Long Forgotten

Johnny didn't like to think about his past. Between finding blood to keep the wall wet, drawing Happy Noodle Boy comics, and dealing with his overall insanity, he didn't have to. But during those rare moments when his body would collapse under the need for sleep, he would dream. Dreams about a green child with a talking dog and another boy who would accuse him of being an alien. Of a violent sister and genius father, and a school who didn't believe a word the boy said about the alien.

More often were the dreams where the normal, if he could be called that, human and alien invader would fight one another. The invader creating some nonsense plot to destroy all the humans and the boy creating a, once again, nonsense plan to stop him. A never ending battle, but it was somewhat light hearted.

When Johnny's thoughts were not focused on his killing or his hate for mankind, he would think about that human child. How his messy hair, long coat, and boots were not so different from the ones he wore. Their reactions and genius were almost identical. And they way that society treated them...almost sickeningly similar. Sometimes it seemed like that boy could have been him once, but that was just foolish. Johnny did not remember attending Skool, a video game playing sister, or a neglectful father. He didn't remember his family at all. The alien and his robot dog? He certainly did not remember them! Still, when he would sleep, he would dream about them. Perhaps they were only more images like the Doughboys.

He had done it again. Fallen asleep after what could have been months of insomnia. The paranoia of not being sure that this was reality crashing upon him. However, he had another dream. This one was different, having taken a complete turn from the others. That child, the human one who fought so hard to protect mankind from the alien, a mission that Johnny himself could not understand, had given up. Realizing that no matter how much proof he gathered, hard he tried, and much he cared, no one would ever believe him. They would always consider him crazy. Crazy...what was it? Dib? A thin wire snapped somewhere, leaving him with a knife, and a trail of blood following him. A hole in the wall, where the protesting green invader had been locked inside of, sealed under the wall once it was fixed. After a few days, his shouts of rage, and fear, stopped. Dib, believing that it might be a trap, began to cover the wall with water.

Water had been a weakness to the alien, but it dried so quickly. Blood, blood lasted just a little longer. If he used all of his blood, he could never keep the alien locked away. He would die, and then Zim, what Dib had once called the green boy, would be free. So, he used other's blood.

It was almost funny, in a disturbing kind of way, how a like Dib and Johnny were. Almost like he was looking at himself, but younger. That was not the truth though, and he knew that.

The "it" behind the wall was not an alien. The robot in the corner that looked like the twin of the robot dog was not the same. Johnny hated mankind, Dib tried to save it.

He knew that they were only dreams, no longer his memories, because his name was not Dib. His name is Johnny.

Right now, he needed more blood for the wall.