This is a -hopefuly- cute RobStar one-shot! What happens when Cyborg, Raven, Robin, and Beast Boy watch Resident Evil? Starfire wants to join of course!

Is it to scary for her? What will go down when she has a nighmare, and Robin comforst her? Not lemons, that's for sure :l I no-own Resident Evil, Teen Titans, or the charecters! I, however, own the world! Mhuahahaha!

3rd person P.O.V.

Cyborg, Raven, Beast Boy, and Robin sat down, and Cyborg pressed the 'play' button. Resident Evil started playing, then the goregous, naive Tamarainian flew out, and asked, '' What ever are you watching?''

'' A zombie movie,'' Robin replied.

'' May I watch zombie movie of Earth,'' she asked, sitting down. The rest of the Titan's shared a look.


1:00 o'clock AM

Starfire bolted up, clutching her heart. She just had a horrendous nighmare, and was crying. Her blanket slid to the floor as she got up. She flew to the door, and flew to Robin's room. Her hesitant knock startled him, and he opened his door. '' Starfire,'' he said as she flew into is arms. '' I am sorry, Robin, I had a nightmare,'' she breathed. He nodded, and wrapped his arms around her waist. '' Would you like to stay here,'' he asked, She nodded her head into his chest, and he placed her on the bed, and crawled next to her, the blankets pulled up with his hands. '' Night, Starfire,'' he whispered. '' Night Robin,'' she said.

I will be writitng a sequel that will have more RobStar, and will be a multi-chapter! Review please!