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Chapter 2- Knowing



I heard a voice call my name as I woke up from my sleep. The fourth night. It had been the same dream always ever since he saved me from them. The night Professor Dumbledore died. But why? I keep asking myself the same questions every time. As I went to the great hall I sat down beside Ginny, Luna and Neville; since Harry, Ron and I decided it would be better if I stayed here and give them news on thing while the two of them went searching for the Hocruxes. "Hey Gin, Luna, Neville" I greeted them. "Hey Mione, you feeling better?" Gin asked checking up on my forehead to see if my fever had gotten better. I smiled at my concerned friends. "Yes, feeling better that yesterday." I replied.

"Any news on my brother and Harry?" Ginny asked me. "I wrote to them last night, telling them how Snape's the new headmaster and how Malfoy, Prkinson, Zambini, and the rest of Malfoys goons seem to be missing. I should be getting a letter back from them today." I replied. "That's great I guess…" Gin said going back to her breakfast. "Don't worry Hermione, will do our best to help Harry out and you as well, since you're in more danger now." Neville said comfortingly. "Thanks Neville"

Then the doors of the Great Hall opened and a group of Slytherin students entered. That's when I saw him. They've come back…but from where? That was the question. Malfoy seemed to be a lot paler than usual; Zambini was on his right trying to keep him standing, only it wasn't really that obvious. Then I heard Parkinson scowling, I realized then that she was looking at me as if she wanted to kill me right there and there, which I do not doubt at all. "Pansy shut up!" I heard Zambini mumble as they took their seats on their table. That's when I locked eyes with him.



Things just can't get any worst can it? Over the time after I disappeared from Hogwarts the night Dumbledore died, the same night I saved the mudblood best friend of the-boy-who-just-wouldn't-die. A few days after that my parents then decided to tell me that I was part vela and that I have to find my mate soon or I die. That night then when I went up my room and went to bed.

"Draco…please come back….." I heard a voice call out in the darkness. "Where are you?" I asked, feeling more and more drawn to the voice. "You have to come back, their going to hurt me…." The female voice sounded on the brink of tears when she said that, and I felt my heart hurt. Then I saw a figure, a girl with tamed brown curls, she wasn't that tall about 5'2 or 5'3 at most. She looked familiar.

And then slowly her figure vanished into smoke. "Hermione!"

I woke up from my dream. I couldn't believe it. She was my mate. That was why I had acted that way that night. She's everything my family, the other death eaters and the Dark Lord was trying to kill. My Hermione. A muggle born. A mudblood. Best friend of Harry Potter. A Gryffindor. Not only all that but she was also the brightest witch of our age. And she's my mate.

The following morning I told my parents everything. "A mudblood! As your mate! That is absurd Draco! Do you know what the Dark Lord will do when he finds out!" roared my father. This reaction was to be expected of course. My mother on the other hand places her hand on my shoulders squeezing it lightly and congratulating me for finding my mate. The same day we were summoned by the Dark Lord and he has been informed of my mate's position in the war. As a result the Dark Lord used the Cruciatus Curse on me almost to no end. Then, Pansy, Blaise and I were sent back to Hogwarts.

"Draco mate are you alright?" Blaise asked as he and Pansy helped me up and apparated us right in front of the gates of Hogwarts. I groaned. "I can't believe it! Drakkie how can that mudblood bitch be your mate!" I could here Pansy shouted in frustration, but I didn't know what I was doing anymore because the next thing I knew I had pushed pansy to the ground and my hand on her neck strangling her. "Don't you dare call her that!" I growled. Then Blaise pulled me away from her and held onto me. "Pansy you better shut up if you don't want to be killed right now." I heard Blaise say and Pansy just grunted annoyed, getting herself up. "Now now Draco mate you need to calm down. We'll be going in Hogwarts and have Headmaster Snape figure things out for you. Alright?" he said as I slowly calmed down.

As we entered the Great Hall, I smelled the delicious smell of strawberries and fresh sunshine. I knew it had to be her, but I was in pain too much to find the strength to look at her. Then I heard Pansy scowling and Blaise telling her to shut up. Once we reached our table I sat next to Blaise with Pansy across us. Then my eyes met with hers. those beautiful deep brown eyes that seemed to take the pain of being crucioed by the Dark Lord away. She was looking at me as well, but when she noticed she quickly looked away.

