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Truth and Lies


Okay, seriously. I come to Central, and I don't even get to relax for a week before I'm dragged into danger.

That's Sugi's interest. Not mine.

I was standing outside underneath the gloomy gray sky as rain poured down on me, right as the clock struck four.

Two boys- one short and dressed in black, minus his red coat, and the other a tall suit of armour- where running away from the infamous scarred man. Said man destroyed the set of stairs the boys were standing on, and they fell, until the armoured one caught his 'brother'- as he had called him. The cement ledge Alphonse Elric was holding onto shattered under the influence of "Scar's" destructive alchemy, and the Elric brothers fell onto the stairs below them.

The rock platform Edward Elric had then made in an attempt to flee was destroyed with a simple touch.

"How pathetic." I mumbled, watching as the Elric brothers ran down the street, away from Scar. Away from the death that surely awaited them if they stopped.

It was all I could ever do- watching.

But, I thought. Things change.

I took off running, follow Scar, who was already ahead of me.

Civilian should really call the Military at times like these.

"Who are you anyway? Why are you after us?"

Scar was stopped in front of an alley, so I skidded to a halt by the one before said alleyway.

"As long as there are creators like you in the world, there must also be destroyers."

"Looks like we're gonna have to fight."

"Gusty one aren't you? But…" There was a yell which came from the youngest Elric brother, and I assumed they had charged at Scar. "Too slow."


There was a small pause, in which I guess held Scar's reaction to Alphonse's empty body. This was one of the few episodes I had watched. After this, it was just knowledge from Sugi's rants.

"You bastard!"

"You're too slow."

Edward came tumbling out into the street, Scar walking after him. I hid behind the stone wall.

"Damn it!"

"That automail arm…. Then that explains why my attacks didn't do the damage I expected. Most unusual."

The Fullmetal Alchemist clapped his hands together and transmuted his automail arm into a blade.

"Brother, don't! Just run away!" Alphonse called from inside the alleyway.

"You idiot! I'm not gonna leave you behind Al!"

"You press your hands together to form a ring and then perform transmutation. Now I see."

Edward ran at Scar, transmuted blade ready, but said man grabbed Edward's wrist.

"Then I will have to start by destroying this right arm of yours." And in a flash of blue light, Edward's automail was blown to pieces.


"Now you will not be able to use your alchemy."

Edward attempted to scoot backwards, but lost his balance and fell over.

"I will give you a moment to pray to God." Scar said, as he began to walk towards the fallen boy.

"Brother! Run away! Brother!"

Ignoring his brother, the eldest Elric spoke to Scar, "Unfortunately, there isn't any God I'd like to pray to. Am I the only one you're trying to kill today? Or are you going after my brother, Al, too?"

"If he interferes I will eliminate him. But Fullmetal Alchemist, you are the only one who's receiving judgement toady. You alone."

"'Kay," Edward turned his head to look at Scar. "In that case I want your word, promise me you won't hurt my brother!"

"I will keep that promise."

"No…. Brother, what are you trying to do? What are you thinking? Run! Get up and run!" Scar was reaching down towards Edward's head. "Stop…! Don't touch him!" Almost there…. "No! No you can't! Stop it!"

A gun was fired and everyone froze.

"That's enough. You won't be killing anyone else today, Scar. I'm taking you into custody, where you will answer for the murder of at least ten State Alchemists."

"Alchemists alter things from their natural form, converting them to something else; something grotesque. They profane God, the true creator of all things. As an agent of God I am here to hand down His judgement. If you interfere, I will eliminate you as well."

"Oh, is that right?" Lieutenant Colonel Roy Mustang asked with a smirk, before handing his Lieutenant- Riza Hawkeye- his gun. "You guys stay out of it."

"Colonel Mustang, sir-!" Hawkeye protested.

"Colonel Mustang, so this is the Flame Alchemist. Volunteering yourself to receive judgement? This is truly an auspicious day." Scar stepped over Edward and ran at Mustang.

"So you know who I am, and you still want to challenge me?" Mustang was walking forward, fingers ready to snap and unleash his flame alchemy. "Bad decision."

Hawkeye was running up behind her Colonel, and right as Scar was about to attack Mustang- who, upon snapping, saw he could only create a puff of smoke- she stuck out her leg and knocked the black hair man backwards. Using both her and Mustang's guns, Hawkeye shot at Scar, who was forced to jump back.

I snickered. Looks my interference wasn't needed. I didn't want to think about how badly I could have changed things if I had interfered. Though I probably would have been killed.

"Hey Hawkeye! What the hell did you do that for?"

"You know as well as I do, you're useless on rainy days. Please say back."

"Oh yeah, I forgot. It's kinda hard making a spark when it's raining, huh?" Second Lieutenant Jean Havoc commented.

My interest was fading in this whole situation, so I figured that when Major Alex Louis Armstrong showed up and started to battle Scar, it was an appropriate time to take my leave.

The storm was ending, and the sun was beginning to break through the clouds after Scar escaped into the sewers.

How cliché…. I thought. Once the Ishvalan murderer is gone, the storm ends. It always seemed like it was somehow set up…. Oh well, I don't mind it. I have to keep looking for her.

[Author's Note]: Yeah… kinda crappy ending, but I was drawing a blank. Sugi is actually easier to write about, I think.

Does anyone think that Calista is too serious? I'm worried about that. If you don't like it, don't be afraid to tell me and I'll try to slowly change her a bit.

Oh! And to answer Cata-nee's question in her review on Chapter Three: It will follow the plot (If you hadn't figured it out already). The 'madman' ontop of the ice wall in Chapter Two was actually Isaac McDougal, the Freezing Alchemist, who showed up in the first episode of Brotherhood. Since Ling doesn't show up until episode 15, it's just whatever random things I think of with Sugi.

A Note To All The People Reading!:

I think's it become pretty clear what was taken from Sugi, since she was talking about Ling and then had no idea who he was. It's her memory. And no one guessed what was taken from Calista...

Oh well, back to the original topic!

I was thinking about it, and Sugi has to get her memory back... and it needs to be before Greed dies. Like, way before Greed dies... So! I'm going to space out the timeline a little, so things will get slightly random for a bit. I also need to build up her bond with Lan Fan and Fu (Who she's never actually talked to...), and make her develope some feelings for Ling. Like a small crush.

Also, I'm thinking of adding some GreedxSugi FRIENDSHIP, since I want Sugi's romantic feelings to be for Ling and only Ling. Too many people do LingxOCxGreed (Not, that I dislike it, I love it actually. It's just that I marked this as a Ling/OC, so it'll stay a Ling/OC). Sugi will still care about Greed, but not in a romantic way.

So! Tell me what you think. Like the ideas, hate them? What ever you feel about them. I'd like to hear from the people reading "Truth and Lies". It's the reviews that keep me going!