Hi! I'm rewriting "Love Story" I honestly don't like what I did with it in 7th grade so here's a remake. I hope it seems improved.

Disclaimer: James Patterson owns everything!

Damn baby, Just don't understand where we went wrong, I gave you my heart, I gave you my soul, I gave you..."


Eight years ago, the one person I needed the most walked away and never came back.

It's my fault though, I told him not to. At the time, I didn't want him to. I was too hurt, too jealous, too…everything. Most of all though, I loved him too much. No, not loved, love.

Even after eight years that hasn't changed. After several other relationships that were seemingly perfect, I still missed my dark haired and quiet, second in command.

I guess eight years can't erase sixteen years of what we had. But doesn't time heal all wounds?

Fang POV

I can't do this anymore. Being here with them, being nice to them, listening to them talk about their issues, when really I wanted nothing more than to be with her.

I still can't believe I've lasted this long without her, but she wanted me gone. If she didn't want me, then there was no I could ever go back.

Except I have to.

Eight years without her, without her laugh, her smile, her beautiful green eyes and long, albeit sometimes dirty, dirty blonde hair. I miss her too much, I need her, I want her, I love her. So much.

Even at sixteen I knew that, but there was just no way I deserved her. I should have known that I would have screwn up eventually. And I did, in the worst way.

Why did I let that happen? I didn't I fight her?

I wasn't sure which her I was referring to this time; the one who destroyed my life or the one destroyed my heart.

Either way I should have fought them both, maybe then I wouldn't be holed up in this miserable excuse of an apartment, with three miserable college students, working a miserable job at Target in a miserable excuse of a town thousands of miles away from her.

I guess you could say life's been pretty miserable.

I need her back.