Cause the possibility, that you would ever feel the same way, about meIt's just too much, just too much

Fang POV

I knew just what I had to do. She'll hate me for it, that's for sure, but hopefully that's a good thing.

I took me two days to get back to Arizona, with very few pit stops. I knew it was going to be worth it if it worked, but I had no idea how I was going to do this without any equipment.

Equipment or not, all I needed was what I was going to say, or sing rather.

At the library I googled love songs and holy damn! There were so many. But which one was the right one?

After hours of looking, I finally had it! It wasn't completely perfect but, it was the best so far.

I printed the lyrics and went back to my cheap motel room to memorize them.

They weren't too hard but still, I'm not exactly a music prodigy, a lot of work had to go in to this. This was way to important to screw up.

I had to get this right.


Why hasn't he come back? You would think that he would have it figured out by now?

I mean I reacted pretty heavily, a "friend" wouldn't do that right? He had to know how I felt about him…


God, he's an idiot then if he hasn't!

I wish I had told him…

There are too many wishes I could make…

I wish I hadn't told him to leave.

I wish I had followed him.

I wish he would come back.

I wish. I wish. I wish.

But I've stopped wishing, there's no point, he's not coming back and if he did, why would it be for me? It'd probably be for the rest of the flock, not that he'd see much of them. Only Gazzy and Angel are left with me.

The rest… well there's no point in talking about them, I'd only get jealous.

Where are you Fang?