You Can't Sleep Forever

If it hadn't been for the light rain that began to fall that afternoon in that small country-side town, Sora probably would have continued sleeping on that park bench. As he began adjusting his eyes to his surroundings, sleeping on the bench across from him was…

"Roxas?" Sora slurred.

But before Sora could decipher Roxas' grumbled answer or ponder what he was doing there another question came out instead.

"Where're Donald and Goofy?"

After taking a couple of minutes to get themselves together; Roxas began,

"Sora, you know as well as I do that I shouldn't be here; what happened?"

Sora began thinking about what he could remember. He and Riku went to fight Xemnas and then Xemnas brought them to his realm; after they beat him there was a bright light and then… Nothing. Sora couldn't remember what happened after that, it was a just a big blank.

As he went into detail on all that had happened, Roxas just listened intently and nodded his head a lot.

After Sora was finally finished Roxas got up and said, "Well, we won't learn anything by sitting on our hands. Let's walk around and find out where we are."

"Good idea," Sora responded.

As they began talking to some of the locals, the two only found one useful piece of information. They were in a town called, Inaba.

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