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#10 - Ally

Once on the road, Hal released his breath, he didn't know he had been holding. What a lucky break that an arrow came out of nowhere and gave them a chance to escape! Though… he did wonder which one of the archers was following the redhead. Wally on the other hand had his face pressed against the window, his eyes wandering frantically over the rooftops. He had managed to catch the color of the feathers on the arrow and sure enough they were red. So that meant one thing:

Red Arrow

He was around. Wally just couldn't locate him.
Had he been there all that time?
He sank back in his seat and closed his eyes. What the hell had those girls been about? He opened his eyes again, pulled out his cell phone and quickly sent a text to the hot-headed archer.

'How long have you been there?'

'That's classified'

Wally glared at the screen. Roy was going to play that game with him? His thumbs did a little dance over the keys to send a smart-ass comment to the archer, but his mind couldn't make the words, so he dismissed a reply.

"So, Walls." Hal said getting the speedsters attention away from the phone for a few seconds, "How was your first day back at school?" Wally stared at him for a moment; he could hear the concern lacing Hal's words. Barry had probably told him everything, which was probably why he offered to pick him up from school to hang out with his 'adopted nephew' in the first place. But Wally was sure that it was really because they didn't want him alone with reporters always hot on his tail.
At first he didn't answer, turning his gaze towards his cell phone screen. He finally found the word for his comeback: 'Idiot' and clicked the send button to Roy. It may not have been his best comeback of the century, but it made a small grin appear on his face.

"Hey!" Hal called snapping his fingers in front of Wally's face, playfully to get his attention, "Stay with me!"

Wally put his phone back in his pocket and looked his 'uncle' and this time he really could smile. A smile that for once wasn't forced like all the others were. "Irritating." He groaned in sheer annoyance, "Teacher treated me like I thought I was better than them, and the other kids wouldn't leave me alone. Like I'm a freaking superstar…." He paused for a moment thinking about what to say next.
So much had happened that day, people following him, the bully confronting him… Each trying to get a reaction out of him to a point that made it hard for him to focus.

Then there is my voice….

That dark voice, that seemed to come out of nowhere. He swore he could still hear the sinister tune ringing in his ears.

Egging you on?

Wally quickly shook his head; that was a one-time thing, nothing he really needed to worry about. He was just irritated, paranoid, that's all, nothing more. He cleared his throat and started to speak again to answer Hal's question. "It was kind of cool, though." Wally shrugged his shoulder lazily. "None of the teachers dared to give me a bad grade for the day…" a small grin played his lips, "Besides, school is easy!" Hal frowned slightly, "Don't let this new…fame go to your head, Wally." he told him, sternness clear in his voice. "It maybe fun at first, but it's going to get worse."

"Come on, Hal…"

"I'm serious, Wally."


"You need to keep a level head, be yourself."


Feeling his phone vibrate in his pocket again, he pulled out the cellular device and stared at the message Roy had sent back, "You're welcome." Wally wrinkled his nose, cursing his friend in his mind for trying to act all smooth and cool. Hal cast a glance to the now silent speedster, watching his finger speed across the phones buttons to send a message to the mystery person he was talking to. When he finished, he turned his attention out the window, staring at the buildings passing by.

Frowning slightly, the off-duty lantern felt the need to lighten the mood, "Sooo, who're you texting?" he tried not to sound too curious, "Did you get a girlfriend and not tell me?"

"What? No!" Wallys voice pitched a little higher, unintentionally of course.

"Come on, Wally!" Hal grinned, "What's her name?"

"I don't have a girlfriend!"

"Ya sure?"

"If you'd consider Red Arrow as a girlfriend material!" Wally snickered; it was as if he snapped back to life. "Oh…" Hal frowned slightly at the mention of the archer. Was Roy following Wally around, looking after him? But why do it at a distance?

Wally laughed patting the lanterns arm, "You'll be the first to know, Hal…after Rob…and Barry, OH and Aunt Iris." Hal looked at the speedster clearly insulted that he was going to be the last to know, "Wait! I'm not even before Rob?!"


Hal shook his head with a grin, but it faded quickly, "But in all seriousness here, Wally…"

"Don't worry, Hal." Wally assured him, "I'll make sure I don't flip out from all this fame…" the green hues returned to their gaze out the window, letting out a small sigh, "It's not like I asked for it."

Hal pulled towards the ice cream parlor that the two Central City speedsters' frequented regularly. He shook his head a bit as he got out of the car, "I know, Kid." he sighed, "I know full well that you didn't ask for this."

As much as he kept it to himself, the lantern still wanted to kill that clown. Perhaps more than that, maybe carry him into space and release him. Watching him suffocate then see his lifeless body drift off into the endless vacuum of space never to be seen again.

