Lost at Sea

It had been a LONG day for our two Keyblade Wielders; first they woke up at a park in a small town in Japan without any memory of getting there, Roxas was there even though he should have merged with Sora, the two were stranded by themselves with no way of leaving, while trying to figure out what to do they got caught by a truant officer, Sora got the bright idea of telling the principal that they were transfer students and were now enrolled in said high school, and to top it off one of the girls from their class invited them to stay at her house but she never told them WHERE she lived...

Sometimes Roxas wondered if God personally came to him whenever they personally wanted a few chuckles…

"Dude, just be quite and help me look for that girl's house," Sora gritted through his teeth as he grew more and more agitated of Roxas' complaining of the situation.

"… So you want me to shut up… So we can look for a house we haven't seen yet, at the invitation of a girl in our class whose name we don't even know…?"

"Unless you have currency for that fancy hotel we're stuck doing this!" Sora snapped.

Roxas, seeing that his other half was losing their patience from the frustration of not knowing what they're supposed to be doing now too, tried to collect himself.

Sora closed his eyes for a moment and heaved a sigh in an attempt to calm down. The teen took a moment to remind himself that they were both just hungry and exhausted, and it was best to avoid any conflicts with each other; especially if they're unnecessary.

After they both cooled off, they continued the search with even needing to say anything. The two know perfectly well that they're just stressed out and so they didn't even have to address what just happened.

The Keyblade wielders may have been separate for a long period of time; they were still both a part of the same coin and knew each other like the back of their hands.

Before Sora and Roxas even reached the end of the block, they saw an energetic Chie waving them over from her front porch. At this point the two looked upon her as if she was their messiah who had come to save them.

After a long day like this though, who could blame them?

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