Okay, so... I bet none of you remember this (not-so) work of art... But for the few that might, I am posting this to let you know:

GOOD NEWS! I will (most likely) be updating this story. Kuroki Katsumi has encouraged me (ahem, kicked my butt into gear) to continue "Truth and Lies". There are some issues though...

1) I will have to rewrite everything

Yes, my amazing 4 chapters of work will be gone. Oh well. This is because I have changed what Calista lost, among other things.

2) I am unsure if I should still include Ling/OC as a pairing

Al/OC is locked in place, don't worry. But for those of you who might be reading for the Ling/OC aspect, let me know. If enough people want me to keep Ling/OC as a pairing, I will.

3) I will be updating using the Copy-and-Paste method

This means that updates will take a while, since I'll have to write them out on my phone.

The new story will be posted on my account, but the writing style may be a bit different. I am enlisting the help of Kuroki Katsumi to aid me with writing the chapters.

And... I think that's about it. So! Let me know if you guys still want Ling/OC.

[The Ever-Changing Alias]