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What makes you beautiful

Wally's POV

It's ridiculous how self-conscious the Boy Wonder is, well, when he isn't in costume. Even though he's Robin when he's fighting crime, when he's in civilian clothes he's just a fifteen year old teenager…with serious self-confidence issues.

He never stops wondering what the team thinks of him, or if he's good enough for Bruce, my favorite is if he even deserves the life he has. Dick just doesn't understand how perfect he is. He has the perfect grades, personality, and if his parents could be here right now, they'd be proud of him.

At the moment he's sitting on his bed patching up my newly broken arm. He had to reset the bone because the advanced healing sometimes backfires. He had to break the bone again so he'd be able to set it correctly. It hurt like hell, but at least it'll heal right. He's blaming my broken arm on a mistake that he made. Honestly, I was acting rash when we were trying to take down the Joker, since Bruce is off world doing 'the Batman thing'. I noticed that the Joker was aiming to seriously hurt my Boy Wonder, so I ran over to him. The Joker saw this, of course, and hit me with a crowbar. It smashed right through my radius, ouch.

"If only I was stronger. I would have been able to stop the Joker from hurting you," Dick mumbles finishing up his professional wrapping on my arm. To be honest, I can feel it healing right now. It isn't as bad as he's making it out to be.

"Dude, you beat the crap out of the Joker! Batman couldn't have done better himself. Don't be so hard on yourself. Everyone makes mistakes. Now, let's take care of your injuries," I tell Dick looking him over quickly. I know for a fact that he has more than just cuts like he claims he has. I definitely saw the Joker deliver a few nasty blows to his ribs.

"Wally…" Dick starts to protest, but I'm not having any of it. I'm not letting him take care of this by himself and have Bruce trying to kill me because his bird is hurt.

"Nope, take your shirt off, I'm checking your ribs and if you keep fighting I'm getting Black Canary to take a look at you," I warn him and his eyes go wide with fear. He knows that Canary will tell Bruce about his injuries and that might distract him on his off world mission.

"Fine, they're just bruised rips, don't freak out," Dick warns before peeling off his shirt. The first thing I notice is that he has a lot of scars and most noticeably black and blue marks across his torso. I see Dick visibly cringe when he sees me staring.

"Stop staring, I know I'm hideous," Dick whispers squirming around as he gets the bandages with shaking hands. There are those insecurities coming out again. Dick is an amazing and beautiful person, more so than should be healthy for a teen male. There're so many guys after him and he doesn't even notice.

"Dick, you're beautiful, just the way you are. Scars or not. I like you for you, so stop doubting yourself," I tell him kissing his forehead, grabbing the wrap with my good hand and running circles around him to quickly take care of him.

"You're the best Wally," Dick tells me wrapping his arms around me and pulling me into a hug. I can tell that he's being very careful of his ribs. He puts his head in the crook of my neck and cuddles close.

"You know, for being so cocky as the Boy Wonder, you're really self-conscious when you're off the field," I comment running my hands through his soft hair. He's decided to start growing it out, it's really pissing Bruce off. Personally, I like it.

"I'm glad that you're the one that patched me up, Wally. It would have been bad if Canary did it. Should would have told Bruce and he might have ditched his mission off world," Dick admits blushing slightly at his father figure's over protectiveness. I notice that Dick's eyes are slowly starting to flutter close. I let out a sigh and rub soothing circles into his back as he fights to stay awake.

"Dick, go to sleep. I'll be here when you wake up, I promise," I assure him as his eyes finally close and his breathing evens out into an even rhythm. I smile at my small victory against Dick and his stubbornness. Then I let myself fall asleep as well.

I feel myself waking up when I feel something on my shoulder. I open my eyes slowly and see Batman glaring at me. I try not to move because Dick is still sleeping, but I can feel the Bat-glare starting to get to me.

"Bruce, stop glaring. I can feel it in my sleep," Dick mumbles cuddling closer to me and falling back asleep. Bruce's grip on my shoulder tightens, I think I might get a bruise later on. I hope Dick doesn't notice, all the team needs is another fight between Bruce and Dick. They've become pretty hostile towards each other in the past few months. I'm seriously worried that there's going to be a serious fall out between the two of them soon.

"Keep him safe, or there will be consequences," Bruce threatens and I feel the hair on the back of my neck stand up. I turn around to answer and Bruce is gone. How do he and Dick do that! It's so frustrating! I want to pull a ninja!

"He approves of you, Wally. He really does, which is comforting, but you better get out of my room before Bruce comes back. The next time he comes in, he might put you in Bat-electric-chair," Dick warns making my blood run cold. I get up make sure that he falls back asleep before running out of the room. Halfway to the kitchen I turn around and enter Dick's room again. I go over to his bed and peck him on the lips.

"Night, Boy Wonderful," I say quietly before exiting the room and getting a late night snack.

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