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That next day Morning came, the sun's bright beam shined down on the young cubs eyes disturbing his intently deep sleep. For all he wanted to do was sleep, yesterday was the worst day of his life. Everything went wrong to be rejected by a girl you liked for so long was a painful feeling. Sure he knew they didn't know each other but she didn't have to be so mean. Yet it was kinda forward to just walk up an ask her out on a day. I mean Nala was the Princess for god's sake. She probably gets tired of boys always asking her out when she knew deep down what they really wanted off her, just a good time an to use her for her looks. Well he was different an he had to show her he was different no matter how long, or what it took he would prove that he was the best around. An that nobody would treat her better than he would, all the popularity didn't matter to him. Sure if she was his girlfriend he would become extremely popular but none of that mattered in his mind. All he wanted was the girl of his dreams an to be happy for once in his life. It would not be easy however I mean Nala had a different boyfriend like every other week, or a boy that was trying to be her boyfriend every other week. He would have alot of competition with the other male cubs. Yet he thought of a great idea all the sudden. What if he somehow just acted like one of the so called ''cool cubs'' an maybe they would just accept him an he would fit in with no problems. That wouldn't work though unless he cleaned himself up, there was something he had to do to look better than he was now.

I mean look at his coat of fur, it was brown, a dirty ugly brown. Girls don't like that, but if he washed his coat off in the waterhole when nobody was around his gold color would glossen an come out. The girls would be all over him, but he didn't care what the other girls thought. Just what Nala thought. It would have to work, maybe like a disguise of somekind too. His mane wasn't grown in yet an he got tired of people making fun of him callin him baldly when all the other cubs practically had a mane at least starting to grow in, his was just a short nearly bald spot of fur. Somebody had to be able to make his mane grow in. But who?

''That's It I know! Rafiki will help me. He has to.'' He thought, thinking back to how Rafiki had all kinds of different tricks an magic things he could to do. There had to be a way for Rafiki to help Simba's mane grown faster. Once he had a mane an gold fur he would be the best looking male cub in Pride Rock, an people would actually notice him for once. It was the perfect plan to win Nala's heart over. He could see it now, she would be awestruck. There was no way anybody would not want to talk to him. He had to find Rafiki.

''Rafiki! Rafiki!'' He called approaching the old baboon's tree. The old monkey peaked outside of his treedome an saw a little brown furred cub calling his name.

''Now who could dat be? Hmm? What tha?'' Simba was overjoyed about his idea, he was hoping up an down frantically running in circles calling Rafiki's name over an over again until he climbed down to see the cub.

''Okay, okay. Come yaself down, come now. What ya want from old Rafiki?'' The Shaman stared at Simba intently waiting for an answer. He had never seen this cub before. It was quite odd especially a cub from what he could tell was from the Outlands.

''My name is Simba, I heard you help cubs an what not. Listen can you do a favor for me?''

''Now, now calm down first an tell me what it is ya want help with?''

''I know, I know. Okay I want my mane to grown in like today, an fast. Can you do that?'' Simba asked with a hopeful look on his face. Rafiki studied the cubs head. He could see his mane was not growing in at all an he was nearly an adolescant.

''Hmmm, yes, yes old Rafiki can do dat.''

''Well? Do it!''

''Don't rush it boy. Here come up into my treehouse I fix ya up.''

''Yes!'' Simba shouted excited, he followed the old monkey up into the treehouse. It was quiet a place the baboon lived in. He had paintings of all sorts of animals an different scenery on the tree's walls. An some kinda magic glowing fruits hanging from the tree's branches.

''Have a sit.'' Rafiki told him.

''Sooo uhh, how you gonna do this anyway.''

''Special fruit make hair grow.''

''Uhh like what kinda fruit, a watermelon or something?''

''Hahaha silly little cub. No, no fruit like this. I can't tell you da name. Secret family recipe.''

''Eh, that's okay I don't needa know anyway just make my hair grow.'' Rafiki cracked open the strange glowing fruit, an took a swab of some redish pink paste from the inside an smeared the gob on Simba's head.

''Uhh Okay? So how long will it take?''

''Oh just wait.'' Within a few minutes Simba rubbed his paw over his head an he could feel a whole tuft of red hair grown in already.

''Whoa! Do you have somethin I could see it with?''

