So a sequel was requested and I have started it, enjoy!

Rachel's POV

"Rachel, someone is calling through on your old communicator!" Wally yells through the cave. It's been a year since my travel to Dick's dimension and I haven't seen my communicator since. I suppose it must have been left in their dimension. I come out of my revere when I make it to the communication room and see Wally hesitantly press the receive button.

When Wally hits the button Dick and Wally from the other dimension are on the other end. I know these two wouldn't have called unless it was an emergency. "What's going on?" I ask urgently. The looks on their faces said it isn't something good. I hear the rest of my team show up behind me to find out what's going on with their leader.

"The Justice League has been captured and so has the majority of Young Justice. Wally and I are the only ones left. We need back up and you're the only one that we had left to call. Do you think that you could come back to this dimension and help us?" Dick asks us.

I turn to me team and see if they'd be willing to try and help the younger heroes. "I guess we're ready when you are, oh fearless leader," Artemis tells me with a grin. Unlike the Artemis on the other Young Justice team she has short cropped blonde hair and a white uniform.

"I'll run it by Batman and be over as soon as I can. Wally you set up the portals to the Young Justice headquarters. Everyone else, get ready to leave in an hour. Dick and the other Wally, hold tight, the big kids will there soon," I order and cut the communications. I just hope that we aren't too late.

I wheel Wally out of the main computer room and call Bruce. He picks up after the first ring and gives me a slightly raised eyebrow, he can tell he isn't going to like what I'm about to ask him. "Remember when I went to that other dimension, well they need help and my team and I are planning on going," I explain the situation to him sheepishly.

"Absolutely not, you could be killed!" Bruce nearly shouts over the communicator.

"So, you're saying that you want a young orphaned boy to lose his adapted father because you're too selfish to let me go? Remember, he's just me as a boy! Wouldn't you want to get him help?" I snap at him pulling the orphan card and his eyes soften up slightly, I totally one this argument.

"Fine, I will expect you to call every night no matter what and as soon as you get there. Tell Roy and Wally to watch Conner," he tells me cutting off the link. Yea, right, like I'd tell Roy and Wally that.

I stop in my room to pack. I couple minutes pass before I hear a light tap on my door. I say it's open and don't' really bother to turn around because I'm in the middle of something. What I don't expect are strong arms to grab me around my waist and draw me away from my clothes.

"I heard the guilt trip you played on Bruce. It was one of your best," Conner murmurs against my neck.

I turn around to meet Conner's baby blue eyes and give him a playful smirk. "Well, those two need all the help they can get. Now, let me go. I have to finish packing so we can leave," I tell him trying to make him let me go.

"One thing first," he says pulling me in for a kiss. I make sure that it doesn't go too far. I can't be distracted right now. I need to be the leader this team needs, and right now they don't need a love sick teenager.

"I'll make this up to you later," I whisper pulling away. He gives me a playful pout before leaving my room and closing the door with a soft click.

In about fifteen minutes we're all in the main room waiting for Wally to finish calibrating the dimensional gate. Artemis is wearing her white huntress outfit, Megan has her usual white and red costume on, Conner has his black superman shirt on with jeans, Zatanna is wearing her magician's uniform, Kaldur in is usual Atlantian clothing, Roy in his archer wear and I'm wearing my Robin uniform. I hear a yes come from Wally's mouth as the portal opens.

"This is a one way trip. After we go through it will close until Batman or Flash try and get us back," Wally explains to us as he wheels up to the glowing portal. We all nod knowing the consequences and follow him through.

When we come out on the other side of the portal it looks like the cave has been nearly torn apart. "Kid Flash? Robin?" I shout having the sound echo throughout the cave. Seconds later Kid Flash is in front of me looking frazzled.

"You guys came really fast," he tells us looking at our travel bags over our shoulders, knowing that we're ready for the mission he's going to be sending us on.

"What exactly happened? You said something about the League being taken and most of your team?" I question him and looks slightly lost.

"Well, about a week ago some heroes started disappearing. Superman and some other higher ups went to look into it, but they never came back. Then Batmen and the other Justice League members disappeared. You know the rule, with us as the only ones left we have to take over for them. Well, we were about to leave when the cave was infiltrated by the enemies and they had the meta-human powers," Wally informs us.

I rub my temples in reply. I remember these guys. It was about two and half years ago when they came after the League. They can take copy the powers of any meta-human. They captured the League in my dimension too, but my team was obviously better prepared than these guys. Wally and I created the security systems ourselves, I guess this is another thing that changed through the dimensions.

"Wally, the one from my dimension, go and search the computer files. Artemis, Megan, and Kaldur go scout for enemies. Roy and Zatanna, create a field perimeter. Conner, you're with me and we're going to fix the security system," I order everyone and we all go to our stations.

Well, I have finished all my papers this weekened so, i got to write this little bit up in my spare time.