Store after store. People. Crowds. This was definitely not where she wanted to be and she wasn't even quite sure how the red headed girl had gotten her out of her room. She had been perfectly fine reading one of her spell books in her room. Alone.

Starfire looked at her and smiled, "Are you not enjoying the day out for only girls?" she asked, cocking her head to the side. The dark haired girl sighed, looking at her teammate "Not really." she said,shaking her head. Her friend sighed, "Very well, what do you consider enjoyment for a girl day?" she asked.

Raven stared at her, cocking an eyebrow. "Being alone in my room reading a book," she said, pausing as she saw the overly excited girl suddenly frown, "Or...sharing poetry at this cafe...sometimes." she said, crossing her arms. Starfire grinned, "Oh please take me there so we can participate in the sharing of poetry." she said, clapping her hands together joyfully. The darker girl sighed, slowly leading the girl to an underground cafe. Starfire looked around and to the man spewing out line of dark poetry on the stage before she took a seat with Raven.

Raven enjoyed coming here, it made her feel calm and at peace with the world. At least, usually, when she was alone. At the moment she felt tense, eying her companion as she worried that she would do something stupid. It didn't take long. The poet ended his poem and while several snapped as was proper in poetry cafes Starfire opted to clap. Loudly. Raven flinched, looking at her as she clapped before grabbing one of the girl's wrist. "Uh, don't clap." she said, confusing the girl.

"But the man of many words did well, yes? Isn't clapping of the hands the proper way to show support?" she asked. Raven sighed, shaking her head and showing the girl that it was preferred to snap. Starfire nodded, understanding. Raven looked back to the stage and began to enjoy listening to several poets.

Starfire smiled, "This is...nice. We should do this more often." she said, looking to her teammate. Raven paused for a moment, purple eyes staring at the stage before looking to Starfire, smiling lightly, "I' that" she told her teammate, her companion, her friend.