''Look in da water over here.'' Simba got up an walked over to a small puddle of water, looking in he saw his reflection. It was amazing! He had almost a full mane on his head. Ha the other boy cubs would be so jealous of him now. Next what he had to do was take a bath an get his fur to shine an glow gold.

''That's amazing! Wow thanks Rafiki!'' Without even offering to help the old baboon out with anything the young cub was off to the waterhole within a blink of the eye. He kept running till he saw the large lake which had to be the waterhole. Once he reached the shore without any hesitation he dived right in washing all the dirt an blood an grim that was all over his fur. Scrubbing his entire body all over he started to come clean. Rubbing his eyes an shaking the water off he looked into the waterpool seeing his reflection, his fur looked like the sun. It was so bright an gold. Its been so long since he been clean an seen his fur in its natural color. It shone bright like the sun. He added one more touch by grabbing a bundle of flowers an rubbing them into his fur he now was clean, had a mane, an a golden coat of fur. He was all set.

''Yes here comes Nala an her friends.'' Now was his chance to impress the ladies, slowing down to a strut he swam in the water back an forth an flicking the water out of his mane. Suddenly he noticed the girls slowed their walk an stared him down like he was famous or something. Finally he got noticed. He stared dead at them, his amber orbs sparkling in the sunlight. He looked stunning if he did say so himself. The girls couldn't help but stare with their jaws wide open in shock an awe.

''Did you seee that? Rarrr wow. Who was that cutie? I'd like to get a taste of his muzzle.'' Nala's one friend Frina whispered to the other girls.

''Not if I do first.'' Kula growled staring over smiling an giggling to Simba. He returned the look right back with a big grin an a wink with his eye.

''Oh come on he's not all that.'' Nala shouted denying the fact that she was completely awestruck, an not noticing her cheeks were completely blushed red.

''Ha not all that? Girl your crazy! Just look at him, mmm. Don't deny it. Go talk to him!'' Before she even got a chance to speak Nala's friends ludged her forward making her fall face first in front of Simba's feet, he just looked down on her playing it cool licking his paws an brushing his mane slicking it down.

''Uhh hahah hi-'' Nala stuttered chocking on her words staring up into Simba's sparkly amber orbs.

''Hey there. Here lemme help you up.'' Gently Simba lifted the princess up by grabbing her paw like a gentlemen.

''Th-thank you. uh but whats your name?''

''Sure thing. And my names Simba. What's yours? '' Simba winked dazzling the Princess. Her heart was skipping beats she felt like she was about to faint.

''My name? uhm haha I-I uhm'' How could she forget her name, think Nala! Think. Simba just smiled cause he knew he had her awestruck by now.

''I'm Nala hahaha.''

''Princess Nala? It's a pleasure to meet you.'' Simba said politely grabbing her paw an kissin it gently. He was so polite an well mannered, Nala had to have thought he was a Prince or some famous cub from another Pride cause she never seen him around before. It was really strange yet amazing.

''Haha y-y-your too kind. Uhh, Its ehm a pleasure to meet you too.'' Nala stuttered on her words nearly having a heart attack.

''So Princess Nala, come hang with me sometime. I gotta run but see ya around.'' Just like that he winked at her making the Princess fall face first on the ground with a huge sigh of love struck. Her friends came rushing over waving their paws in her face to try an see if she was ok.

''Nala? Hello, earth to Nala. Girl come out of fantasy land.''

''What? Huh?'' Nala was completely oblvious to the whole world.

''Hahahaha somebody's got a crushh.'' Kula teased.

''Psh! I do not!'' Nala shouted defensively with a angry look on her face.

''Haha who could blame her though. He's hot! I'm just saying Nala, if you don't go hang with him we will.''

''That's for sure, definitly haha.'' Frina added smiling.

''I'll hang with him ok, but I barely know that boy.''

''So what sweety go have some fun! Or we will haha.''

''Psh, I will there's no need for you three to tag along.''

''Yeahh its better aloneee anyways haha.'' Nala couldn't take the teasing it was getting out of hand, she just ran off hiding under a tree to be left alone with her thoughts. Stupid boys she knew what they wanted, but yet he seemed special an sweet. Different, maybe she would hang out with him an just be friends for awhile to see what he's like. Only time would tell.

Welll seems simba's finally got the hang of impressin the ladies, see how it goes in the next chapter soon.