the most shattered of the team, but he still managed to chat away about the missions he had flown that day. But tonight Face and B.A. would have to go to sleep without their friend, it wouldn't be the first time, but they couldn't help but feel guilty because they were having a few days off, but Murdock wasn't. By 12:00 am they were sat in the same places waiting for the sound of a returning chopper. They knew it wouldn't take Murdock two hours to fly some infantrymen up north. By 12:30 they had had enough and decided to find Hannibal. They walked across the compound to Hannibal's quarters they saw him walking towards him. They knew by the look on his face something was very, very wrong.

"What's up Hannibal?" Asked B.A.

"I've just seen Morrison, Murdock's chopper was shot down. He's Missing in Action."