Shaking his head a bit to get those thoughts out of his head he smiled. "I'm just worried about ya, Kid." Hal wrapped his arm around the speedster shoulder and gave him a nuggie.

Wally closed one eye, smiling despite the pain of Hal's knuckles digging into his scalp, "I'll be fine Hal, really." he said as he elbowed the Lantern in the gut.

Hal chuckled ruffling the firey red hair, "Alright, alright." he took a seat across from the speedster, shaking his head when Wally ordered the biggest bowel of ice cream there was.

"So…" Wally said looking Hal dead in the eyes. "Is it really true?"

"Is what true?"

"Is Aunt Iris really pregnant!?"

Hal looked up from his tiny bowl of ice cream, watching amused as the young speedster shoved another large spoonful into his mouth, his lips covered in topping, knowing if he said anything it would be the same response: 'Saving it for later'

"Yeah, she is." Hal nodded his head, "She's about 5 weeks along. Barry popped the news up at the Watchtower." while taking a bite of his ice cream he pointed his spoon at the speedster, and started speaking before he swallowed his ice cream.

"I haven't seen him that excited since he came in bragging about his new nephew."

"I am so fired up now!" Wally grinned, licking his spoon clean, "I always wanted them to have kids. I've always wanted to have a baby cousin and its finally on!"

He dug his spoon into the sundae and slipped his phone out of his pocket. Quickly, he typed out a message that he sent to his aunt: "Why didn't you tell me?! I'm going to have a cousin?"

Hal shook his head slightly at the young speedster excitement, knowing the new bundle of joy was going to be more of a sibling to him rather than a cousin. He grinned when he heard the phone vibrate and Wally read the message aloud.

"Who told you, you weren't supposed to find out yet." Wally laughed, "Barry is going to be so grounded for so long!"

Hal snorted in amusement, "It was nice knowing him," he grinned, "What kind flowers do you think he would want at his funeral?

The amusement slipped from the lanterns face when his gaze drifted away from the speedster who was typing out a response and towards the door of the ice cream parlor hearing the bell above the door ring.

His eyes narrowed when a mob of reporters flooded into the small building. Before he could even blink they were on top of them, each and every one of them shoving microphones and recorders into Wally's face.

"Wally, have you given up on being Kid Flash? It has almost been a year since you're donned your uniform!"

"Is it true that you are seeing Green Arrows protégé?

"Is it true your parents disowned you?"

Hal rose from his seat, and planted himself between he reporters and Wally. He was doing his best to keep them at bay, but they would manage to slip past him someway, overpowering him. Wally, who was sitting behind him, stared at the microphones and recorders in front of him in shock. He stood up and backed away, feeling completely locked by the amount of people surrounding him.

Don't look at them.

Don't answer them.

That's what he was told.

Biting down on his chapped lips, he turned his head when he heard someone call his name.

It was the girl that was working at the parlor. She was Wally's age and her name was Frances. Frances Kane, to be exact. Wally had known her for about two months now, but when he was in school, they barely had a chance to speak.

He raised an eyebrow when she opened the door in the back of the kitchen. She gestured him towards the door, telling him to get out while he could. He looked over his shoulder, not wanting to leave Hal behind but he also didn't want to be surrounded by reporters.

"Sorry, Hal…" he whispered, rushing to the door and pausing for one quick moment, "Thanks Frances." And he was gone.

Feeling the gust of wind behind him, Hal glanced over his shoulder and saw that Wally was gone and the girl behind the counter gave him a weak smirk as she pointed towards the door.

Hal cursed silently to himself and turned back to the reporters. All he wanted to do was spend time with Wally, but that was becoming impossible these days. The damn reporters just had to come and ruin it.

That's all it had been, moments with Wally always were interrupted by the new reporters. The kid never had 15 minutes to himself before a reporter shoved a microphone to his face or blurted out a question about being Kid Flash or his parents.

"Shut up!" Hal bellowed over the crowd of reporters who instantly fell silent, staring at him with wide eyes, "The kid is trying to get his life back on track! You people are making that so hard for him to do! Can't he even get five minutes to himself?"

The reporters looked on with the most uncaring expression that Hal had ever seen on a human that wasn't a criminal. Hearing someone mumble something about ratings, it was all it took for the lantern –the man chosen by the Guardians to protect the people of his planet- to punch the reporter right in the face.

The feeling of the cartilage breaking under his fist felt like a small triumph. He was satisfied when the man fell to the ground clutching his bloody nose, threatening to press charges against him for assault. "Go on ahead, I will charge you for harassment." he said cooly and stepped out of the small ice cream parlor. He pushed his ring on the matching finger and quickly turned into Coast City's Green Lantern.

He flew off to find the runaway speedster.

"Where the hell did you run off too, Wally?"