General POV

"Silence you impudent students!" Severus Snape the new Headmaster of Hogwarts said. "Now that all of you are here there are a few announcements to be made. First of all welcome to the new 1st year students you shall be sorted after I announce the new head boy and head girl. There are also a few changes as you can see we have Professor Alecto Carrow and Professor Amycus Carrow, who is your new professors in your Muggle Studies and DADA respectively. Now for our new head girl and head boy they are Hermione Granger and Draco Malfoy. Please stand up and be recognized." Severus Snape said. as both students stood up loud cheering could be heard from the Great Hall. "Both of you will follow professor McGonagall to your dorms and to now your passwords after dinner" Snape said as he allowed the students to continue with their dinner. The time after dinner was a painful silence along the hall of Hogwarts, especially the walk to the head dorms of Hermione Granger and Draco Malfoy. Once they were there already, "Well here we are, Miss Granger, Mr. Malfoy I congratulate you both on becoming our new head girl and head boy this year. I hope you do well in cooperating with one another. Your password is "sortem nactus". " and with that she left. Hermione then stood in front of the portrait where the woman with beautiful long locks of black hair was standing holding a rose."sortem nactus." Hermione said as the portrait hole opened and she went in, but then she noticed Draco wasn't moving so she turned and peeked her head out of the portrait hole."Malfoy, as much as I find it annoying to actually have to share a dorm with you. Are you coming in here or not?" she said and left to see the room."My mate. Mine. In a room with me." Draco thought as he smiled inwardly and went inside the room.

Their room was beautiful it was a lot bigger than the house dormitories. They had their own kitchen, own bedroom but they do have to share the bathroom and their common room. Identifying their rooms was pretty much easy. Hermione's door was engraved with a HG design of the medieval times with some sign of a lion. While Draco's door was engraved with a DM design the same as Hermione's only his had a design that was like a snake.

But none of those captured Draco Malfoy's attention unlike Hermione. The only thing or rather person that was able to do so was the person standing in front of him. Once Hermione sensed that she was being watched, she turned around to see Draco staring at her. "What are you staring at Malfoy!" Hermione asked in a rude tone. Draco smirked. "Just wondering how long it will it take you to take all of this in Granger." Draco said. "I don't know what you're talking about. But I'm going to bed." said Hermione as she stormed off to her bedroom, leaving Draco alone in their common room. Draco sighed. It had taken all of the self-control he had not to grab her arm and take him to his room, to his bed, where he can stay there and hold her. "Things just don't get any easier does it." He murmured as he entered his bedroom.


"What the hell is the matter with him! He's been staring at me ever since he got back." I thought as I entered my bedroom. It was beautiful; it looked almost like my bedroom back at home except for the king sized bed. But then I just remembered the way Malfoy looked when he entered the Great Hall and somewhere in me, the look him in pain hurt me as well. I almost wanted to stand up and ran to him. "What the hell am I thinking! He's the enemy! He's a Death Eater!" I thought to my self as I lay back on my bed. I sighed. Things had been a lot different after that time and Harry and Ron even noticed but I just didn't know what had changed.


"Hermione are you alright?" Harry asked. Turning to Harry, Hermione looked at him confused. "Yes I am. Why would you ask me something like that?" she asked. "It's just that you've been acting really strange and when we found you in the hospital wing you seemed…to be not yourself" he said. Hermione sighed. "'I'm fine Harry really." She said as she turned to leave.

"Hermione wait up!" she heard Harry call as she made her way to the Great Hall. She turned and waited for Harry to catch up. "Hey, It's okay if you don't want to talk about it its fine." He said to her placing his hands on her shoulders. "Listen Harry I know you're just worried it's just…I…I don't know what's been going on with me lately too. And I'm worried since you and Ron want me to stay here that you two might get in too much trouble and danger without me. But I also know both of you are just trying to keep me safe…and I don't know. I'm just so confused." She said to Harry as he embraced her into a hug to comfort her. "Shh it's going to be alright Hermione. Ron and I will write to you everyday. We'll even send you vials of memories if you would like." Harry said making her laugh a bit. "Yes I would like that a lot Harry" she said smiling at her best friend.

End of Flashback

Smiling at the memory I then read that letter Harry and Ron sent me and wrote back to them telling them about the turn of events here. I sighed and fell asleep hoping that tomorrow things would get a bit better.

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